2 Steps To Create Digital Signature Form On WP Site to Get E Sign Online

Want to create Digital Signature form on your WordPress website to get Electronic signature online? If you are looking for a WordPress signature plugin or WordPress contract sign plugin or WordPress agreement plugin, you are in a right place.

Why Should I Get Digital Signature Online?

Usually, when you want to get a sign on documents, you need to send the documents physically or digitally through Email. Your client will have to take the print out of the documents. He has to sign manually. And he will have to scan the documents and has to send them back to you through Email.

If you allow digital signature on your WordPress site, your client need not print the document to sign. He just signs digitally on your website using his mouse or using the touch screen. So it saves paper and time. Your clients will love the digital signature online procedure.

Where should I Get Electronic Signature Online?

You can get electronic signature online on various situation. Some of them are given below.

  • Contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Terms of Service
  • Petitions
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Job application forms

How WP E Signature works?

WP E signature is nothing but a WordPress website which has a form with Signature field. Just create a form with a signature field. Create a page and insert the form which was created with the signature field. User will fill the form and sign in the signature field.

WordPress will not give these features. When you want to get Digital signature online on your WordPress website, You need to use WPForms plugin along with its Signature add-on to get Electronic signature online.

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a Drag and Drop form builder. It helps to create smarter forms and surveys on your WordPress website very easily. It gives many features.

WPForms Features

  • Pre-designed form templates
  • Drag and Drop builder
  • 100% responsive to all types of devices
  • Easily collect payments and donations
  • Instant Notifications

You can easily create subscription forms and connect with your favorite Email marketing service. WPForms offers integration for below Email Service providers.

  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • CampaignMonitor

First time customers will get the 50% discount on all WPForms plans through This WPForms discounted pricing page.

How to Create Digital Signature Form On WordPress

When you want to get digital signature online, you must have a form with signature field on your website.

Step 1: Create Digital Signature Form

Step 1: Install and activate WPForms plugin.

Step 2: You must install add activate the WPForms Signature Add-on.

wpForms signature add-on

This add-on will allow you to collect the user signature while filling the form. It will save the signature as the PNG file. When you want to remove the signature, you can just click on the ‘X’ symbol to remove the signature. You can control the size of the signature field. You can also make the signature field as “Required”.

Now you have the required things. You need to create the form.

Step 3: Go to WPForms configuration page. Select Blank Form template. Ofcourse you can select any other pre designed templates. We are considering Blank Form template for this guide.

wpforms templates

Step 4: You will see Form editor. Click on the Signature button under Fancy Fields. You can also Drag and Drop the button to the form when you need Signature field.

Digital signature form

You can click on the Signature field to modify settings like field width, making Required, etc.,

Now you have created a form with Signature field. You can change the form settings like Form name, description, confirmation, and notification settings by going to the Settings option.

Let us give the name to this form as Service Agreement.

Now you need to publish this form. For publishing the form, you need to create a page and add the form.

Step 2: Publish the WP E Signature form

You just need to create the new page and insert the form to create a WP E Signature form.

Step 1: Go to Pages -> Add New to create a new page. Name the title as Service Agreement or anything you like.

Step 2: Click on Add Block (+) icon. Search for WPForms and select that to add the WPForms block.

Step 3: Select Service Agreement form from the drop down to add the form with Signature field and Publish the page.

Now you have the form with Signature field. You can easily get Digital signature online through your website. Your client will have to sign this form using their mouse or touch screen.

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