Shutterstock AI Image Generator Review: How to Create AI generated Images from a text in Seconds

Are you using Shutterstock to download high-quality stock images and videos? Have you heard about the recent integration of AI into Shutterstock? ie., Shutterstock AI Image Generator. Sounds Interesting right? Go through this Shutterstock AI image generator review article to know more about this Shutterstock AI Image generator.

In this article, we have included all the required information regarding the Shutterstock AI Image generator. So, read this article till the end to grab and understand the Shutterstock AI generator clearly.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator Review

What is Shutterstock AI Generator?

Shutterstock AI Image Generator Homepage

Shutterstock is an amazing and popular website that provides high-quality images and videos at an affordable price range. It has a huge library of stock footage used by millions of users across the globe. Recently, it has integrated advanced technology ie., Artificial Intelligence(AI) to ease image search. With this technology, users can easily get the image results by providing the text describing the image that they want. You can also add emotions and views in the description This can be simply known as a Text-to-Image generator tool.

Highlights of Shutterstock AI Generator

  • Huge Stock Library
  • Maintains High-Quality
  • AI works pretty fast and accurate
  • Affordable Price range
  • Vibes can be added for better results


Shutterstock provides a huge collection of various stock files like Images, Videos, Music, Editorial Content, and Creative Flow+. The pricings are different for each stock file type. The Prices of Shutterstock AI Image generator are listed below.

  • On-Demand
    • Standard License
      • 5 Downloads within one Year – $49
      • 25 Downloads within one Year – $229
    • Enhanced License
      • 5 Downloads within one Year – $449
      • 25 Downloads within one Year – $1,699
  • Mix and Match
    • Monthly, no contract
      • 25 credits per month – $69/month
    • Annual, upfront
      • 25 credits per month – $499/year
  • Image Subscription
    • Monthly, no Contract
      • 10 Downloads per month – $49/month
      • 50 Downloads per month – $125/month
      • 350 Downloads per month – $199/month
      • 750 Downloads per month – $249/month
    • Annual, billed upfront
      • 10 Downloads per month – $299/year
      • 50 Downloads per month – $979/year
      • 350 Downloads per month – $1,649/year
      • 750 Downloads per month – $1,999/year
  • Enterprise – Contact Sales Team

How to Create AI-generated Images from a Text in seconds

Purchase page in Shutterstock

In This section, I will show you step-by-step involved to create AI-generated Images from a Text using Shutterstock AI Image generator.

Total Time: 4 minutes

STEP-1: Visit Shutterstock AI Image Generator

Shutterstock Sign Up

Open any browser and visit the Official site of Shutterstock AI Image generator. Click on “Log in” to sign in to your account. If you are new to Shutterstock, then click on the “Sign up” option to create an account.

STEP-2: Create an Account

You can sign up using Email, Google, and Facebook accounts. Select your option and complete the account creation process.

STEP-3: Describe the Image

On the search bar, start describing the image you want to search for and Click on the “Generate” option.

STEP-4: Choose the Image from the results

Shutterstock AI Results

It takes a few seconds of time to generate the appropriate images for the given text input and provides the results. Choose an image from those results by clicking on it.

STEP-5: Customize and Download the Image

Download option in Shutterstock

After choosing the image, it will be enlarged and provides the “Download” option on the right top. Click on it to open the Download options.

STEP-6: Choose Image Size/Format

On the Download options, it provides an option to choose the Image Size/Format. Click on it and a drop-down menu will open. The available Image Size/Format options are Large, Medium, Small, and Custom. By using the Custom Option, you can set your preferred image size from Shutterstock’s built-in image editor.

STEP-7: Choose the License Type

License Type in Shutterstock

Shutterstock provides images in two license types, such as Standard and Enhanced. Each license has its unique benefits and features. Choose a license type that suits you best.

STEP-8: Subscriptions and On-demand Packs

If you haven’t purchased any plan on Shutterstock, it asks you to choose a plan while downloading. The prices of Subscriptions and On-demand Packs are shown in the screenshot. Later, Check-in the acknowledgment and Click on “Buy and Download”.

STEP-9: Checkout Page

Purchase page in Shutterstock

On the Checkout Page, you will find three sections, such as Billing Address, Payment Method, and Order Summary. Provide your Billing Address, Payment details, and Later Click on the “Complete Payment” option to make payment.

Estimated Cost: 49 USD


  • Internet,
  • Shutterstock


  • Shutterstock

Materials: AI Image generator

Shutterstock AI Image Generator Pros

  • Easy to Search for Images
  • AI works pretty well
  • Takes very less time to generate the Image
  • You can add Vibes and visual clues
  • AI detects emotions and generates Images accordingly
  • You are allowed to choose the Image dimensions

Shutterstock AI Image Generator Cons

  • No free downloads are available
  • Prices are a bit higher compared to its competitors
  • Watermark is added to the images if you didn’t have a Shutterstock account


AI is a trending topic in the present world and integrating it into the most popular stock footage website, Shutterstock is an amazing idea by Shutterstock developers. You can search as you think in your mind and AI will work to present the requested output. Try this Shutterstock AI image generator and have amazing Image results.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about Shutterstock AI Image Generator. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. If you want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator Review – FAQs

Does Shutterstock accept AI?

Shutterstock will not allow AI-generated content to be submitted for sale on its platform.

Can AI be copyrighted in India?

Currently, AI art in India is considered to be a “Machine-generated work” under the Indian Copyrighted act, and under such law, the authorship of these works is conferred to the “person that causes the work to be created”.

How much is Shutterstock per Image?

A Shutterstock photo can cost between $0.26 and $9.80 with a Standard License. For an Extended license, the price ranges between $67.96 and $99.50 per Image.

How do you create an AI image?

It uses two networks; one that creates an image and another one that judges, based on real-life examples of the target image, how close the image is to the real thing. After scoring the image accuracy, it sends that info back to the original AI system.

Is it mandatory to create a Shutterstock account to generate AI images?

Yes, it is mandatory to create a Shutterstock account to download AI-generated images.

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