ClickFunnels Review, Pricing, And Features: The Best Sales Funnel Software

This ClickFunnels review will give you complete details about the simple sales funnel or landing page builder ClickFunnel. You will also get to know about its pricing and features.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a much popular page builder for a website for the user to create sales funnels, introduce new products, e-commerce which creates more sales and increase the sales value even for the pre-launched businesses, products and sales.  It is powerful software with its editor compressed in it and with other features, but the user to check with its costing. This tool took the top 3rd position in overall landing page software products. When compared with the sales software it is in the list among Top 50 software. It has all types of customers as a small business, large business, and medium business. Click Funnels stores all its deployment in Cloud Hosted.

ClickFunnels Review:

ClickFunnels can make a good marketing and increase the sales funnel from the basic root of the business and allows to build the prominent factors that have to help in the growth of sales funnel. Previously it was with website hosting to work on this Click Online Fuelling. With its essential allowances, it has increased in all prominences with grading significances.

Click Funnel concentrates on the e-commerce and the online trading of the business frontiers with all supportive tools to build all its hosting and autoresponders. Click Funnel involves all these to get more set of deals with the users to allow everyone with all its special characterizes to the end users.


It is the best of now the application to use as this is user-friendly with all sorts of tools and setting easy to understand with all complacency. It has been tested to get off the templates off with the most number of templates or choose from the default. The user is allowed to get better options to make a great outcome.

ClickFunnels Features:

ClickFunnels review

This allows the user with the custom range of domains in setting up the templates from the set of options in a wide range of package. Before getting on to the software it has been done with the A/B Split testing to know how it works and where is it lacking because we do not have any learning manual to set it up. Now it has grown up will all sorts of its software building programmers to make them unity on the task for emailing as Email Incorporation.

ClickFunnels has come up with a variety of options to build its standards to grow overall with all sets of options and tools to make it more clear for the users to use the application in a more simpler way. The main course of the ClickFunnels has implemented in making the pop-ups with the visitor in the website has made the site to Click Pops when it redirects to the proposed site. We can set up the options with all its Click Options to make sure that the user is being redirected to the proper site. It happens in all e-commerce websites.

Competitors like Leadpages or ThriveLeads have been giving tough competition to withstand them in the market, but the Click Funnel has been upgrading with the advanced options to give the user with the best user experience. Firstly it concentrates on the sales funnel to increase the proposed ration with online marketing and selling websites. Click Funnel gives its users with the membership to fill all sets of logins and un-ended interface.

Click Funnel has been levering to know the user potential to set the Webinar Funnel to choose an build and Auto Webinar Funnel to make it easier. Click Funnel has made it more clear to make the build pages usable for customers with all sorts of options to Share your Funnels with all priority. The Click Funnel has made it more clear on the priority support it provides to grow in that aspect. The user can make a customized template of the desired choice with the set of options in addition for the Upsell pages and Downscale Pages.


Click Funnel Pricing is different with all other Funnels, it has given the users a free trial. The user can even opt for the start-up version with $97/month which includes 20 Funnels with 100 pages and up to 20,000 visitors with unlimited contact leads. Even it provides 3 custom domains including A/B Split testing and all other features added.
For Enterprise it is $297/month with 70Funnels with 300 pages and up to 1,00,000 visitors and unlimited contact leads providing 20 custom domains. Click Funnel provides enterprises with all startup features including Priority support and custom template requests.


Click Funnel is compatible with Windows, Mac, Web-based with basic English Language. Click Funnel has integrated with MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and much more.



  • Limits on the number of visitors.
  • No 24-hour chat support and high cost.

If you are looking to use ClickFunnels, you can try a Free 14-day trial.

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