10 Steps To Easily Host WordPress on Google Cloud Using Cloudways

Want to host WordPress on Google Cloud? But not sure where and how to start? Don’t worry, this tutorial will help you to host your website on Google Cloud infrasture from where Gmail and YouTube work.

benefits of hosting a WordPress website on Google cloud?

Google Cloud provides the most reliable and fastest cloud hosting infrastructure. Big companies like Twitter and PayPal use Google Cloud for their hosting need. Here are the some of the reasons to use Google Cloud.

  • Fastest servers. Your website load very fast.
  • Provides 99.9% uptime.
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade your servers to handle unexpected traffic spikes.
  • You will get the infrastructure which was used for Gmail and YouTube. So you will get worlds most used and well-maintained servers for your website.

Is it possible to hosting website on Google Cloud?

Yes, you can host your website on Google cloud. Google WordPress hosting it is a very tough task to host your website on Google cloud directly. You need to follow very lengthy process. When any process goes wrong, you need to start from the initial step.

You should be having technical knowledge about the server.

Even when you don’t have the server knowledge, you can host WordPress on Google cloud infrastructure by taking the help of Cloudways.

Why Cloudways For Google WordPress hosting in the Cloud?

Cloudways is one of the best Cloud hosting provider. It will help you to host your website on worlds best hosting infrasture like Google cloud, Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, and VULTR.

It makes the process simple. You don’t need any server knowledge to use Google cloud host.

Just signup to Cloudways, you will get the Google cloud server with pre-installed WordPress.

It gives three days free trial. No credit card details are needed and there is no commitment.

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How to Host WordPress on Google Cloud

Step 1: Signup to Cloudways using this 3 days free trial link. You will see the homepage shows that in below screenshot.

Cloudays home page

Step 2: Select GET STARTED FREE button. You will see the signup form Shows that in below screenshot.

Cloudways signup form

Step 3: Fill the details. Select the promo code option and enter the coupon code: VWANT20. This coupon will give you a 20% Discount when you buy the service after the free trial. Check the terms box and select START FREE option.

Step 4: Verify your Email address. Select the LAUNCH button.

Launch Cloudways servers

Step 5: Fill the Application & Server details. Select Google Cloud Platform. Complete all details like Server Size, bandwidth, Storage and Location according to your requirement.

Host WordPress on Google cloud

Step 6: Check your monthly estimation and click on Launch Now button.

Step 7: Wait for some minutes while your server getting ready.

Step 8: When your server gets ready, go to Applications from the Top menu bar.

Step 9: Click My WordPress application.

Step 10: Go to Application Management -> Access Details -> Admin Panel. You will see admin credentials for your WordPress dashboard. Click on the URL to launch the WordPress dashboard and login with the credentials.

Hosting website on Google cloud

Now you have launched your new WordPress website on Google cloud hosting.

If you are new to WordPress, you need to learn about WordPress to maintain your new website. I suggest you learn WordPress from wp101. It gives you many video tutorials and comes with a lifetime license.

You need to install and activate the WordPress plugins required by your need. WordPress plugins will improve the functionality of your WordPress website.

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