7 Top Most Secured WordPress Hosting Service Providers

Decided to launch a new WordPress site? And searching for the most secured WordPress hosting service? Then this article is the right one for you. Here we will show the top 6 best WordPress hosting services in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of web hosts are available in the hosting industry. But all of them don’t fulfill your website requirements and perform well. You must be careful enough to select the proper one. Here we have researched the many best web hosts. And finally listed the top 7 most secured web hosts for your WordPress site. And we have explained all of them with features, pricing, and plans.

So, to make your task easier, go through this article once. Then you can choose the best hosting service to host your personal blog or website. Once you have done that, you can take a look at the best website builders for blogs or websites.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is an online service that allows you to publish websites or web content on the internet. Having an account in the Hosting service is like having some storage capacity to store your website data and files to run the website properly. As cloud servers store your website data files, it is easy to access your website when someone searches your domain. Hosting services are available in various plans and prices, the only thing we have to do is select the perfect one for our usage.

Do you need web hosting for your WordPress site?

You have decided to use WordPress to start a new website.
That’s a perfect decision. WordPress is a type of web builder and one of the top CMSes in the world. And it is the simplest way to create your blog or website.

But in order to have your blog or website online, you need to have a domain name and web host. Because without these two, you have no way for people to access your blog and don’t have anywhere to store your website data and files. This means, you definitely need a domain name and a good web host like DreamHost, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc to launch a new WordPress site.

Further, to always keep your website speed up, protect your website from hacks, create official emails, etc, once again you need a web host.

Top Most Secured WordPress Hosting Services

Video Tutorial:

If you want to start a new WordPress site, then you need a domain name and a good web host. Just like flowers require a pleasant environment to grow, WordPress works well when it is in a rich hosting environment. Further to store your website data and files, to make your site visible on search engines, secure your site, improve your site speed, etc, you need a good web host.

Now go through the following to view the features, pricing, and plans of 7 top most secured and researched WordPress hosting services. Then you can decide the best one that fulfills your website requirements.

Note: For those who are in hurry and do not have time, let me reveal the winner for today’s list of best-secured WordPress hosting services. Rocket.net is the #1 recommended web hosting when we talk about security, speed, CDN, best uptime rates, more monthly visits at highly affordable prices.

1. Rocket.net

Rocket.net homepage

Rocket.net is the most secured WordPress hosting at the current time. In fact, we are using Rocket.net hosting on our website. WAF or web application firewall makes this managed web hosting completely threats-free. This firewall filters, monitors, and blocks malicious traffic coming on your website.

Apart from the web application firewall, Rocket.net has an SSH-based command-line interface for customers to get access to their accounts. Those who know about SSH would know the importance of SSH in security in web hosting.

It provides an easy-to-use control panel, amazing page loading speed, and a built-in security suite. It is the only hosting service that serves all the premium services like CDN, WAF, Font Optimization, Image Optimization, and many more for every website at no additional charges.

Except for Rocket.net, no other hosting services offers WAF and 100% guaranteed security at this price range. Period.

Rocket.net Key Features at a glance

  • Fastest Page speed Guaranteed – 99.99% uptime. (We’d never encounter any uptime issue since we are using Rocket.net web hosting on our site.)
  • Support SSH access.
  • A free SSL certificate is a great plus point.
  • Built-in website Security Suite.
  • Hack and Malware removal during migration process.
  • CDN is inbuilt (20+ servers are located in premium data centers all over the world.)
  • Staging mode, PHP, and Auto-update features.
  • Cron Jobs.
  • Easy to use WordPress control panel.
  • Direct peer-to-peer relationships with reputated ISP providers ensure direct and fast connectivity between WordPress websites and visitors.
  • Migration from any web host could be possible.
  • Inbuilt Google fonts optimization mechanism is there.
  • Daily automatic backups. Plus backup retention
  • 24*7 Premium support: Live Chat, Phone, and Email.
  • The files will be transferred securely through the SSH-based SFTP server.
  • Supports brotli compression over GZIP compression

Rocket.net Plans, Pricing and promo code

Rocket.net offers four premium monthly and yearly plans for its users. They are:

  • Starter – $30/Month (1 WordPress Install)
  • Pro – $60/Month (3 WordPress Installs)
  • Business – $100/Month (10 WordPress Installs)
  • Agency – $200/Month (25 WordPress Installs)
Rocket.net plans and pricing

Note: We have published a detailed review article on Rocket.net – Rocket.net Review: The Most Secured Managed WordPress Hosting

Rocket.net – Bottom Line

Go for rocket.net when you want affordable yet powerful and secured web hosting for your website. If your monthly website traffic is high or close to 250k and your pocket is tight then Rocket.net would be the cheapest option for you.



WPEngine (Special Discounted Link) is the 2nd best-secured WordPress hosting for small businesses, creative agencies, and enterprise brands. And provides outstanding features like Free SSL, daily backups, nearest data centers to target your audience, advanced security protocols for security and safe operations, etc. That’s why over 1.2 million websites in 150 countries are now trusting its hosting services.

It got all the features that you’d seen on Rocket.net. The only concern here is the pricing. But you always experience a better WordPress website speed.

WP Engine applies the WAF protection to your site only if you buy their additional security layer add-on. For example, normally their startup plan lies under the Managed WordPress hosting pack cost you $27/month (our discounted price). However, when you include the security add-on then you have to pay an extra $21 which seems expensive than Rocket.net.

WP Engine Key Features at a glance

  • Free CDN
  • Free Migration. Their team could help you with every step.
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Security, Threat Detection, and Malware Removal
  • Free SSL and SSL certificate.
  • 1-click staging is possible
  • Regular page performance monitoring and advice from professionals to always keep your website fast.
  • Page Performance or Caching
  • 24/7 Support (phone and chat)
  • 10 premium themes included. You can choose any and build your WordPress website.
  • SFTP based file transfers.
  • Extra addons:
    • Smart plugin manager
    • Global edge security (WAF, DDOS, Cloudflare CDN & automatic SSL installation)
    • Geotargeting
    • Genesis Pro theme
    • WordPress Multisite support
    • Dedicated account team support
    • Application monitoring (one of the best advanced features. With this add-on you can monitor the impact of plugins, themes, etc on your site and improve the performance accordingly.)

WPEngine Plans and Pricing

WPEngine offers 3 premium plans in monthly and annual payment modes. It provides 2 months free when you choose the annual payment method.

WP-Engine has divided its plans into 3 packages: Managed WordPress, eCommerce Solutions, and Advanced Solutions (for this you have to contact their expert team)

Each package has both monthly and annual based plans. 

  • The Managed WordPress plans start from $27/month (add-ons excluded) which includes 1 website, 25,000 visits, 10 GB storage, and 50 GB bandwidth per month.
  • The eCommerce solutions plans start from $68/month (add-ons excluded). Here you get 3 website, monthly 75,000 visits, 15 GB Storage, and 125 GB bandwidth support.
WP Engine Pricing and Plans

WPEngine – Bottom Line

Go for the WP engine when your budget is good. Not recommended for beginners or small websites. All essential or say advanced features related to security and performance improvement are included in this web hosting.


Kinsta official page

Kinsta is another best-managed WordPress hosting company in the web hosting industry, founded in the year 2013. It is now using the Google Cloud platform and 24 global data centers for its hosting services to make your data transfer transport quick and secure. It provides lightning-fast loading times, daily backups, manual backups, one-click backup restore, continuous uptime monitoring, 24/7 expert support, free hack fixes, and more. Further, it has partnered with KeyCDN to give premium CDN services to its users.

When we talk about security, you can 100% rely on this web hosting. Kinsta almost protects your website, in the same way, Rocket.net does. 

All Kinsta plans have a firewall provided by Cloudflare. It also protects your website from DDoS attacks and gives you complete free assistance in case your website gets affected by malware during the migration process. Lastly, their system continuously monitors the website uptime every 2 minutes.

Further the pricing of both hosting services are same. We’d found only a few differences between these hosting providers. For instance, with Kinsta you get these additional advantages: Google cloud-based global data centers, Every 2 minutes uptime check, and performance monitoring tool. However, unlike Rocket.net, the starter plan of Kinsta is more expensive and you get only 25,000 visits. Also, Google font optimization and Brotli compression support are absent from Kinsta.

Kinsta Key Features at a glance

  • Guarantees 99.9% Uptime and high page speeds.
  • Provides Free SSL Certificates.
  • Uses its own custom control panel, which is easy to use and more intuitive than cPanel.
  • Provides Premium KeyCDN for every hosting account.
  • Uses Google Cloud Platform.
  • Free Migrations.
  • Daily Backup and Hourly Backup (Extra Price).
  • Free Security, Threat Detection, and Malware removal.
  • Uptime checks in every 2 minutes.
  • Server-level caching as well as inbuilt caching plugin support is available.
  • Staging Sites.
  • Free Kinsta application performance monitoring (APM) tool.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 Support.

Kinsta Plans and Pricing

Kinsta plans and pricing



SiteGround is one of the best hosting companies in the hosting industry. It provides prominent features like High page speed, a 99.9% Uptime guarantee, WAF Cloudflare CDN, SuperCacher, Free website builder, SSDs, daily backups, automated backups, on-demand backups, and more. And WordPress.org officially recommends SiteGround on its site. And over 2 million website owners across the globe are now trusting its hosting services.

If you are a starter and want the best-managed secured WordPress hosting at the cheapest price in the market with high page speed, then SiteGround is the ultimate choice for you. However advanced features are missing from the starter plans including a free staging site, Brotli compression, hacker and malware removal inbuilt tool, and whatnot.

Note: Currently, SiteGround plans are at their lowest. They’re literally offering managed WordPress web hosting at just $3.99/month. Grab it before it lasts!

SiteGround Key Features at a glance

  • SSD Storage

As we all know, SSD’s are faster than HDD storage devices. So, SiteGround provides SSD storage for every plan, including shared plans providing higher speed.

  • High-Page Speed

SiteGround uses free CDN, free SG optimizer plugin, PHP version control, front-end, and image optimizations, etc to speed up your websites. It provides amazing loading times if you don’t have more widgets. We have tested our live website with SiteGround. Check the below screenshot for page load speed with SiteGround.

  • Cache
siteground super cacher
  • SuperCacher: SiteGround owns caching technology. So, there is no need of using cache cleaning plugins like WP Super Cache. It has four stages of cleaning cache:
  1. Static cache
  2. Dynamic cache
  3. Memcached
  4. HHVM/Google Page speed

From the above cache techniques, I suggest using only the first three techniques. Because there are some issues with HHVM/Google Page speed Techniques.

Few More features are,

  • Free SSL
  • Free SG Optimizer Plugin
  • Security and Daily Backups
  • Support

SiteGround Plans and Pricing

SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting plans at a lower price compared to other leading hosting service companies. At the current stage, their plans start from just $3.99/month.


Note: We published a detailed article on SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review: Pros and Issues. Go through it for more details.

SiteGround – Bottom Line

Siteground is a great option when you just want to spend as little as possible and get the leverage of a secured web hosting system. Just remember, Siteground is great when we talk about security and threat protection but few advanced features compared to Rocket.net and Kinsta are missing here.


Flywheel is the best-managed WordPress hosting service that helps you to create a website creatively. This is not shared hosting. It has combined Google Cloud to create a custom hosting platform for its users. So it provides an impressive loading time for your sites. With this, you can build, scale, and manage hundreds of websites with ease.

When we talk about security, these all features make a flying wheel a reliable secured WordPress hosting. In case your website got hacked or infected with malware these guys will clean it up.

flyingwheel secured wordpress hosting - security features
Source: FlyingWheel

Further, you don’t need an external security plugin if you choose this web hosting because they enabled server-level protection on your site. Other features like 2-factor authentication limited login attempt intelligent IP blocking Automated WordPress updates will take the security to the next level.

Flywheel Key Features at a glance

  • Free Migration
  • Free CDN + Custom Caching
  • Automatic Nightly Backup
  • Collaborate with Co-workers
  • Easy to handle 100’s of sites
  • Staging for every site
  • Blazing-fast site speed
  • Easy SFTP access
  • Hacker-Free Security
  • Powerful developer tools
  • Auto healing technology
  • Genesis framework is included
  • Backed by Google Cloud Platform

Flywheel Plans and Pricing

Flywheel offers 4 premium plans like Tiny, Starter, Freelancer, and Agency. All these plans are available monthly or annually.

Note: Initially for 14 days, you don’t have to spend single money. Flywheel offers a demo site for 14 days which you can use to build your site and test it. This is one of the main advantages of flywheel web hosting compared to others.

i. Annual Payment Method

You will get 2 months of free hosting in the annual payment method.

Flywheel annual plan pricing

ii. Monthly Payment Method

Flywheel monthly plan pricing

6.AccuWeb Hosting

Accuweb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is one of the best options for WordPress Hosting. They offer a wide range of hosting, including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, and much more.

Their starter WordPress plan starts at just $9.99 USD/Month. Even with the basic package, you get cPanel Access, Unlimited WordPress Sites, Free SSL, Complementary Backup, 24x7x365 technical support by a team of experts, and much more. AccuWeb Hosting is recommended by PCMAG, HostingAdvice, Microsoft Hosting Gallery, and many more.

Major Advantage: Unlimited WordPress websites in all plans.

The beauty of this secured wordpress hosting service provider is that they allow you to choose the server located at the time of signing up. Yes, they have data centers globally situated too. Further 150+ emails are included in their starting plan. This is huge. For bigger organizations where employers are in large numbers, this benefit saves you thousand of extra bucks every year.

AccuWeb Features at a glance

  • Unlimited WordPress Sites (highlighted feature)
  • Free SSL
  • Packs of email accounts (150 in the starting plan)
  • DDoS Protection & Mitigation
  • Linux OS based cloud servers
  • Daily backups
  • Compatible with all modern WordPress themes
  • Regular audits to eliminate any error which impacts the performance
  • Option to choose the nearby server location
  • Option to choose the server operating system
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Free Site Migration
  • Super Fast LiteSpeed Web Server
  • 24*7 technical support via Chat, Ticket, Phone

The main disadvantage of AccuWeb hosting is the lack of daily backups. And also there is no firewall-based protection available. And to enable DDoS protection, the user has to purchase the external add-on.

AccuWeb Plans and Pricing

AccuWeb offers three premium plans for its users. They are:

AccuWeb hosting pricing

WordPress Starter: AccuWeb Basic starter costs $9.99/month which includes Unlimited WordPress Websites, Free SSL Certificate, Great for Monthly Visitors up to 100,000, 1.5 GB Dedicated RAM, 30 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB Bandwidth,150 Email Accounts, Free WordPress Migration, cPanel Included.

WordPress Pro: You would be charged the rate of $19.99/month which includes Great for Monthly Visitors up to 250,000, 2.5 GB Dedicated RAM, 50 GB SSD Storage, 500 Email Accounts, and All-in-One WP Migrator.

WordPress Business –If you choose this plan then you’d have to pay $29.99/month. You will get all the above features with Great for Monthly Visitors up to 500,000, 4 GB Dedicated RAM, 75 GB SSD Storage, 3 TB Bandwidth, and 1,000 Email Accounts.



Bluehost is one of the biggest website hosting providers in the hosting industry all over the world. Even WordPress itself recommends it.

When we talk about security, you won’t find any major security benefits in normal WordPress Bluehost hosting. However, in managed WordPress hosting plenty of things can be seen including comment spam protection (powered by Akismet), WAF, DDoS & brute force protection, bot blocking, domain privacy protection, and daily automated malware detection and removal. 

Note: Comment spam protection and domain privacy protection are the major plus point here. You won’t see these features with other hosting service providers. 

Hint: In terms of the number of global data centers no other hosting service would be able to beat Bluehost. It has over 200 data centers globally situated all over the world ready to deliver your website content. So in other words, despite the visitor location, there would be no delay in content deliverability.

At present, over 2 million website owners and professionals are using its hosting services for hosting their websites. Because it offers more and better-hosting features compared to its competitors like 99.99% Uptime, Free Domain, and Unlimited SSD Storage. And offers more and quality hosting services at a reliable price. For example, it offers WordPress Hosting and Shared Web Hosting at a lower starting price of just $2.95 per month. And it stands in the #1 position out of the three WordPress hosting companies, recommended by WordPress.org on its official site.

Bluehost Key Features at a glance

  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime and high page speeds.
  • Free WP Website Builder.
  • Free Email, Domain, and SSL Certificate.
  • 30-days money cashback Guarantee.
  • Availability of Microsoft 365.
  • Uses industry-standard cPanel.
  • No traffic limits.
  • 200+ edge servers all over the world
  • Multi-tiered security (WAF, DDoS, brute force protection, etc.)
  • SSD storage
  • Inbuilt multi-layer caching support
  • WP-CLI/SSH access
  • Free website migration from any web host
  • Domain privacy protection
  • Free SSL
  • Free staging environment
  • Jetpack integration is inbuilt
  • Daily backups
  • Business review tools integration including Google my business, YELP, etc.
  • Built-in SEO tool.
  • Video compression (powered by Jetpack)
  • Daily scanning with the Malware detection and removal tool
  • PayPal integration

Bluehost Plans and Pricing

Bluehost offers 4 premium plans for WordPress Hosting and 3 for Managed WordPress Hosting.

1. Managed WordPress Hosting (Recommended)


2. WordPress Hosting (Don’t go for it, security features are only available in Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting.)

bluehost wordpress hosting pricing

Note: We published a detailed article on How to start a Blog using BlueHost. In that article, we have discussed how to sign up to BlueHost, create a cPanel account, start a blog, etc.

Bluehost – Bottom Line

Go for the Bluehost secured wordpress hosting when your visitors are situated all over the world. 200+ global data centers would never disappoint your visitors with delayed content deliverability. Further Bluehost has covered all the essential + extra security-related features. So if you wanna fence your website with complete protection then Bluehost is the ideal choice.


Now you have seen the 6 topmost secured WordPress hosting services to start your WordPress site. You can choose the best one that suits your website requirements. If you want to get all the premium services including a Built-in security suite, then you should try Rocket.net.

Rocket.net is the only hosting service that provides all the premium services without any extra charging. It also secures our site with a Built-in security suite and WAF.

If you want to use more StudioPress themes, then you can choose WPEngine. This hosting service is a good platform for small businesses, creative agencies, and enterprise brands.

If you want the best and quality hosting services at a lower price, then you can choose Bluehost.

Likewise, choose the best hosting service that fulfills your requirements and makes your website more secure to resist cyber-attacks and malware injections.

Hope you can now choose the best and secure hosting provider for your personal Blog or Website. If you like this article 6 Top Most Secured WordPress Hosting Service Providers, please share it with your friends. Want more Blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Top Most Secured WordPress Hosting Service Providers: FAQs

What is the most secure web hosting?

Rocket.net, WPEngine, Kinsta, SiteGround, Flywheel, Bluehost, GreenGeeks

Why is web Hosting so Expensive?

It’s important to remember that hosting is an ongoing cost and these Do-it-Yourself sites often charge more because they are amortizing the cost of software that we are using to build our website for free.

Can I host my website for free?

Yes, you can host your website free using WIX. But you will get wix.com in your sub-domain.

What is the cheapest way to host a website?

Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc.

Is WordPress really Free?

WordPress is 100% open source.

Can I host my own website?

Absolutely you can. But before you do so, know how to set up a WWW server software on your computer. This is the software that allows internet users to access the web files on your computer.

Which hosting service is best for WordPress?

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