7 Top Freelance Websites to Hire Freelancers Online

Are you searching for Top Freelance Websites? Want to hire freelance writers for your blog? or Want to work as a freelancer to make money online? This tutorial will give you a List of the Best Freelance Websites. If you don’t know about freelancing read What is Freelance work and How to become a freelancer?

What are Freelance Websites – A Simple Explanation

Freelance websites are an online-based marketplace where freelancers and companies can connect with each other either for short-term projects or long-term projects.

These Freelance websites work differently than a general job board. Here, a freelancer can work with multiple companies on different projects at the same time either for a fixed price or hourly-based rates.

The money is the main advantage companies get by hiring a freelancer on these freelance websites. Companies can start hiring for just $5.

Why should someone choose Freelance Websites for Hiring Purpose?

Needless to say, after the impact of covid-19, there has been a significant rise in the percentage of companies that prefer Freelance websites for hiring purposes.

Because hiring remote workers has a lot of advantages such as Low risk, Savings, No office space needed, Better quality work, Worldwide hiring, and No deadline issues.

See these stats of Upwork and Fiverr freelance marketplace. You will realize how many companies (buyers) have started preferring Freelance websites over the traditional hiring approach.

Number of companies hiring freelancers on Fiverr
Source – Backlinko
Number of clients available on upwork
Source: Backlinko

Top Freelance Websites to Hire Freelancers Online

In this section, you will be introduced to the best freelance websites used by millions of companies all over the world.

Note: If you are in hurry, skip all websites except Fiverr and Upwork. Go through the section of these 2 freelance websites and start hiring.

Video Tutorial:

For the reader’s convenience, we always create a video tutorial. Either you can watch and learn or simply skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned afterward.

1. Fiverr – Recommended Gig Based Freelance Online Hiring Solution

Fiverr.com - Top Freelance websites

Fiverr – The World’s popular gig-based freelance website has freelancers who have been offering digital services in domains like writing, business, programming, digital marketing, graphic design, videos, animation, etc starting from just $5.

Regardless of the domain, industry, or the type of work. You will find a perfect freelancer for your business on Fiverr.

The freelancers (sellers) who are active on Fiverr.com are dealing in more than 500+ digital services. Yes, you heard it right. 

The hiring process on Fiverr is pretty smooth and straightforward. Just search the service you are looking for and filter out the Gig posted by freelancers from all over the world. This is all you have to do here.

Almost 90% of the time, The freelancers who are active on Fiverr.com would be ready to work with you on a long term basis

Talking about quality: There has been a lot of myth about Fiverr quality. People said that you cannot find a good quality freelancer for just $5. 

But believe me, nothing is like that. These stats are the living proof of Fiverr quality:

  • 3.42 million active buyers (employers)
  • Fiverr processed $699.3 million in 2020.
  • Fiverr annual revenue (2020): $189.51 million
  • Repeated Buyers: 55%

Source: Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com Bottom Line:

  • Go for the Fiverr freelance website when you want to hire a freelancer on a fixed per project price basis, not an hourly basis.
  • Go for Fiverr when you are new to the “Hiring Freelancers online” thing. For just $5 you can test out the service of Fiverr easily.
  • Go for Fiverr when you want to source a professional freelancer quickly. Browsing a freelancer from the “Fiverr Pro” catalog made this possible.

Fiverr.com Offering Table

Freelance Website TypeGig Based
Hiring MethodsFiverr Marketplace Gigs, Fiverr Pro Gigs
Additional Fees5.5% Service fees on each transaction/purchase of Gig
Terms & ConditionsMentioned on a Website
Supported LanguageEnglish, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Portugues, Italiano, Nederlands.
Privacy PolicyMentioned on a Website
Supported CountriesAll PayPal countries supported
Supported Payment GatewaysCredit/Debit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wire Transfer, etc.
Customer SupportTicket System, Email
Mobile AppYes
Tax on Hiring (Purchase)Only for these countries – Australia, Israel, Russia, UAE, USA, New Zealand, Mexico.
Freelancers Pricing Model (Fixed/Hourly)Fixed
Domains CoveredWriting & Translation, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Music & Audio, Video & Animation, Programming & Tech, Business
Types of Freelancers Available:Logo design experts, WordPress developers, Voice-over artists, Video Explainers, Social media experts, SEO Experts, Illustrators, Translators, Data entry experts, Book cover designers, Graphic designers, Digital Marketing Experts, Animators, Programmers, etc.
Fiverr.com Offering Table

Hint: Don’t forget to go through the important Fiverr-Related FAQs mentioned at the end of the article.

Hiring Process on Fiverr – How does Fiverr Work

Hiring Freelancers on Fiverr is a kind of 5 minutes job. 

As I mentioned earlier that Fiverr is a gig-based freelance platform so there is no need to publish a job post here. 

[All you have to do is enter a keyword into the search box related to the service you are looking for and finalize the freelancer gig from the catalog.]

The overview of the hiring process on Fiverr is as follows:

First, Signup to Fiverr.com as a buyer, not as a seller.

After that simply search for the freelance service you need. Just navigate to the Fiverr homepage and use the search box. Example Logo design.

Hiring Process on Fiverr - Step 1

As soon as you tap the search box, you will be presented with the Freelancer gigs catalog available on the Fiverr marketplace. 

To refine search results, it is recommended to use filters such as Category, Seller details, Budget, Delivery Time, Pro Services, Local Sellers, Online Sellers, etc.

Hint: 2 Types of Freelancers gigs can be seen on Fiverr: Normal Gigs, Pro Gigs (Use the “Pro services” filter to extract pro gigs out of the normal ones. The explanation of Pro gigs is mentioned in the next section)

Hiring Process on Fiverr - Step 2

In case you like any gig among search results, the final step is to click on it, select the package and place the order.

On the Gig page, lots of crucial information can be found including Gig packages, Delivery time, Number of Revisions, Seller Reviews, Gig Description, Seller Bio, and Portfolio.

Review it all before placing the order.

Hiring Process on Fiverr - Step 3
Hiring Process on Fiverr - Final Step

Hint: Do not place an order before chatting with the seller. Press the contact seller button to open up the chatbox.

Hint: If you don’t like the seller’s predefined gig packages, you can always request them for a custom gig according to your requirements. Just communicate with the seller and state your requirements clearly.

Fiverr Freelancers Pricing Model, Platform Fees & More

Well, before starting hiring on freelance websites, it is important to explore the pricing models, hidden fees, etc. Because all such factors would directly impact the hiring budget of the employer.

For your kind information, Freelancers on Fiverr could only be seen with Fixed charges. Yes, Fiverr doesn’t support an hourly-based pricing system. In a nutshell, you only have to pay per project basis on Fiverr.com

Normal Fiverr Marketplace Fees:

The final fee the buyer has to pay is a gig fee + 5.5% service fee (applicable on total purchase)

Note: For orders below $50, the buyer has to pay an extra $2 small order fee.

Fiverr Business Solution Fees

Besides the normal Fiverr marketplace, you can always opt-in for the Fiverr business solution which cost you $149 annually. Note this fee would go to the Fiverr organization only.

Apart from that, the other fees like Gig fees + services fee (mentioned above) would always be there. 

For knowledge, let me tell you that the Fiverr business solution works differently than the normal Fiverr marketplace. 

Basically, the Fiverr Business platform is suitable for larger companies where up to 50 coworkers can work simultaneously with the hired freelancer. 

Further, you are gonna find here the catalog of curated top-tier freelancers. Because of this, the hiring time will almost be cut down to half or more.

Hiring on the Fiverr business platform has its own advantage compared to the normal marketplace:

  • The freelancers listed on a Fiverr business platform are highly experienced working with big companies, trusted, and established in the market. So the quality of work you can expect from them is insane and top-notch.
  • The productivity level will reach mountains when all coworkers work simultaneously.
  • Personal business success manager tool
  • Curated top tier freelancer catalog
  • Collaboration tools
  • Up to 50 team members
  • Budget management and more…

Note: For the first year, the Fiverr Business solution will be absolutely free. Just click here and signup for the Fiverr business platform for free. From the 2nd year onwards, the $149 per year plan will be applied.

Fiverr Pro Solution

Although you are going to find a freelancer on a normal Fiverr catalog for just $5. However, the picture is completely different with freelancers coming under the Fiverr Pro catalog.

Under the Fiverr Pro catalog, you will only see 1% of freelancers who have been verified as a Pro by the official Fiverr team based on their past reviews, performance, and many other factors.

So in a nutshell, go for the Fiverr Pro catalog or opt-in for the Fiverr Business platform if you want to shorten the freelancer hiring time and only want to work with top-tier freelancers.

Note: The service fee will apply to all Fiverr Freelancers catalogs.

Types of Freelancers Available to Hire on Fiverr.com

You will be amazed by exploring the list of freelancers available to hire on this freelance website.

I don’t think so if there would be any digital service or type of digital work for which you can’t find a freelancer here.

Let me break down the top categories of “Fiverr Gigs” which eventually tell you the type of freelancers you are going to find here.

Hint: The list is endless (approx 500+). Navigate to the Fiverr gigs directory page to reveal them all. 

Writing & Translation: Articles & Blog Posts, Proofreading & Editing, Translation, Website Content, Product Descriptions, Book & eBook Writing, Book Editing, Resume Writing, UX Writing, Technical writing, Sales copy, Social media copy, Linkedin profiles, Job descriptions, Scriptwriting, Transcription……..and so on.

Graphic Design: Logo design, Game art, Business cards, Website design, App design, UX Design, Landing page design, Resume design, NFT Art, Fonts & Typography, Brochure design, Poster design, Flyer design, Book design, Social media graphics, Tattoo design, Postcards design, Interior design, 3D Models, Character Modeling, Icon design, Vector design, Packaging design………..and so on.

Digital Marketing: Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile App Marketing….. and so on.

Music & Audio: Voiceover, Singers & Vocalists, Songwriters, Beat making, Online music lessons, Podcast editing, Music editing, Video editing, Music transcription, DJ Mixing….. and so on.

Video & Animation: Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Video Editing, Short Video Ads, Animated GIFs, Logo Animation, Intros & Outros, Product Animation, Lyric & Music Videos, NFT Animation, Visual Effects, eLearning Video Production, Article to Video, Unboxing Videos, Drone Videography, Screencasting Videos, Slideshow Videos…. and so on.

Programming & Tech: WordPress, Website Builder & CMS, Game Development, Web Programming, Mobile Apps, eCommerce Development, Desktop Applications, NFT Development, Chatbots, Website Development….. and so on.

Business: Sales, Virtual Assistant, Market Research, Business Plans, Customer Care, Project Management, HR Consulting, Recruitment, eCommerce Management, Legal Consulting, Financial Consulting….. and so on.

Fiverr Terms & Conditions for Employers (Buyers):

Well, terms and conditions on this site may vary from buyer to seller. 

Fiverr has a long list of terms and conditions listed on this page

Since this post is dedicated to “hiring freelancers”, So I am going to highlight important terms and conditions specifically apply to “buyers (employers)”.

  • Buyers or Employers have to deposit funds in a Fiverr wallet before order placement.
  • The deposited money, In a situation of order cancellation, would be treated as a “Fiverr balance” which buyers can use on new orders. In case of account deactivation, all Fiverr credits will be forfeited.
  • The Payments to sellers can only be made with either of these payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wire Transfer, Fiverr Balance, etc.
  • A 5.5% service fee on the total purchase amount is mandatory.
  • Requesting sellers for outside Fiverr Payments is strictly prohibited. As a buyer, you have to pay sellers through the Fiverr.com website.
  • The buyer has to accept invoices in PDF or through email supplied by Fiverr.
  • In case of disputes happened with the seller, the refunds only be granted to the buyer account when the buyer gets approval from the Fiverr customer support team or resolution center.
  • All the disputes must be addressed through the Fiverr resolution center.
  • Request for revisions should only be made after delivery.
  • Fiverr customer support team has the right to cancel active orders, delivered orders, or completed orders in case of disputes happened between buyers and sellers.
  • Buyers (Employers) hold the copyright of the delivered work unless the seller specified the usage of the delivered work in the gig description. Read “Ownership and Commercial use License” terms in detail. 
  • The buyer has the right to place a request for a custom order to the seller anytime. 

Fiverr Customer Support

Although 90% of the time you will get your queries cleared from “Fiverr Help” resources. However, for disputes between buyers and sellers, the dedicated customer support team will be there.

The user has to create a ticket and wait for the agent to respond back. The Fiverr customer support team works 24*7*365 days so the response rate is pretty awesome and quick.

Apart from the ticket-based system, you can always email Fiverr.

Fiverr Pros: The Plus Points of Fiverr Online Hiring Solution

  • Only fixed project-based pricing. Due to this, you can save a lot of money.
  • Always know what you’ll pay upfront. Your payment isn’t released until you approve the work.
  • 24*7 support
  • Fiverr guides about freelancing and interesting topics (blog section)
  • Help center for sort out the most of the queries
  • Besides predefined gigs set up by freelancers, the buyer can place custom orders at any time.
  • Resolution tools are there to sort out disputes commonly happened between buyers (Employers) and Sellers.
  • Supported popular payment gateways
  • Fiverr business solution could minimize the hiring time 

Fiverr Cons: Anything I don’t like about Fiverr Freelance Marketplace?

  • You cannot post a job listing
  • 5.5% service fee
  • Option for live chat with Fiverr customer support team is not available

2. Upwork – Recommended Bidding Based Freelance Online Hiring Solution

Upwork.com - Top Freelance websites

Upwork – The 2 decades older Freelance website which is still shining, founded by Hayden Brown, is the biggest freelance marketplace of all time. Whether you are a client or a freelancer, you will get something here for sure. 

Regardless of the type and nature of your project, you will surely get an expert for your project. A total of 10,000+ skills featured freelancers in various domains can be found on Upwork Marketplace.

9 out of 10 businesses & large companies such as Godaddy, Amway, Samsung, Microsoft, etc prefer Upwork as the first freelance platform for sorting out their online hiring requirements.

Upwork works slightly differently than Fiverr. 

For hiring, you have to post a job or project details or the problem for which you are looking for a freelancer. 

Then the freelancers have to bid for your project and based on the freelancer profile, cover letter, past experience, portfolio, etc you can approve a freelancer and hire him/her for your projects either for fixed-price or on an hourly basis.

Apart from that, there can be 2 more hiring methods that can be seen on Upwork. You can learn about them from the later section of this article.

Upwork Bottom Line:

  • Go for Upwork when you have a good hiring budget. Because, unlike Fiverr, the chances of getting low-priced freelancers are less.
  • Go for Upwork when you don’t want to deal with a hiring mess. In other words, Upwork has a hiring method in which they allot professional recruiters to clients who sources a perfect candidate for them as per their given requirement.
  • Go for the Upwork freelance website when you prefer both hourly-based or fixed-priced freelancers.
  • Go for the Upwork when you want to hire a freelancer on a long-term basis. Upwork has a specific feature called the “Upwork Payroll” system which offers benefits like tax handling, agreements, payment handling, etc.

Upwork Offering Table

Freelance Website TypeBidding Based
Hiring MethodsTalent Marketplace, Project Catalog, Talent Scout
Additional Fees5% Payment processing fees per transaction
Terms & ConditionsMentioned on a Website
Privacy PolicyMentioned on a Website
Supported CountriesAll countries (Except Russia, Iran, Syria, Cuba)
Supported Payment GatewaysCredit Card, PayPal, ACH
Customer SupportChat-Based
Mobile AppYes
Freelancers Pricing Model (Fixed/Hourly):Supported both
Domains CoveredDevelopment & IT, Design & Creative, Sales & Marketing, Writing & Translation, Admin & Customer Support, Finance & Accounting, HR & Training, Legal, Engineering & Architecture
Upwork Offering Table

Hint: Don’t forget to go through the important Upwork-Related FAQs mentioned at the end of the article.

Hiring Process on Upwork – How Does Upwork Work

Well, On Upwork, you could hire a freelancer by using these 3 ways:

A.) Hiring via Upwork Talent Marketplace: Post a Job, Freelancers from Upwork marketplace will bid and you hire them either on a fixed price or an hourly basis.

This is the most popular method of finding a freelancer on Upwork. 90% of the time employers use this method to get the hiring done. However, you might get exhausted by receiving too many applications.

Note: Posting a Job on Upwork is absolutely free.

Hint: In case you feel overwhelmed by a long list of applications, you can request an account manager who will help you in sourcing a perfect candidate. The fees Upwork is charging for assigning a dedicated account manager will be $49.99/month

Upwork Hiring Membership Level

B.) Hiring via Upwork Project Catalog

Okay, so you don’t want to involve in job postings and application filtration mess? No problem.

Try this method. It is nothing but the process of 3 simple steps: Browse the service needed, review the freelancer’s gig, and finally purchase it to get the job done.

This is exactly how Fiverr works.

Hiring Freelancers via Upwork Catalog

C.) Hiring via Upwork Talent Scout

Okay, so neither you would like to post a job nor browse through the Freelancer gigs. Alright.

Then why don’t you let Upwork do this job for you?

C.) Hiring via Upwork Talent Scout

Upwork is one of the few freelance marketplaces where you get offered the assistance of top-notch recruiters who can source high qualified freelancers for your business without your effort.

This is the fastest and most hassle-free approach to hiring a freelancer online. Period.

Upwork recruiters are different from any staffing company recruiters who take weeks or months to source a candidate for you. They work at lightning-fast speed.

When we talk about Upwork recruiter’s charges, you have to pay them on an hourly basis only when they find a suitable candidate for you.

So in a nutshell, the hiring can be done via the Upwork talent scout method by following these steps:

  • Signup to Upwork and set up a meeting with a recruiter
  • Meet with a recruiter who shows up with a profile of a few shortlisted freelancers
  • Review & interview shortlisted freelancers one by one and finally hire the best-qualified match.

Note: For companies and big organizations whose hiring needs are large, then they can consider the Upwork Enterprise plan which comes with additional benefits.

Upwork Clients Pricing Model, Platform Fees & More

Wait! Don’t just start hiring, go through the Upwork charges first.

Note: Upwork doesn’t charge employers for a job posting. Clients only have to pay a “payment processing fee” per transaction.

At the time of writing this content, we have discovered that Upwork has released its new final plan for clients (employers). 

Upwork old plans pricing – Ignore it

Earlier, Upwork had offered 2 pricing models: Upwork Basic and Upwork Plus. These plans used to include subscription fees + and processing fees. 

These plans always created confusion among clients’ minds and to get rid of this problem, Upwork has changed its plans.

Upwork has combined these plans into one single plan called “Upwork Marketplace” to streamline the process.

Upwork Marketplace – New & Revised Plan

Considering the new Upwork marketplace, clients only have to pay 5% payment processing fees per transaction for fixed-price jobs, hourly jobs, and project catalogs.

If you are USA-based and pay with a checking (ACH) account then this 5% will cut down to 3% fees.

Note: Besides additional payment processing fees, you have to pay the freelancer as per their charges.

For more information about Upwork client fees, visit this article published by Upwork itself.

Types of Freelancers Available to Hire on Upwork.com

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork has a huge list of professional freelancers whose roles are divided into these categories:

Development & IT Freelancers: Developers (Angular JS, CSS, DevOps, Game, Magento, React, Unity, AWS, eCommerce, Ruby, Shopify, C++, Python, C#, etc.), Machine learning engineers, Software QA testers, Data visualization consultants, etc.

These freelancers offering these services to employers (clients):

Chatbots, Cybersecurity & data protection, Desktop applications, Mobile apps, eCommerce development, Data analysis & reports, Game development, Website builders, Web development, CMS….and more.

Design & Creative Freelancers: 2D Animators, 3D designers, Adobe Experts, Brochure & Infographics designers, Packaging Designers, 2D Designers, 3D Modelers, Photo editors, Logo designers, T-shirt designers, Photographers, Video Producers, Mobile UI Designers, etc.

You can hire freelancers under this category for the following services:

Logo design services, Book design services, 3D product animation services, Banner Ad services, Flyer design services, Game design services, Infographics design services, Social media design services, Presentation design services, Architecture & Interior design services, Photoshop editing services, Web & Mobile Design services…. and more.

Writing & Translation Freelancers: Academic writers, Business plan writers, Copy editors, Essay writers, Legal writers, Screenwriters, Travel writers, Article Writers, SEO writers, Blog writers, Content writers, Resume writers, Technical writers, etc.

Sales & Marketing Freelancers: Content Marketers, AdWords Marketers, Facebook Marketers, PPC specialists, Affiliate Marketers, Search Engine Marketers, Email Marketers, Link Builders, SEO Experts, Instagram Marketers, Pinterest Marketers, etc.

Admin & Customer Support Freelancers: Customer Support Representatives, Google Sheets Experts, Microsoft Word Experts, Proofreaders, Typists, Recruiters, Transcriptionists, Bookkeepers, Graphic Designers, Editors, Cold Callers, etc.

Finance & Accounting Freelancers: Accountants, Business Analysts, Financial Planners, Tax Preparers, Legal Advisors, Intuit QuickBooks Specialists, Tally Experts, Financial Forecasting Specialists, etc.

Engineering & Architecture Freelancers: 3D Printing Experts, Engineering & drawing specialists, 3D rendering artists, Interior designers, AutoCAD specialists, Robotics engineers, Mathematics specialists, etc.

Legal Freelancers: Real Estate Law Professionals, Legal Assistants, Legal Consultants, Copyright Law Professionals, Trademark Consultants, Criminal Law Professionals, etc.

Upwork Terms & Conditions for Employers

Upwork has listed terms and conditions for both clients and freelancers on this page

I know going through the terms & conditions document is boring as hell. 

That’s why I am going to highlight only essential points that you should keep in mind while hiring on the Upwork.

  • In case of disputes happened between you as a client and a freelancer, it is mandatory to follow the dispute process explained in an “Upwork escrow instructions”.
  • The client has to pay a mandated 5% service fee on each transaction made related to the Upwork marketplace and Upwork project catalog.
  • Upwork may collect VAT (if applicable) on the client membership fees.
  • The client has to deposit money in advance before starting a project with a freelancer
  • If the freelancer asks to pay outside Upwork, the client should refuse immediately.

Upwork Customer Support

All registered members (both clients & freelancers) have access to the Upwork live chat support service.

To open up the chatbox, Just click on the get support button displayed at the bottom right corner and you are good to go.

Upwork Customer Support

Upwork Pros: The Plus Points of Upwork Online Hiring Solution

  • Employers can invite a direct client to Upwork and work on their project. The main advantages you get are secure payment processing, Upwork hourly/fixed escrow tool, etc.
  • Upwork has given employers (clients) to hire a freelancer on both fixed prices as well as on an hourly basis.
  • Employers have the advantage of hiring a freelancer by either posting a job or simply picking out a perfect one from the catalog.
  • Customer support is good.
  • There is a hard chance of not getting a freelancer for your digital project.
  • The advantage of in-house recruiters is rare with Upwork.

Upwork Cons: Anything I don’t like about Upwork Freelance Marketplace?

  • The terms and conditions of Upwork are hard to understand as compared with Fiverr
  • Service fees would be applied to every transaction you made on Upwork as a buyer

3. Freelancer

Freelancer.com - Top Freelance Websites

Freelancer.com is the 3rd best freelance website on our list.

Well, just like Upwork, it is another popular bidding-based freelance marketplace where you will find 50 million freelancers serving employers all over the world across 1800+ skills categories.

Isn’t it huge?

For your kind information, here you won’t be able to find freelancers gigs catalogs. So the only way to hire a freelancer from this website is to post project details and hire the freelancer from the pool of bidders.

Because of having a huge number of freelancers, 80% of the projects get started receiving bids in a matter of 1 minute.

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer provides 24*7 hours of chat support and you can manage hiring from the mobile app as well.

When we talk about hiring fees, the Freelancer portal charges 3% once a freelancer is hired. Posting a project, and browsing freelancers’ profiles are absolutely free.

You may be wondering that 3% seems less, but we have researched deep into this matter and found that the overall hiring fees will get bigger because of the upgrades the hiring manager has to make for the following essential features:

  • Feature a job at the top: $9
  • Hire a freelancer as a full time: $199
  • Recruiter assistance: $9.50
  • Turn a job post to private: $19
  • More…

Hint: All those features are provided by Upwork free of cost.

Freelancer.com Bottom Line:
Go for Freelancer.com when you just want to hire a freelancer based on the job post and bidding system.

4. EnvatoStudio

envato studio - best freelance websites

Envato Studio is a top-class freelance website. You will get experienced freelancers for your website designing needs, customization, and logo design. You will also get freelance writers.

Although this website has freelancers for various services but we will only recommend it only for those clients who need a website design and development services.

But they are very expensive. Envato Studio is an expensive freelancing site. If you have low earnings with your blog, you can not try this. It is only for the highest-earning websites.

5. DesignContest

DesignContent - Best Freelance website for hiring designers

DesignContest is the original freelance design platform since 2003 with more than 2.2 million shared designs. A trusted global platform with over 230,000 designers and a 95+% rating from customers.

It is specifically for those who need a freelance graphic designer. Over 290k pro freelance designers are waiting for you on this site which helps you to design any digital graphic asset including logo design poster design flyer design t-shirt design icon design and whatnot.

6. Guru

Guru a freelance site

Guru is another bidding-based general freelance website where you will find freelancers in almost every category.

Compare to other platforms Guru charges the lesser per-transaction fees. We have seen complaints reported by a lot of clients regarding fake freelancers or unskilled freelancers available on Guru. So you have to be really careful on this website in case you are looking to hire freelancers from here.

You will get freelancers in almost every category like programming&development, Writing&Translation, Design&Art, Business, Legal, sales, etc.,

7. Prоgrаmmіngbіdѕ


Programmingbids іѕ рrеttу muсh juѕt lіkе thе оthеrѕ but one thіng thаt аllоwѕ it tо stand out іѕ thаt іt аllоwѕ you to ѕеll thе ѕсrірtѕ that you hаvе wrіttеn mаkіng іt possible fоr уоu tо gеnеrаtе passive іnсоmе.

This is especially for those clients who are looking to hire a freelance programmer or those who are interested in buying programming scripts

Tips to keep in mind while screening the Freelancer for a job

So you have decided on a Freelance website for hiring? Well, if so then keep these tips in mind for a better hiring journey:

  1. For long-term projects, it is advisable to take a basic interview of a freelancer through a video call.
  2. Is this gonna be your’s first-time experience on a freelance website, then it is recommended to go through the complete documentation of a freelance website before starting the hiring process.
  3. Plan a hiring budget by defining each deliverable/milestone you can expect from a freelancer.
  4. Go through the reviews (if any) of the freelancer you are interested in.
  5. In-detailed project/job description is mandatory, otherwise, freelancers may face difficulty understanding your need and expectation.
  6. Ignore applications of freelancers where they don’t mention how they are supposed to do the job.
  7. Clear out the copyright policies regarding the final deliverable with the freelancer. 
  8. Avoid freelancers if they aren’t able to provide a portfolio
  9. If your budget is good, don’t hesitate to connect with top-tier freelancers.
  10. Monitor the progress of the project with the help of the tracker provided by your freelance website.

Conclusion: Top Freelance Websites

I hope now you have figured out the freelance website that you are gonna use for hiring freelancers.

Don’t worry it’s not rocket science. Just move forward step by step. If you have experience in hiring through a job board then you will be fine for sure.

You are not alone who face hesitation in moving from the traditional hiring approach to the online hiring approach. We faced the same situation in the beginning.

But now we are used to hiring freelancers for our projects. We started from Fiverr but now we are switched to Upwork.

You can also do the same.

If you are an individual with digital skills or an individual seeking to get work done while sitting and glaring at the clock, waiting on a freelancer. These mentioned Top freelance websites offer almost endless opportunities for you. If you like this article, please share this article. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

FAQs – Top Freelance Websites

On Fiverr, How do I know whether the freelancer is capable enough to work with me?

Positive reviews, number of sales, average delivery time, and portfolio are some of the factors you can consider to judge the profile as well as the capability of the Fiverr freelancer.

What if there is no appropriate freelancer available on the Fiverr catalog?

In case you didn’t find a suitable freelancer, try opt-in for Fiverr business. The business success manager is available in this system to assist as well as guide you.

What is the “Brief & Match” feature for buyers available on Fiverr??

Brief & Match is the new feature added by Fiverr for buyers (employers) who wanted to hire freelancers by posting the job requirement. To use this feature simply login > create a brief. Fill out the project requirements, and budget details, and finally tap on the send brief button. Fiverr will then send out your project brief to selected sellers based on their algorithm and you will start receiving custom offers.

Can I pay freelancers on an hourly basis on Fiverr?


Do I own the copyright of the files delivered by the seller on Fiverr?

Yes, Unless Seller mentioned guidelines about commercial usage in the Gig.

Is it mandatory to tip the seller on Fiverr?

Not at all.

Is it possible to request a refund instead of credit for canceled orders on Fiverr?

Yes. You have to fill out a request “refund form” for this purpose and wait for approval.

Can I chat with the seller (employee) through a video call on Fiverr?


Can I make a purchase as well as sell service with a single Fiverr account?


What should I do if the seller delivered inappropriate service on Fiverr?

You can raise a refund request through the Fiverr resolution center. The Fiverr customer team assists you in case of disputes happened.

Can I cancel the order after delivered by the freelancer on Fiverr?

Yes, you can. You have to raise a request for cancellation and wait for the approval or the Fiverr customer support team’s response.

As an employer, Do I have to pay taxes for services I purchase on Fiverr?

Yes, if you belong to these countries (Australia, Israel, Russia, UAE, USA, New Zealand, Mexico), then Fiverr will automatically transfer taxes to the government on your behalf.

Can I schedule a face-to-face video call meeting with a freelancer on Upwork?


Can I monitor the progress of work given to freelancers on Upwork?

Yes. Upwork has a tracker which works like a normal office tracker. It can track employee progress, capture screenshot, and whatnot.

What is the BYOT feature available on Upwork?

Bring your own talent (BYOT) is a unique feature available only to clients. Basically, it allows clients to invite freelancers that are not a part of Upwork. Payment processing, tracker, and other reporting tools of Upwork can be used on these types of freelancers.

Do I have to file U.S tax forms for hiring freelancers on Upwork?

No. Please visit this Upwork tax guide for more details.

Can I request a refund from a freelancer on Upwork?

Yes. Check this Upwork refund handling guide for more details.

Which freelance website platform charges the lowest?

Upwork has cheaper plans with great features compared to a freelancer.

Are freelance workers considered employees?


Which freelance websites work without a bidding system?


What are the best freelance websites for content writers?

Upwork, iWriter, Problogger, etc.

How to hire freelancers on Upwork?

The Upwork hiring process is mentioned in the Upwork section of this article.

Which is the largest freelance platform?

Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr.

What are the best freelancing sites?

Fiverr, Freelancer, EnvatoStudio, etc.,

When did the freelance websites respond to our complaints?

Almost every freelance websites respond immediately i.e., within one or two hours.

Which is the best freelance website for beginners?

Fiverr is the best freelance site for beginners. Because you will get freelancers for a very low price.

How to get work on a freelancer website?

Just signup to any freelancer website, post your job and wait. Within a few minutes, you will receive a response with a price quote.

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