Bablic Review: What Makes Bablic Better Than its Contemporaries?

Looking to enhance your business by adding more languages to your website? This Bablic review gives the reasons why Bablic is the right choice for you to translate your website into different languages.

Language, more than anything else, allows us to belong to something or someone. You can lay claim to the whole world as your own and shun identities. You can master all the languages in the world. Yet, the moment you pick up conversation snippets from some corner in a yournative tongue, it will seem like manna from heaven and your parched heart will want to automatically seek out the speakers in a bid to quench its thirst.

No wonder, therefore, that language plays a predominant role in pretty much every aspect of life- from business to education. In a highly globalized world wherein a large number of people are multilingual, your native language retains its grip over you. Hence, for businesses to be successful and have a wider audience, it is crucial that they be able to converse in different languages. Enter the world of translation and localization services.

The world of translation and localization is today a multi-billion dollar industry and according to a CSA report, it is expected to be worth as much as $56.18 billion by 2021. No wonder then that there are more than a few localization services and tools vying for a slice of this multi-billion dollar pie, including behemoths like Google and multinational entities like Prime Focus Technologies. Within the content localization spectrum, the two most dominant ones arguably are dubbing of syndicated television shows in different languages and website content translation. As more and more businesses try to reach a wider audience, the requirement for an effective translation and localization tool has only increased.

Bablic Review

Bablic is a website localization tool for impeccable translation management. It includes a host of power-packed features, which make it arguably the most complete tool in the market. How? Let’s find out.

1.Quality Automatic Website Translation


We have all come across the gibberish that certain online translation services throw up. In a bid to translate “exactly”, these online tools fail to translate”accurately”. Bablic takes a much more practical approach and aims at offering closest-to-the-original content translation, retaining the flow and zest of the original, but structuring the translated content in accordance with the grammar and construct of the language it is being translated into. After all, languages are different from each other and Bablic aims to take this into consideration while translating.  

2. Ability to Localize Website Wholly

Bablic focuses on every aspect of a website. It translates text and also adjusts CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and replaces images, videos, and other embedded elements. Very few tools, if there are any at all, are capable of doing the same.

3.Translation Maintenance

With Bablic, your website translation work doesn’t just end with the preliminary renditions; it is maintained continuously. This means that all the content changes made on your website are automatically detected and taken care of accordingly. Other measures like adding languages and organizing all your versions are a matter of just a few clicks. This makes Bablic extremely user-friendly for a non-tech-savvy audience.

4. See Changes in Real Time With Visual Editor

The experts at Bablic understand the significance and urgency of customizing images and other website elements. Hence, they have designed a sturdy Visual Editor, which comes packed with astonishing features like real-time publishing. Plus, it can be integrated in just a minute without any programming tactics.

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5. Total Flexibility in Terms of Content Translation

Unlike many other translation service providers online, Bablic brings with it complete flexibility in the translation processes. You can choose the popular machine translation,manual translation (wherein you can use your own translators), or one of the top professional translators listed on the website.

6. SEO-Friendly

Considering the importance of higher SEO rankings, every business owner aspires to add languages to their website; this is because local languages boost the visibility of a site. Bablic ensures that every translation is done keeping SEO in mind so that the content has a chance of ranking high on search engines.

7. Proprietary Content Delivery Network

Bablic comes with an exclusive CDN (Content Delivery Network) that is specifically designed to work well with a staging or production environment. Featuring customized glossaries and super easy, coding-less integration, this CDN makes plug-ins available for the main CMS (Content Management System) platforms. Good and meticulously translated content acts as the main attraction for both search engines and your prospective customers. So, rather than going for free online translation of your website, be authentic with Bablic.

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