RevenueFlex Review: An AI-based Ad Network

In this RevenueFlex review article, we will discuss in detail about this tool. First, we will discuss the main reasons why this tool helps you, then we will cover its features, pricing, and much more.

Do you want to boost up your website Ads earnings? Do you want to monetize your site effectively with high-quality Ads? Does your AdSense account got rejected? Well, today we are gonna talk about the great Ad management tool named RevenueFlex that takes care of your website Ads in a way that you will never find any issue regarding Ad layout, Loading speed, low CPM, and many more things.

What is RevenueFlex? A Simple Explanation

RevenueFlex is an AI-based monetization tool. The main goal of RevenueFlex is to enhance the Ads performance on the publisher’s website without any manual configuration.

RevenueFlex Review

Here are the The 5 Main Benefits RevenueFlex could serve to Publishers & Bloggers

Header Bidding Concept

RevenueFlex advertising supports the header bidding concept for serving ads. The technique is also called Pre Bidding. Basically, this is an auction based technique where plenty of advertisers from multiple ad networks bid simultaneously in real-time to gain an ad position on a particular website.

This solution helps publishers to increase their ad revenue. If you are only using AdSense to serve ads for your website, it means that you are limiting your website to an advertiser that lies under the Google Adsense network.

But when you use RevenueFlex, your website will be available to a global ads network (including AdSense) at the same time.

Take a look at the below diagram to understand how header bidding is different from the old waterfall system.

RevenueFlex review

In the old waterfall bidding system, ad networks or ad exchanges are arranged in a top to bottom order. And the first advertiser (Partner A) was given the chance to bid for the impression. However, if it does not produce an acceptable bid, then the next advertiser is called (Partner B) and if the bid is higher, the advertiser wins the ad position.

The main problem in this system that there is not always a chance that the winning bid is the highest. The bid was supposed to give to Partner 3 but since Partner 2 has already submitted their bid and because it is higher than the impression rate, all next advertisers’ bids will be ignored.

To overcome this problem, the header bidding concept is developed. In the header bidding solution, all ad networks can able to bid for an impression together. That’s why in figure B: Partner C has won the Bid.

Therefore, the higher bid would always increase the revenue of Publisher ads. This same concept has been included in the RevenueFlex system.

Place Ads to the Right Position

Did you know that ad position and size impact your ad revenue? For example, the ad unit on the header may not have the same effect as the ad unit place on the sidebar. As a publisher, we do not have time to figure out which positions are best for placing ads on our website.

Not only the ads revenue got affected, but the user experience is also impacted negatively if you place ads into the wrong positions.

Yes, the one way to figure out ad positions where users are more likely to spend time on your page is to use heatmap analytics tools such as Microsoft clarity or Google Analytics. But again this is a very time-consuming process.

Here the RevenueFlex comes into action. Their automated tools and team, first analyze your website and determine the best possible ad positions for each page of your website.

Automatic Best Ad Formats

Choosing an ad format is as much confusing as defining their positions. Again ad formats also affect your ad revenue. You can find a lot of content on the internet related to high-performance ad formats. But the thing is every website is different, niche is different so you cannot say or predict which ad format can produce good results for you.

The RevenueFlex has supported 12 types of high-performance ad formats. Again defining the perfect ad format according to your website layout and niche is done automatically by the RevenueFlex.

Relevant Ads

To increase CPC it is a must to have relevant ads on your website. RevenueFlex makes sure that a publisher website receives content related ads from well-known advertisers every time. The publisher’s website won’t receive spammy ads such as adult content and pornography. This leads to an increase in the number of clicks and so as to ad revenue.

Easy Setup

Configure Ads on your website with the help of the RevenueFlex ad management tool require less to nil manual steps. You just need to insert a few lines of codes to your website and you are good to go. If you are a WordPress user, you can use a free plugin “Insert headers and footers” to insert code in the header.

No effect on Website Loading Speed

We all have concerned about website speed while configuring the ads on our website. But as we discussed above that RevenueFlex is using the Header bidding concept to deliver ads which means all heavy work has been done on the server-side before the page is loaded. So there won’t be any effect of Ads on the website speed and performance.

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RevenueFlex Features

AdSense Friendly: 

The publishers who are currently using AdSense ads on their website, still take advantage of RevenueFlex. RevenueFlex is delivering ads by keeping the AdSense guidelines in mind. And it will automatically adjust AdSense ads with the other network ads on your website.

Engaging Ad Formats: 

RevenueFlex has high performance and engaging ad formats that ensure maximum revenue. The 12 Ad formats are as follows:

  • Desktop Smart Tower: long heighten ad place over the sidebar area
  • Desktop Interstitial: Full-screen ad and cover whole screen area
  • Desktop Anchor: Stays at the top header area
  • Desktop Footer: Stays and stick to the footer area always
  • Desktop Inread: Place inside the content area
  • Desktop Native: They can be placed in different ways such as sponsored content, feed ads, recommendation widgets, and more. 
  • Desktop Scroller: It can appear anywhere and its position would not affect by scrolling the page
  • Mobile Anchor: Same as desktop anchor
  • Mobile Native: Same as desktop native
  • Mobile Interstitial: Same as desktop interstitial
  • Mobile Footer: Same as a desktop footer
  • Mobile Inread: Same as desktop Inread


From deciding ad position to format, everything can be done automatically using RevenueFlex AI-based system.

RevenueFlex Pros

  • They are using a modern approach (header bidding) which will definitely increase the publisher ad revenue.
  • Simple Implementation
  • Multiple payment modes are available to receive money generated from RevenueFlex including Bank transfer, Payoneer, Paypal and Transferwise
  • Reports in an understandable form can be accessed from the dashboard area.
  • Best customer support is available. You can even contact the RevenueFlex support team by phone and clear your queries.
  • Email assistance is also available.
  • No contract signing before joining the RevenueFlex AdSuite. 
  • Free access to in-house products including video player, social media management tool, hosting, content management system, CDN, etc.
  • To ensure maximum efficiency, the RevenueFlex team regularly reviews the performance of the ads and make necessary changes if required.
  • Both mobile and desktop ads support are available
  • Spammy ads including Gambling and Pornography are banned
  • The minimum payout is $150. And the publisher will receive money at the end of each month.

RevenueFlex Cons

Not every website gets approval. After applying, the monetization team will review your website. Only after approval, you can get your code to generate ads on your website.

RevenueFlex Pricing & Plans

The RevenueFlex only charges you when you earn. It means they take a 2% cut in your ads earning at every payout you made. 

Final Thoughts on RevenueFlex

So this is all about RevenuFlex review. Lastly, I can say that this is a great ad management tool for everyone. The publishers can save a lot of time of manual ad configuration. Also, RevenueFlex charges only 2% which is economical and a user only needs to pay when they earn. Further publishers do not have to reconfigure the existing ads, they only need to place a few lines of script. RevenueFlex is worth testing ad management tool because of their header bidding solution and global ads network.

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RevenueFlex: FAQs

Does RevenueFlex support WordPress?

Yes, the RevenueFlex ad script can be added to the WordPress website.

My website is already having AdSense Ads. Am I still eligible for RevenueFlex ads?


Does my website speed get affected after installing RevenueFlex ads?

No. Because all processing is already done on the server-side.

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