MilesWeb Review: Leading Shared Hosting Provider in India

This article will give you MilesWeb Review. You will learn about the things to consider before choosing a web host. You will also learn about the differences between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting.

Most of the people are opting for online business. Having a well-designed website does not mean that your website will be ranked in Google. To get your website known to search engine is a very important parameter that you all should keep in mind, but for that you need to host your website to the best hosting service provider. There are many hosting services in the market but you need to choose one. If you have many options accessible while making a choice of the hosting service then you need to do a keen research on the advantages and disadvantages of that particular hosting service.

Hosting plays a very important role to get your website ranked. Most of you are confused, whether to go for shared hosting or dedicated hosting. If you are confused about which hosting plan you should choose between shared hosting and dedicated hosting then you are at the right place. This article will give you a brief information about shared server. So stick to this article till the end.

First, I want you to understand the actual difference between Shared hosting & Dedicated Hosting.

Difference between Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting:

What is Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting, your website is been hosted with other websites on the same server. You share the resources with others. For e.g. basically shared hosting is all about renting some space for your house along with others. In that, you need to share the parking along with other resources.

If you are new in the market and willing to launch your own website then Shared hosting is the best choice that you can make. Is your website getting the average traffic? Then I would suggest shared hosting at an affordable cost. The hosting provider gives you a small setup along with all the maintenance at minimal cost; you don’t need to do anything on your part. In terms of pricing shared hosting is less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

In dedicated hosting, your website is been hosted on a separate server. Yes, you get a separate space for your website. You don’t need to share your resources with anyone. You are the only boss. For e.g. basically dedicated hosting is all about buying a bungalow where you don’t need to share your parking with anyone along with the resources.

You alone have to bear the cost of the server along with its maintenance. Dedicated hosting is basically for those whose website is getting a lot of traffic. In order to manage that dedicated hosting is the best choice. If you want your website to function smoothly then you need to upgrade it to dedicated hosting. But for that you need to pay higher than shared hosting.

After all this, it is quite clear that shared hosting is quite flexible as compared to dedicated hosting. Shared hosting offers you the features at the minimal cost, especially for the start-ups. But if your website is getting tons of traffic and your website is been hosted on shared hosting, then it is the right time to upgrade your service to dedicated hosting for smooth functioning. The pricing is major factor that you can differentiate between both.

Speaking frankly, if you want to earn money from your business then it is very important to choose the right web host for your website.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company:

  • # Pricing: It is very important to have a keen eye on the prices of the hosting companies. Prices of these hosting companies vary from company to company. Before making a decision you should always compare the prices of the hosting companies with each other.
  • # Features: Features are the next factor on which you can choose the company. Always look for such a company that can offer you more features at an affordable price. Whatever features you are opting for the website, it should match your website needs and requirement.
  • # Customer Review: Frankly speaking, most of us are least interested in the reviews while purchasing any hosting plan. That is the only mistake most of us commit. But if we look at the present scenario the ones that go through the overview of the review are quite satisfied with the hosting service they choose.
  • # Customer Support: Most of the companies use the term 24*7 as a tag line for their website. But I want you to know that most of these companies don’t offer the type of support that you are looking for. But there are companies like MilesWeb that have made a name for themselves by giving excellent customer support.
  • # Area of Focus: We all are not aware of the fact that there are companies specializing in a particular service, even if they are selling a bunch of other services. So you need to choose a wise service provider that can offer you any service even if you want to upgrade your plan.

As now I have cleared the important points while choosing a right web host. To make it easy for you, I have mentioned one of the companies which you can consider for your website. I recommend all of you to check MilesWeb as they have been serving their customers with excellent service at affordable price.

Let’s get started

MilesWeb Review

Milesweb home page

MilesWeb is one company that and has been listed with a top giant like GoDaddy. They have been serving their clients for the past seven years and looking forward to improving their customer experience. It was founded in 2012 with an aim to support online businesses and meet the expectations of the users by providing their service at affordable cost.

They have a team of experienced Windows and Linux System administrator that is always ready to help 24 hrs. They have been providing services such as

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Reseller Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Addons (Website Backup and many more)

If you compare the pricing with other hosting companies, then MilesWeb offers its service at minimal cost.

MilesWeb shared hosting pricing

MilesWeb offers its shared web hosting starting at just Rs.99/mo. I have mentioned its hosting plans below:

Sr.No Plan Price (INR) Option
1 Basic Rs.99/mo BUY NOW
2 Value Rs.204.30/mo BUY NOW
3 Unlimited Rs.312/mo BUY NOW

MilesWeb offers you to host unlimited websites with a free domain, unlimited SSD disk space which is more as compared to traditional disk space, unlimited bandwidth with free SSL certificate, Plesk control panel, free Spam Experts, unlimited SQL DB’s and manages unlimited email accounts.

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Why MilesWeb is the Best than its Competitors:

  1. MilesWeb allows you to choose a brand new domain and also helps you to transfer your existing domain without any charge.
  2. MilesWeb stores your website data on SSD Drive for good website performance and fast page loads.
  3. MilesWeb helps you to manage your Windows hosting accounts, domain, emails and database by using Windows Plesk Panel.
  4. MilesWeb lets you install various applications such as Joomla, WordPress, and Shopping Carts using 1-Click Installer.
  5. MilesWeb lets you create Unlimited SMTP/POP3/IMAP email accounts and allow you to access through outlook, webmail or any mobile device.
  6. MilesWeb supports PHP, Python, ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, MVC, AJAX, MySQL, SSICurl, GD Library, and MSSQL 2012 Express.
  7. You can easily migrate your existing website to MilesWeb without any cost.
  8. MilesWeb protects your website data from getting crashed. It safeguards your data by its website backup & restore feature at just Rs.99/mo.
  9. Once you are done with the payment process, your Windows Hosting Account is immediately setup.

MilesWeb helps you to secure your website data and online transactions with its SSL Certificate.

MilesWeb SSL

MilesWeb offers you SSL Certificate that helps to secure your website data. It safeguards your important information and the transaction done by credit/debit card. In today’s world, it is very important to have a Digital SSL Certificate for your website.

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Now, as I am done with the article, it is up to you to make a wise choice for your website. The information that I have shared in this article is as per the client survey. So looking forward to getting your website live soon. Start to build your online presence.

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