DreamHost Vs Bluehost: Comparison between Two Big Titans in Hosting Industry

Do you want the Best Hosting Service for your website? That too from a Big Titans in Hosting Industry. Just like DreamHost (56% Discounted Link) or Bluehost. But are you in a dilemma which one you have to pick either DreamHost or Bluehost?

Then this article is the right article for you. Just go through it, to learn about the detailed comparison between DreamHost and Bluehost in terms of Key Features, Pricing, and Plans. Later you can pick anyone that matches your requirements.

DreamHost Vs Bluehost: Detailed Comparison in terms of Key Features, Pricing, and Plans

It might be difficult for you to decide which one is the best either DreamHost or Bluehost? Because:

  • Both are the two gigantic companies in the Hosting Industry.
  • Both are endorsed by WordPress.org.

But once you have seen the comparison details between the two in terms of key features, pricing, and plans. Then you can decide which one is the best.

DreamHost Vs Bluehost: Comparison in terms of Important Features:

Uptime and Speed

Champion: DreamHost

  • Server Uptime and Page Speed are the two most key factors you need to consider while you choose a web hosting service.
  • Oh Great! DreamHost guarantees 100% Uptime. And page loaded time is low.
  • On the other hand, Bluehost doesn’t guarantee 100% Uptime. But it provides actual Uptime of approximately 99.9%. And page load time is a somewhat little bit high compared to DreamHost.
  • And it doesn’t provide you compensation for any prolonged. Or unexpected downtime.


Champion: Bluehost

  • Oh Great! Bluehost uses an industry-standard control panel called cPanel. It is intuitive and easy to use.
  • On the other hand, DreamHost doesn’t provide cPanel. But it provides its own control panel which is more intuitive and easier to use than cPanel.
  • No doubt, the DreamHost control panel is easy to use. But when you use it for the first time. Then you can take a bit longer time to navigate it. Further, it is not an industry standard like cPanel.


Champion: DreamHost

  • Both the hosting service providers provide Jetpack for your WordPress sites. This aids you to design your site, grow your audience, and keeps your site all secure.
  • But DreamHost offers Jetpack Professional at a lower price compared to Bluehost.

WP Website Builder

Champion: Tie

  • Both provide all the necessary design tools to build your WordPress site confidently.
  • Further, they provide the following to start and manage your site with ease and fast.
    • Quick-Start Wizard
    • Hundreds of Themes.
    • Drag and Drop Editor.
    • And more.

Free Domain, Email, and SSL Certificate

Champion: Both DreamHost and Bluehost

  • Both of them provide a free domain for the first year. For this, you have to buy any one of their annual plans.
  • And both of them offer free email@yourdomain.com too.
  • Further, both of them provide a free SSL certificate too.

Customer Support

Champion: Tie

  • Oh! DreamHost provides 24/7 support to its customers from its award-winning US-based experts.
  • Bluehost too provides 24/7 support to its customers from its trained experts.

Money-Back Guarantee

Champion: DreamHost

  • Oh Great! DreamHost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee to you from the time you purchase its hosting plan. It’s a longer period.
  • On the other hand, Bluehost offers just a 30-day money-back guarantee.

DreamHost Vs Bluehost: Pricing

Champion: DreamHost

  • DreamHost combines quality and price. It offers all of its plans at affordable prices.
  • And its prices are lower compared to Bluehost.
  • If you are looking for quality hosting at an affordable price, then DreamHost is the best option.
  • Bluehost too offers lower prices for its new customers for the first year. But after renewal, the prices may go up.
  • But that is not the case in the case of DreamHost. It offers fixed or discounted prices to its customers even after renewal.
  • Let’s have a glance at the following table to understand the pricing of both of them.
DreamHost $2.59$2.59$10$149

DreamHost Vs Bluehost: Plans

Champion: DreamHost

  • Both provide the same hosting plans like:
    • WordPress Hosting.
    • Shared Hosting.
    • VPS Hosting.
    • Dedicated Hosting.
  • And both provide starter plans in WordPress and Shared Hostings for the beginners.
  • All of DreamHost Shared Hosting plans increase the performance of your site.
  • But Bluehost provides high performance for higher Shared Hosting plans. And standard performance for basic Shared Hosting plans.
  • DreamHost provides WordPress, Shared, and VPS Hosting plans at affordable prices compared to Bluehost. That too with the more features.

Verdict: Which one is the Champion DreamHost or Bluehost?

Now you have seen the comparison between DreamHost and Bluehost in terms of Key Features, Pricing, and Plans. So you can decide which one is the champion.

From the above, you can say that DreamHost beats Bluehost in major aspects like:

  • Uptime.
  • Speed.
  • Jetpack.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Pricing.
  • Plans.

So you can prefer DreamHost services for your site. And many hosting experts around the world recommend DreamHost. Because it combines quality and price.

But if you are new to hosting, then you can prefer Bluehost. Because it offers low price plans for beginners. But after renewal, its prices may go up. Or if you are familiar with cPanel, then also you can choose Bluehost.

I can confirm that this article aids you to know the clear differences between DreamHost and Bluehost. So that you can pick the best one that suits your requirements. If so, do a favor by sharing this article and follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.

DreamHost Vs Bluehost FAQs

  1. Which is better Bluehost or DreamHost?

    If you want 100% Uptime and quality hosting at an affordable price, then DreamHost is the best option. Or if you are new to hosting or if you are familiar with cPanel, then Bluehost is the best option.

  2. Which Bluehost plan is best?

    Plus plan in Shared Hosting is the best plan offered by Bluehost. Because, this plan provides majority features like unlimited websites, free domain name, free email@yourdomain.com, free SSL certificate, and more.

  3. Is Bluehost good for blogging?

    Yes. Bluehost is good for WordPress blogs. Because it is officially recommended by WordPress.org.

  4. What is DreamPress?

    DreamHost offers a premium Managed WordPress Hosting for WordPress users called DreamPress.

  5. Does DreamHost use cPanel?

    No. But DreamHost uses its own control panel which is more intuitive and super easy to use than cPanel.

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