Review: Use Tomba to quickly find the email of a domain in just seconds

This review article will give you complete details about Tomba and how to find the email address of a domain or professional using the website.

Are you a recruiter, a professional, or an entrepreneur? Are you in need of a multi-function tool that can find both the email address and verify them in just seconds?

then Tomba is the perfect one for you. And this article about reviews is the perfect choice because here you can learn in detail about Tomba to find and verify any professional email in just seconds

What is Tomba?

Tomba is a service helping with prospecting email addresses. Using the Robots, Tomba is collecting public data that can help professionals find new contact information.

Tomba Review

What is a request on ‘’?

Overview of request costs

ToolsRequest > 1 <
Domain SearchFrom 1 to 10 Emails
Email FinderCounted 1
Email Verifier1
Phone Search and Validate1

No requests are counted if Tomba cannot provide an email.

When you use the Domain Search, a search request is counted for every 10 email addresses returned (every page). For example, if you fetch 176 results from a domain, 18 requests will be counted. When there is no result, it’s free.

Unique requests are only counted once every 30 days against your allotment, so if you didn’t store the data properly or need to re-run a series of requests for any reason, those won’t count against your monthly quota. As such, you’re free to make identical API requests over and over during the same billing period, which is often very helpful for developers who’re testing out an integration.

What are the Pros and cons of Pros

Using, you can:

  • One of the best things Tomba has found is that he has more email addresses than Tomba.
  • is very fast and has lots of features to help people find the person they need to find.
  • Team accounts & API! This is a brilliant feature as I can integrate this into our in-house sales software. Cons

  • One feature I’d love to see is the ability to specify an industry, sector, and country, and let Tomba gather data for me around that.
  • Sometimes it is easy to get a bit confused about how many tasks I have been using

Tomba Pricing And Plans offers four premium plans for its users.

Billed MonthlyBilled YearlyNo. of Requests per month
Free Plan$0$0$0
Starter Plan$39 per month$28 per month1,000
Growth Plan$89 per month$63 per month5,000
Pro Plan$189 per month$133 per month20,000
Enterprise Plan$389 per month$273 per month50,000

How to Use to Find the Email address

Video Tutorial:

Tomba is a veteran tool for recruiters. It can be used to:

  • Find Email Addresses of a domain.
  • Find Email Address of any professional working in any company.
  • Verify an email address or bulk email addresses.

Now you can see one by one in detail.

Primary Step: Signup And Create A Free Tomba Account

Before you proceed to finding email addresses of a domain, first you have to sign up and create a free Tomba account. Now, just follow the below steps to create a free Tomba account.

Step1: Open Tomba webpage on your browser.

Step2: Next, on the top of the webpage, click on the Signup button.

Step3: Next, you can view two ways to sign up:

  • Signup with Google & Linkdein .
  • Signup with a work email address.

Once you have created a free Tomba account, then you can easily find email addresses of any domain.

1. How To Use Tomba To Find The Email Addresses of a Domain

On the Tomba website, you can find out the email addresses of a domain by using:

  • Domain Search.
  • Bulk Domain Search.
  • Chrome Extension or Firefox add-on.
  • Google sheets & Microsoft Excel
  • API & Webhook
1.1 How To Use Tomba Domain Search To Find The Email Addresses of a Domain

Step1: Open Tomba website on your web browser. And log in with your work email and password.

Step2: Next, click on the Search tab on the top of the webpage. Then you can view Domain Search with three options like:

  • All.
  • Personal.
  • Generic.

Step3: Tomba will automatically find all the available email addresses associated with it and the following information, when available:

Domain Information

  • comapany name
  • facebook URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Twitter URL
  • logo
  • Company size
  • Founded
  • phone number
  • Country
  • City
  • Employees
  • Revenue
  • Last updated


  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Telephone number
  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Country
  • gender

Step4: you can view the option Export in CSV. You can use this option to export the email addresses list as a CSV file to your PC. But this option is not available for free users. You have to upgrade to any of its premium plans, to avail of this option.

Step5:all departments are displayed like:

  • engineering
  • sales
  • finance
  • hr
  • it
  • marketing
  • operations
  • management
  • executive
  • legal
  • support
  • communication
  • software
  • security
  • pr
  • warehouse
  • diversity
  • administrative
  • facilities
  • accounting

Step6: Next, if you want you can save the email addresses as leads in your Tomba free account. Then click on the plus (+) symbol beside your desired email address. Then your desired email address is saved on your Tomba free account.

How accurate are the email addresses returned in the Domain Search?

The email addresses returned due to domain search can have two states:

  • Verified Email Addresses with a green tick mark:
    • Tomba’s team could recently validate these email addresses are working.
  • Other Email Address With a Confidence Score:
    • These email addresses have not been verified by Tomba’s Team recently. But these are returned with a confidence score that evaluates the accuracy.
How To Find Someone In A Company using Domain Search?
  • Type in a domain name like on the Domain Search bar.
  • Next, you can view Find someone… search bar.

That’s it! You have now used and tested Tomba Domain Search to find the email addresses of any domain.

How to Find email addresses from a domain via Microsoft excel & Google sheets add-in

1.2 How To Use Tomba Bulk Domain Search To Find The Email Addresses of more than one Domain

The Bulk Domain Search lets you enter a list of domains and download a list of email addresses associated with these domains.

Step1: Open the Tomba webpage on your browser and log in.

Step2: Next, click on the Bulks tab on the top of the webpage.

Step3: Next, click on Domain Search.

You can process at most 15,000 domains in a single bulk.

Apply filters

  • The lowest number of emails is 1 per domain, and the highest is 100 emails.
  • role based email or personal Email
  • filter by department
  • chose to include the sources or not .
  • set a filter strength (only or in priority).

More download options

Filter resulted emails by validity

If you choose to Download the Full list, or all domains that we could not find emails for.

1.3 How To Use Tomba Chrome Extension or Firefox add-on To Find Email Addresses of a Domain

How to install Tomba’s Chrome extension

  1. Click here to access Tomba’s Chrome Extension page.
  2. Click the “+ Add to Chrome” button.
  3. Confirm by clicking on the Add extension.

the extension does not search email addresses on the page you’re visiting but simply returns the email addresses we have indexed in our base using the same domain name.

Verifying an email address

An email address can be verified by clicking the verification icon next to it in the Domain Search:

Get cell phone numbers

After launching a Domain Search simply click on phone icon

How To Use Bulk Email Finder To Find The Email Address of Professionals

You will need a CSV or TXT file with just the first and last name of your professional contacts. Their names can be in two separate columns, or in one single column. Please make sure to remove middle names.

That’s It! You have now learned how to use Tomba Bulk Email Verifier to verify email addresses of any domain.


With Tomba, you can quickly make new connections at work and verify any kind of professional email address. It is a multipurpose tool to use when looking for jobs, suspecting companies, and more. You can also make 50 queries per month for free.

I hope this tutorial helped you to set up the Review feature. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. If you want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Review – FAQs

Is there a request per second limit?

Yes, this limit depends on the API endpoint.
The Email Finder API calls are rate limited to 300 requests per minute,
The Email Verifier API calls are rate limited to 150 requests per minute,
The Domain Search API call is rate limited to 15 requests per second.
In case you should reach the limit, a 403 error will be triggered.

Repeated requests are counted?

Unique requests are only counted once every 30 days against your allotment, so if you didn’t store the data properly or need to re-run a series of requests for any reason, those won’t count against your monthly quota. As such, you’re free to make identical API requests over and over during the same billing period, which is often very helpful for developers who’re testing out an integration.

Can I carry over the unused requests to next month?

Unfortunately No, the unused/remaining requests in your account will not be carried over to the next month.

How often is the data updated?

Tomba data is updated every 15 minutes which significantly minimizes the amount of outdated information. The data you receive is always fresh, clean, and updated.

Finding Webmail?

Tomba is designed to find professional emails only, the system won’t provide webmails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.,

Can we search for contacts by filtering by role, industry, country, etc?

Yes, you can filter by department and by personal and generic email.

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