5 Best online web development courses (Free to Learn)

In present days of technology, everything is done through websites. Most of the people are going towards web development and it has been increasing even more as days passed. If you are also thinking to create your website and not having enough knowledge on the things or technologies required, then this article will help you to learn them. There are many sources available to learn web development and I will let you know about 5 Best online web development courses which would surely help you.

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5 Best online web development courses

1. Codeacademy


If you want to learn web development by doing then Codeacademy is the best choice for you. It has various videos on web development and it gives you the interactive learning. It projects the code on your browser and lets you make changes for every concept. It has very interactive videos and you will become good at web development by the end of all courses. It teaches you about HTML, CSS, PHP and other web development courses. It also offers you a course which allows you to develop a website from the scratch and is said to be one of the Best online web development courses.

2. Khan Academy


Khan Academy does not need any introduction as it is well-known to everyone as the non-profit education platform. Initially, it started with Java Script and later on tutorials on HTML and CSS has been added. It teaches you web development with the help of videos and you can learn it easily. It provides you the interactive challenges and it guides you in every course on how to deal with the problems. A number of videos is being added very often and we can expect even more web development classes.

3. CSS Tricks


CSS Tricks provides the best web developer courses. It is started by Chris Coyer and it is the website which is visited by almost every web developer. It provides you the best video courses, tips and tricks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Every week new tutorials are being added and it is the place to find some good web development classes. It provides you the tutorials through which you can learn complete front end development. You can access code snippets, productive tips and some simple explanations on tough problems.

4. Codrops


Codrops is one of the Best online web development courses. It provides you the video tutorials of important topics. Before it starts a tutorial, it shows you the demo and then it takes you through the code of how it has done. You can even download the project locally and can go through the code yourself. This is suitable for the one who has least knowledge on web development and wants to enhance their knowledge on it.

5. W3Schools


W3Schools is the place where you can find many courses to start with. To learn web development go to HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script sections to start from the beginning. Even if you are new to web development, W3Schools is the best place to start learning. It does not provide video tutorials, but it has its own built-in editor where you can change the code and run it. It provides code snippets or examples for every topic however small the topic is.


You can try any one or all of the above websites to learn web development. That will save your valuable time. I suggest you take this Web development course from Udemy which is properly structured with the required concepts for any bloggers or developers.

These are the 5 best online courses for web development. Which online course you prefer? If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments. Want more tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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