6 Myths That Could Kill Your Website Rankings

Want to improve your website rankings? Have you ever managed a web site and how were you doing it? It’s very important that as an SEO expert you learn and the best methods of enduring traffic to your web site That would ultimately lead to more sales while staying ahead of completion in the market.

However, many web site managers continue to make mistakes hence, lacking behind in their fields of operations. It, therefore, becomes important to employ the best institutions that would enable the organization to expand while meeting the demands of the clients you serve. Many myths have cropped up and diverted the entrepreneurs from focusing on how to ensure they keep their organizations working well The following myths should be avoided in order to prevent your firm from ranking low hence, affecting your business.

1. Better Website rankings come with specific phrases

Results from Google using their search depend on two factors that include the location from where the query came and the specific keyword. However, in the same breath, a user could use more than ten words when asking about an issue. Therefore, that means that specific phrases or words cannot play an important role in ensuring that you have a better ranking and beat completion in your specific market. Webs sites ought to understand that Google no longer just focuses on the keywords but the context within which the user had presented their query. It remains vital to do and come up with good keywords but they should not overtake other factors for a good search. For the web site to get better ranking they need to major on the user intention and the context of the search all the time.

2. Google remains the only search engine

Despite the fact that many people use Google for their searches, it remains important the other sites get consideration and used for searching. Other prominent sites used by your consumers include Yahoo and Bing search as their default search engines. It, therefore, turns out that depending only on Google rules for your ranking especially on other search engines could remain catastrophic to your web site. Ensure that the SEO expert has your organization on either Bing search or Yahoo to bolster your ranking and credibility before your clients and prospective customers. You, therefore, need to understand the general SEO rule that would help you get better ranking in all the search engines.

3. Publicity dies with a good SEO

Many Web sites believe that when they have a good and working SEO, they no longer need to publicize themselves to their target audience. They trust that their audience would easily find them and access their products and services however, that remains as a thought. Despite ranking well with your keywords from your operating zone, you still publicity to ensure that you keep the traffic to your web site ultimately increasing the volumes of sales. Clients remain glued to what they see and publicity has the best method of ensuring you remain in their minds. Web sites through their management need to continuously engage in public relation activities that would ensure they manage to establish strong and unique brand awareness to their clients.

4. Google favors fresh content

Google loves topics that trend on a daily basis but they have no capacity of bringing new clients every day for the fresh and new content. Therefore, for effective and top ranking the web site ought to ensure that their keywords in their niche get to the top. Web sites need to understand that by posting fresh content every day they would only stuff their site and affect negatively on their rankings. Upload your site with the content naturally admired by the people and not necessarily the search engines. When your audience remains happy with your content, they would share the same in other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That would improve your ultimate search traffic and improve your visibility.

5. It’s a waste of time to use specific keywords

Have you experienced poor traffic on your web site? That would mostly occur when you don’t choose the best keywords for your site for the search engines. The key word remains as the best method of ensuring heavy traffic to your web site while boosting your visibility. With a poor keyword, you would target no one hence, poor traffic. Therefore, do a proper keyword search for your web site to have better rankings. Getting a good keyword from your field remains easy but using various tools to get the best profitable keyword would prove vital. The tools include Google trends, Word tracker Scout and Google Search Console. That should help in obtaining long tail keywords that find higher ranking in Google search results hence, driving traffic to your website.

6. Social media has no impact on your SEO and website rankings

I presume by now you have already heard about this myth and it’s the most common among the people. However, when one understands the power of social media, they would have it mind that social media is the way to go for better visibility and traffic. When focusing more on better search engine traffic put more emphasis on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s becoming apparent that social media remains vital for the ranking of keywords in every niche. Social media platforms have a direct positive impact on your keywords and SEO. Therefore, the need for extending your posts to social media platforms to ensure that they enhance the rankings of the web site in the search engines.

Today the internet carries many misconceptions about SEO and people follow them blindly. However, when starting your own web site ensure that you employ a qualified SEO expert who would help you have the best site for your clients and prospective clients. Any web site that deals with a good and well search keyword, they would remain vibrant in the market, attracting more clients and remain relevant in the market. Having a good SEO would in every way have positive impacts on the growth of an investment.

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