30% OFF – SocialChamp Promo Code

Get our special 30% SocialChamp promo code for 3 months or the first year on an annual subscription (applicable on Champ and higher plans). 20% Off on all the SocialChamp plans on yearly purchases.

30% OFF – SocialChamp Discount Coupon Code

Use the Coupon Code: CHAMP30 at the checkout to get the 30% OFF for 3 months or the first year on an annual subscription (applicable on Champ and higher plans). This coupon expires on 31-DEC-2022.

20% OFF – SocialChamp Promo Code

Use the coupon code: VWANT. Our readers get a special 20% discount on all SocialChamp plans on yearly purchase for all un-paid users.

How to use the SocialChamp Promo Code?

Video Tutorial

Why don’t you watch a quick video tutorial to see how to redeem a SocialChamp Promo Code? But no problem if you are in hurry, just skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned below.

SocialChamp Promo Code

This section will tell you how to redeem the 20% SocialChamp Promo Code

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1: Visit SocialChamp website and choose a plan

Step 1 Visit SocialChamp website and choose a plan

SocialChamp has a total of 4 plans. You can use a free plan in starting to test out this tool. After that choose any plan according to your need. Our Promo code works on all plans on yearly purchases.

Step 2: Login or Signup to SocialChamp

After choosing a plan, you need to create a free account on SocialChamp.

Step 3: Enter SocialChamp promo code and enjoy the discount

Step 3 Enter SocialChamp promo code and enjoy the discount

Under the billing page, first, enter your card details and after that enter our promo code – VWANT. Lastly, tap on the “confirm” button to complete the purchase.


  • Coupon Code


  • Coupon Code

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SocialChamp Details and Overview

SocialChamp is one of the popular social media management tools in the digital space. The company has been providing auto-publishing services for 5 years. By choosing this plugin you can run your social media channel on autopilot mode. This tool is full of interesting features including bulk scheduling, reporting, support for all major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, and much more. A free plan is also available for users who don’t want to spend money initially on Social Media Management tool.

Key Features

  • Up to 100 Social Profiles can connect with SocialChamp at a time.
  • Up to 2000 Posts can be scheduled at a time under each social profile.
  • Up to 11 Team Members can work on a single SocialChamp account simultaneously.
  • The additional Profile can be added at the lowest price: $2-$3 per month
  • The post can be published directly into multiple social profiles in a single click.
  • The bulk scheduling feature is available to all Social Media platforms.
  • SocialChamp has a social calendar tool that helps you to manage, plan, schedule all social media posts from one place.
  • RSS Feeds function is available.
  • The SocialChamp Chrome extension allows you to publish any text, link, images directly from the chrome browser.
  • The smartphone app is available to manage social profiles easily.
  • Supports Video Posting as well.

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SocialChamp Promo Code – FAQs

Does SocialChamp have a free plan?

Yes. The 7 days free trial is available without a credit card.

How many SocialChamp promo codes are available?

Only one.

Can this promo code work on all plans?

The above promo code works on all SocialChamp yearly plans for all un-paid users.

How long this SocialChamp promo code will remain valid?

31 Dec, 2021

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