Grammarly review : Features, Price, Pros & Issues What I Faced

This Grammarly review will give you about its useful features and issues. Grammarly is the best online instant Grammar checker tool. It checks your English Grammar and spelling instantly. It has free and premium versions. In this tutorial, I am going to give you my experience with Grammarly free and premium versions. My Grammarly review covers good and bad things about Grammarly.

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Why Should I use Grammarly?

If you are a native English speaker, you may not need Grammarly. If you are from non-native English county, then you must use it to proofread your content. I think every non-native blogger must use this tool to automatically check and correct your grammar. It not only helps bloggers but also for everyone.

You may believe that you know English very well. Still, try its free version once, you will see how it improves your grammar. This tool will correct your English wherever you write on the web.

Grammarly Review

Grammarly has free and premium versions. Even free version checks most of the errors. If you can not offer money, you can use its free version. It is offering special keyboard for Anrdoid and iOS for free. So you can even use Grammarly free version on your mobile phone.

How Grammarly works?

Grammarly works only on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Visit Grammarly website from anyone browser mentioned above. Download your browser extension. Signup for a free account. That’s it when you write anything on the web by using the same browser, Grammarly checks grammar automatically. If you want step by step procedure, you can read How to use Grammarly.

Grammarly shows other words to your wrong words. It will underline your wrong word with a red line immediately after typing. Just place, a cursor on the wrong word, it will show other words.

Check spelling with grammarly

If you are sure about your word, you can ignore the suggestion, and you can also add that word to Grammarly dictionary. When you add any word to the dictionary, Grammarly will not highlight the same word again.

If you are writing any article in the WordPress post editor or anything on Gmail or anywhere on the web, it will show a total number of mistakes at the right bottom corner with a red button. If you click on the red button, it will show two types of errors. Free version results in red button, and premium version(advanced) results in yellow button.

grammarly mistakes

If you use only free version, you will not see the yellow button. Just click on the red or yellow button, you will see a pop-up which shows your content mistakes and solutions.

grammarly review

What Grammarly free version checks?

Just see above screenshot. Red underlined results are free version results. Yellow highlighted results are premium version (advanced) results. Free version checks more than 150 types of grammar and spelling mistakes. I am listing some of them below.

  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Missing commas.
  • Removes extra commas.
  • Missing hyphen.
  • Missing articles.
  • It detects confused contraction and possessiveness.
  • Removes unnecessary extra words.
  • Improper spaces between words and between words and punctuation symbols.
  • It corrects miswritten words.

What Grammarly Premium version checks?

Premium version gives more than 100 additional grammar and spelling checks. It will give vocabulary enhancement suggestions. It will also give Plagiarism checker tool which checks your content for duplicate content. Some of them are below.

  • Capitalizing the initial letter of a noun.
  • It finds overused or repetitive words and gives alternative words.
  • It will find weak adjectives.
  • It will show incomplete sentences.

Weekly reports

Premium version gives weekly reports to your mail. It will provide better insights of your activity. By seeing reports, you can improve your grammar a lot. It will give,

  • How many words you have written.
  • How many corrections you have made.
  • How many unique words you have written.
  • Your top spelling mistakes.
  • Your top3 Grammar mistakes.
grammarly reports

Plagiarism checker tool

Premium version gives the option to check your content for duplicate content. It will work fine to find duplicate content in your content. It will highlight the duplicate content and gives the percentage of duplicate content along with the source website URL of duplicate content.

grammarly plagiarism

But, if you want to check your site content for duplicate content, it will not work with the URL. You must copy your content and paste it to the Grammarly website. Or you need to upload the document to the Grammarly website to use the Plagiarism checker tool. So it will never be an alternative to Originality which is a great Plagiarism checker and AI detector tool.

This is the one issue that I don’t like about Grammarly. I think they should improve the Plagiarism checker tool to check website content using URLs just like Originality.

Biggest issue with WordPress

There is the biggest problem to WordPress users. You can use Grammarly to edit your published posts from WordPress post editor. But after editing, Grammarly removes target_blank attribute from links. If you had ten links with open in new tab (target_blank) attribute. After editing with Grammarly, all those links will open in the same tab. One more time you need to give target_blank attribute to all existing links in the post.

I have contacted Grammarly support regarding this issue. They replied me that, they know about the problem. They might solve the issue soon. But they are not sure about the time frame for resolution of this issue.

So, if you have edited your published post from WordPress dashboard, don’t forget to give target_blank attribute to all your existing links in the post.

Plans, Price, & Discount

Grammarly premium version price seems high. Because of the high price, many users stick to the free version. Grammarly will not confuse you with multiple plans. They have only one premium plan. If you take an annual plan or a quarter plan, you will get discounts. If you take an annual plan, you will get it for as low as $11.66/ Month which includes 20% discount.


  • Excellent Grammar and Spell Checker.
  • Free version.


  • Expensive Premium Version.
  • Plagiarism checker tool does not check from URL.
  • Removes targe_blank attribute in WordPress.

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