Optinmonster Review: The Best Popup Plugin For WordPress

Want to know about the Best WordPress optin plugin? Then you must read my Optinmonster review for its complete details. By the time of writing this review, I have been using it for more than one year. I am going to discuss my experience.

A successful business or website or blog is backed by an effective way of marketing. Choosing the right set of customers and reaching them is strenuous without the accurate marketing strategy. A popular way to reach the targeted clients is by mailing them. A businessman with an intention to grow the business may seem reluctant to choose this form of promotion as it is extremely complicated to collect and manage the set of email IDs to which the advertising mail has to be sent.

You must use any one of the Top Email Newsletter services like Constant Contact or GetResponse to collect and manage the Emails. Newsletter services will help you to organize, send, and schedule Emails. But they will not provide you necessary popup or slide in or any other forms to collect Emails.

The solution to the above difficulty is Optinmonster. It was founded in 2013 by
Syed Moiz Balkhi
(CEO) and Thomas Griffin (CTO) in Florida. The software is constantly updated to suit the changing needs of customers.

Why I use it?

Irrespective of its high price, I am using it for more than one year because It is Cloud-based software. It loads every popup or campaign from their server by using API. So it will not have the effect on your server load. It will have the very little effect on your website speed. It is the main reason why I am sticking to it.

Earlier I was using ConvertPlus which gives all Optinmonster feature for very less price. But, you need to install the plugin on your website or server. That will consume your server resources and drastically reduce your website speed. It is not the case in Optinmonster.

Optinmonster Review

Optinmonster is a cloud-based software which helps in turning the visitors into subscribers and loyal users. To captivate the visitor of the website, it is critical to improving his experience in visiting the site with appealing presentation and information.

The software is integrated with almost every web platforms like WordPress making it easier to utilize the same. The opt-in forms are critical in increasing the traffic to the website with its content. The pop-ups forms are used to gain the email IDs which builds up the set of IDs to which the business team can further interact and convert them into customers. It is a great conversion mechanism with proven positive results.

Features of Optinmonster

The software is used by wide range of people. To satisfy the varied needs, Optinmonster supplies the wide range of opt-in forms like popup or slide for the users to choose.

The software offers so many modification options like including animations, attaching links to websites, various sizes of the forms etc. to help the user in customizing the form for obtaining the customer’s information without tampering the privacy issues.

Businessmen or blog owner have to carefully choose the right form in order to match the product as well as create the attention and interest in the product. We are listing some of the general features.

  • Exit-Intent technology.
  • MonsterLinks which will help you to convert any link or image into optin form.
  • Geo-Location tracking (Extra add-on).
  • Monster Effects which will grab the attention of your visitor with graphics and sound.
  • Mobile friendly popups.
  • Yes/No forms.
  • Drag and Drop Builder.
  • Supports almost every newsletter services. If your newsletter service does not support, you can create the campaign using HTML form provided by your service.

The inbuilt software understands the customers’ navigation through your website and the opt-in forms pop up accordingly. This helps in arranging the time of pop up given the fact that it distracts the customer from viewing the website.

Campaign Types

Campaign types mean where and how you want to show the campaign or optin form. Along with normal features, it will give you many options to show campaigns.

Just check below screenshot for the available Campaign Types.

Optinmonster Campaign types

The business website may start with a particular layout for its customers and may realize that the layout isn’t gathering the attention. To put an end to this issue, the Optinmonster software allows the users to try different layout at different times to observe the best performing format. It is required to understand the same as it converts the customers to subscribers at the highest rate.

Campaign Triggers

Campaign trigger means when you want to show the Campaign. Optinmonster will give you many options to trigger the Campaigns. Just check the below screenshot for the available Campaign Triggers.

Optinmonster Campaign Triggers

Exit intent is a feature which is an interesting concept. The software analyses the navigation of the customer and right when they are about to reach the space closer to exiting the site, a pop up is arranged to provide them with an option of looking back into the site.

Targeted Campaigns

By using Optinmonster, you can target the particular visitor to show the specific Campaign.

The business website may offer various products in the same category. However, the users may visit the site for a particular product/item. For this purpose, Optinmonster offers an option called page level targeting. It is used for displaying a specific message to grab the attention of such customers. It saves them time and provides ease of management. It results in gaining interest in the website resulting in a reliable customer.

Targeted Campaigns

The software allows users/customers not only through PC but also through mobile phones. The current generation is mobile friendly and ensuring that the software is mobile specific is extremely important. It helps in accessing the site from anyplace anytime.

Onsite retargeting is the option which is an influential feature. This helps in providing a customized option to such customers who constantly revisit the site. This makes the customer believe that the site is ensuring personal support.


Optinmonster Analytics

The software provides a detailed report of the overall effect of such opt-in form. It submits the number of clicks, a number of emails submitted and various other statistics which are used for understanding the website’s performance. Optinmonster provides perfect analytics. You can integrate Google analytics to get the click and lead report. It will provide,

  • Clicks and Conversions report.
  • Real-time behavior.
  • A/B testing.

Plans, Price & Discount

Its price is a little bit high compared to other Popup plugins. It is certainly not for the beginners. But for the top class features, you need to spend the money.

It has four plans Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. If you need complete features, you must go with the PRO or Growth version. You can check Optinmonster Plans, Pricing, and Features.

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Optinmonster Interface

The Optinmonster site navigates with all the information required for accessing the software and creation of the opt-in form. It is very user-friendly and involves no complications. A person without any prior technical knowledge can easily use and obtain the opt-in form.

Themes or Templates

It has many pre-designed templates and themes. You just need to select any one of the available templates while creating the campaign.

If you don’t like the available themes, you can also create your own design using Canvas feature.


  • Cloud-Based. It consumes fewer server resources and has little effect on the website speed.
  • Many Campaign types.
  • Many Campaign triggers.
  • Many templates.
  • Every feature works with pixel perfect.
  • Gives professional look to your website.


  • High Price.


With various software in the market which offer the plug-in services, Optinmonster remains popular with various unique features it offers to its users. The software is extremely useful for the new businessmen looking for promotions and building the market. Optinmonster is a successful tool for providing the initial momentum required by all businesses.

If you are a new blogger and cannot buy the expensive Optinmonster, I can suggest you go with ConvertPlus which will give you almost all features for very less price.

I hope you like my Optinmonster Review if you like it please share it. If you are using it, do share your review through the comment section. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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