Paraphrasing Vs citation: which one is best to Prevent Plagiarism?

Want to know the difference between Paraphrasing and citation. This tutorial Paraphrasing Vs citation will tell you which is the best to prevent Plagiarism.

Most people may be confused about the bad impacts of plagiarized content, so what to do now?

There are some techniques and tools needed to remove Plagiarism and make content unique, and we are going to explain these steps.

As there are many techniques but we have shortlisted the best and the easiest two and these two are paraphrasing and citations.

Paraphrasing Vs citation

Paraphrasing Vs citation

We can say that both are effective and useful, but some circumstances can easily differentiate both. And if you will have a look below, you’ll surely pick the best option on your own so, let’s start.

What is paraphrasing in actuality?

In simple words, paraphrasing is a process introduced to change the words with their synonyms without changing the intent of the content.

According to the Oxford Dictionary:

A statement that expresses something that somebody has written or said using different words, especially in order to make it easier to understand”

Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible and straightforward as well. When you are using different words, then you will indeed don’t charge for using plagiarized content.

There are majorly two approaches to rephrasing the content; one is to do it on your own, and secondly, you can use a paraphraser.

We know most people are known about paraphrasers, and some people still don’t know about a paraphraser or paraphrasing tool.

How to rephrase using an online tool?

As we all know, many tasks can quickly be done using an online tool, and paraphrasing is one.

You can easily use a paraphraser for rephrasing your content, as they are specifically designed to do this job.

When we talk about the working of this tool, it is straightforward and straight.

  • All you need to do is, pick the best paraphrasing tool.
  • Simply paste the content you want to rephrase in the input field or upload content.
  • Click on the submit button.

It just needs a couple of seconds and just a few clicks, and that’s why this method is considered the best and most straightforward approach to prevent Plagiarism.

What is citation?

Citation is majorly used in the educational sector, especially in assignments or in project reports.

But if you are a blogger and need to make your blog plagiarism-free, you need to avoid citations.

We can say that citations refer to giving the credits to the original author or writer; you need to provide sources if your preference is to remove Plagiarism.

APA: Citing Within Your Paper | UAGC Writing Center

There is more than one type of citation, and you can use any of them regarding your content, but in-text citations are most common.

Now, let’s talk about the usage of citations in content. If you prepare a report for your project or use copied data in your assignment, you need to add citations.

How to generate citations?

There are many tools or websites available on the internet that can generate citations for your content, and you can go for any type of citation.

Now, you need to find out a tool on the internet, and then you can start using that tool and generate the citations.

These online tools are used to generate citations and can also help make a bibliography.

Where can we use citations?

As we have mentioned above that citations are majorly used in assignments and many other educational documents.

But you cannot use them frequently; use citations in the content that will be published on the internet.

If you are willing to make your blog or any other content related to the internet unique, there are many more options.

We can say that it depends on you whether to choose citations or to go for paraphrasing tools.

Which approach is best for removing Plagiarism?

It is not wrong to say that both are pretty effective and very useful, but here we have to favor any one of them.

But this favor must be under the consideration of general specifications and usefulness of both of these approaches.

We recommend you to go for paraphrasing as it is more helpful and limitless like there is no limit, and you can easily rephrase any content using a paraphraser.

Using citations will surely free you from plagiarized content, but it can make your content messy and stuff.

So, from our point of view, using a paraphrasing tool or paraphrasing can be the best option for making your content unique.


We cannot ignore any of these two options, but we can pick anyone by determining the easiness and effectiveness.

If you are willing to improve your vocabulary and make your content unique, you need to paraphrase.

But if you are a student and need to prepare your assignments, then choosing citations is acceptable and valuable.

By reading this guide, you can simply choose anyone on your own, and you can easily differentiate both of them.

You must also use any one of the Best Grammar checker tools like Grammarly to correct your grammar.

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