Hostinger Vs Siteground – Quick comparison

This article gives you details about Hostinger Vs Siteground hosting services. In the web hosting industry, Hostinger and Siteground are the two well-known names. However, in the presence so many positive Siteground reviews and huge value-propositions of Hostinger, deciding which one should be ideal for your website is really very complicated.

As a result, we bring the quick comparison of these two renowned web hosting giants. This comparison will be on the basis pricing, plans, speed, and some other features. Take a good look at this comparison properly, and decide for yourself.

Let’s get into details:

Hostinger Vs Siteground


The amount you pay for using a web hosting service for your business hosting services. Check the various plans and choose the best option.


  • For the initial users, the price of using Hostinger(82% Discounted link) for their just $1.45 a month. This is the best plan for those who want to host only single website. This also gives them the opportunity to become familiar with the platform.
  • Premium website hosting plan charges you $2.95 per month. This plan is suitable for medium-sized or growing websites.
  • If someone wants to reach the next level, business web hosting plan with $3.95 price is available. An unlimited hosting plan for stable businesses and sites.
  • Free site migration.
  • Offers the cheapest pricing.


siteground shared plans
  • For the startups, the price of Siteground Shared Plans(60% discounted link) starts from $3.95/month.
  • The next web hosting plan is GrowBig which is $5.95/month.
  • GoGeek is the next package with advanced features and costs $11.95/month.
  • Siteground doesn’t offer any 3 or 6 months packages.
  • The site migration is free of cost.
  • Siteground is quite expensive than Hostinger.


Basically, Uptime is known as the uninterrupted time your site hosting service provider experiences. Downtime (interrupted time) is a situation no business owner would want to deal with. A downtime of a single instance can set back your business substantially.

Not only your potential clients are unable to visit the site, but it will also affect your new customers. If you don’t want to face such problem, uptime is the most crucial factor you must care about. Ensure that your web hosting provider offers 100% uptime for constant business growth.


  • Has no recorded downtime yet.


  • A little downtime was noticed.
  • Out of 507 hours, downtime of 7 minutes was recorded (which is approx nothing).

Both Hostinger and Siteground web hosting service providers have almost zero recorded downtime.


“First impression is the last”. Which website aspects are essential to make a great first impression on the audience? Well, your website response time is the first thing a user will notice.

No matter, how attractive your design and style are, it will all be for nothing if the site takes forever to load. People like to visit sites that load at a lightening fast speed.

Make sure the web hosting provider you select has the best response time for the best feedback.


  • The response time of Hostinger is 88ms.
  • High speed.


  • Whereas the average rate of Siteground response time is 464ms.
  • Lower speed, multiple times slower than Hostinger.


customer support

Quality of customer support is the monument to web hosting companies. A user can run into problem unexpectedly. Having a team of representatives who are there to offer a proactive solution is momentous to any hosting site.

Hostinger Customer Care Experience:

  • Available all days and nights.
  • High-response time.
  • Live 24/7 customer chat support available.
  • Multiple languages chat support with no delay.
  • User-friendly experience.
  • Technical support
  • Professional and qualified customer support team.
  • Assist you with all kind of web hosting related issues.
  • High-reliability.
  • Latest technology and unique solutions.
  • Offers free domain name.
  • Great customers reviews: high satisfaction.

Siteground Customer Care Experience:

  • 24/7 fast customer support.
  • Supports live chat: instant reply.
  • No wait time.
  • Human-side customer support.
  • Application specific support.

This is a little and clear comparison between Hostinger and Siteground. From this comparison, you get a clear picture of both the companies. Analyze the above comparison carefully and make your final decision as to which company to go with.


Although both the companies have their pros and cons, yet Hostinger seems to be a bigger winner across some verticals. If you have the good amount of traffic and Income and don’t need the shared hosting, I can suggest you Siteground Cloud hosting. But, we recommend doing your fair share of research before betting your investment on one company.

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