18 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Improve Your Website Search Rankings

Are you looking for the Best WordPress SEO plugins? Annoyed by the low SEO scores of your WordPress site? And do you want to increase the SEO and ranking of your site? Then you are in the right place, and this is the straight article for you to learn and pick the best WordPress SEO plugin for your site.

When you search SEO keywords inside the WordPress plugin repository, you will be hammered by dozens of 5 stars rated SEO plugins. You might get confused. Don’t worry because today, it’s all about WordPress SEO plugins. 

Without any delay, let’s get started.

Introduction to WordPress SEO Plugins

Do I need an SEO plugin for WordPress?

An SEO plugin is the software application for your WordPress site which aids you to view and improve your site SEO.
You need an SEO plugin to accomplish the following.

  • To view your site SEO.
  • To improve the ranking of your site.
  • To increase the traffic for your site.
  • To improve your site SEO.
  • To avoid duplicate content.
  • To prevent 404 Not Found errors.
  • And more.

Such plugins help those website owners who don’t have an SEO expert on their team. A single SEO suite plugin can do a lot of optimizations. However, plugins focusing on a single aspect of SEO are also available in the WordPress plugin repository.

For people who are looking to achieve complete SEO optimization with a single plugin, they can consider SEO suite-based plugins. Otherwise, users have to install multiple SEO plugins for various features.

Free vs Premium SEO Plugins: A Reality

You may be wondering whether I have to invest in premium SEO plugins. What would I be missing in free SEO plugins? The only difference between the free and premium versions of SEO plugins is features.

The free versions of SEO plugins are somewhat limited. If you are a beginner or have recently launched your website, then free SEO suites would be enough for you. The best example of free SEO-based plugins is Yoast SEO or Rank Math.

But to unlock the real power of SEO plugins, one should always have a premium SEO plugin installed on their website. Again when we talk about the best premium SEO plugin, we always recommend Rank Math premium.

18 Best WordPress SEO Plugins (Free + Paid)

In this section, you will find the latest revised list of SEO plugins. We have listed free and paid SEO plugins divided into multiple categories: SEO Suite plugins, On-Page SEO plugins, OFF-Page SEO plugins, SEO Audit plugins, and Technical SEO plugins.

The list of 2022 best WordPress SEO plugins are:

1. Rank Math – The Swiss Army Knife of SEO Plugins

Category: SEO Suite (Free/Paid)


Rank Math is one of the rare SEO plugins in which you cannot find any missing feature. It’s comprehensive and includes everything.

The study finds that Rank Math Pro has been installed on 249k+ websites, which is huge. Rank Math started its journey in 2018, and in a span of 4 years, they have shown massive growth. The total active users counting both free and paid, is 1.3 million-plus.

A speedy plugin with many options for enhancing our site, this plugin is really efficient and improves the speed of our website in addition to helping us climb up higher on Google’s search results. 

Among its features is the ability to optimize all site content, generate XML sitemaps, and connect to Google Search Console & Google Analytics. Collecting information like this will help you produce the best possible end result.

Also, the plugin offers many SEO features, including Redirections, 404 monitoring, SEO for WooCommerce sites, Local SEO optimization, Automated Image SEO, Internal Link Building recommendations, and more!

Note: Earlier we were using Yoast SEO free version on all our blogs. Now we have shifted to RankMath. Because it provides the Yoast SEO premium features like 5 keywords, redirection manager, etc., for free. It even provides 404 monitor and Schema features which are not available in some premium SEO plugins.

Hint: By installing the Rank Math, you can eliminate the need for tons of plugins you might need for the following purposes: Sitemap generation, Redirection, Schema Generation, Local SEO, Adding crucial Meta Information to web pages, etc

Hint: Did you know the Rank Math Pro SEO plugin is cheaper than all other SEO suite plugins?

What makes a Rank Math the Best WordPress SEO Plugin – (Highlights)

  • Lightweight and Fastest SEO Plugin of all time
  • Comes with both free & pro versions. The free version itself is more mighty than Yoast.
  • Cheapest SEO plugin compared to other PRO SEO Plugins, including Yoast, AIO SEO, SEOPress, etc.
  • 4.9 Stars rated on the WordPress plugin repository
  • SEO Analysis/Audit tool is included
  • Easy to use. No prior training is required.
  • Hassle-Free setup
  • Premium Support advantage
  • Packed with 20 Advanced Modules: Compared with Rank Math, No other SEO plugin has this many features/modules.
  • Special Features only available in Rank Math: Content AI Module, Google Index Tracking, Keyword Rank Tracker, Advanced Schema Generator, White Labelled Email Reports, Speakable Schema, 18 Predefined Plus 6 Extra Schema Types, Position History for Keywords & Posts, Inbuilt Google Schema Validator, Unlimited Multiple Schemas, .htaccess Editor, and more.
rank math seo analyzer example

Plus & Minus of Rank Math SEO Suite:


  • The free version is available and has more than enough features for small- to medium-sized blogs/websites.
  • Comparatively cheaper among their competitors.
  • Modules based system makes it easy for the users to utilize this plugin fully.
  • AI-Based SEO optimization can be applied.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Easy Migration – Settings can be imported in Rank Math from other SEO plugins.
  • Allows you to optimize five keywords for a single webpage.
  • Image SEO module is a bonus.


  • You might not want to use all of the Rank Math features. The long list of features might overwhelm you.

Hint: Rank Math Summer Sale is running currently. The plans are more than 50% off. Grab it because this exciting deal is going to expire soon.

rank math pricing

Rankmath Pro

Rankmath introduced their Pro version. We are using it. It has really impressive features. It gives you more features like Video Sitemap, More schema types, Keyword tracking, site performance, etc.,

rankmath pricing

Bottom Line: Is Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin Right For You?

Rank Math SEO suite is the plugin that works for any level of bloggers. If you are looking for a plugin that helps you optimize the SEO to the maximum, then the first chance should be given to the Rank Math. 

Rank Math is far ahead in terms of features compared to other plugins. And also, the advantage of cheap pricing is associated with this SEO plugin.

Those bloggers who aren’t ready for the paid, fully-fledged tool like Rank Math Pro can go for the Rank Math free version. Its free version is 10x times better than other paid SEO tools, including Yoast.

So, in a nutshell, we suggest downloading a Rank Math free version first and then upgrading it to the Pro version according to your needs.

Rank Math Important Links:

2. All In One SEO – The Complete Pack of SEO Optimization

Category: SEO Suite (Free/Paid)

ALL IN ONE SEO PACK - WordPress-Pugin-HomePage

All In One SEO is another SEO plugin on today’s list. This plugin holds tremendous popularity among users. As per the study, its pro version has over a million users, which is far more than Rank Math.

Besides advanced SEO modules, All In One SEO give its users a feature of SEO audit, which detect the SEO errors of the entire site. This plugin gives you essential features, including Schema Markup, Knowledge Graph, Smart XML, Social Media SEO, 404 Tracking, Redirect Manager, and whatnot.

AlOSEO plugin - SEO Analyzer

AIOSEO may be behind then Rank Math in terms of features. But unlike Rank Math, here you won’t find any additional feature which webmasters utilize hardly.

Plus, All In One SEO has recently released the most demanding module for their users: “Link Assistant.” This module is compelling and can completely change the game of internal links. – Remember, the internal links module is not present in Rank Math.

Hint: Webmasters are considering All In One SEO because of its pricing for one website. Yes, its basic plan costs you only $49.50/year, which is less than the Rank Math starting plans. However, apart from AIOSEO’s basic plan, all other higher plans are expensive compared to Rank Math.

All In SEO WordPress SEO Plugin Paid Plans Pricing

What makes an AIOSEO the Best WordPress SEO Plugin – (Highlights)

  • Three million+ installations are the reliability proof of this plugin.
  • Available in both free and paid versions.
  • 4.6 stars rating on the WordPress plugin repository.
  • On-Page SEO analysis can be done with a single click.
  • SEO Audit analyzer is also present.
  • Integration with top marketing & analytics tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.
  • Advanced SEO modules found in this plugin: Local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, Video SEO, Google News SEO, etc.

Note: Compared to Rank Math, All In One SEO lacks in Content AI optimization, Speakable Schema, Keyword Rank Tracker, Inbuilt Google Schema Validator, Advanced Local SEO Blocks, Orphan Pages Removal, etc.

Plus & Minus of All In One SEO Suite:


  • Enough features to optimize the website’s entire SEO at ease.
  • The user interface is clean.
  • The single website plan is affordable.
  • The plugin is updating its features regularly.
  • No unnecessary features.


  • The higher-level plans are expensive.
  • AIOSEO is still behind then Rank Math in features count.

Bottom Line: Is AIOSEO WordPress SEO Plugin Right For You?

AIOSEO could be the perfect option for beginners, small bloggers, or those whose budget is less and still want to install a professional SEO optimization plugin on their site. The AIOSEO basic plan is a goldmine and could be a worthy pick for single website web owners.

There is nothing unnecessary you are going to find in AIOSEO. All features of this plugin help you throughout your SEO journey.

AIOSEO Plugin Important Links:

3. Akismet – SEO Spam Protection Plugin

Category: SEO Spam Protection (Paid)

3. Akismet - SEO Spam Protection Plugin

Akismet is the leader of spam protection-based plugins. Over 5 million installations make this plugin irresistible. This plugin blocks the spammy comments coming on your website.

As a blog is getting old, you must have noticed the flow of spammy comments is increasing day by day. Well, spammy comments would never be stopped. The intention behind spammy comments is to create irrelevant backlinks through blog comments.

Such spammy backlinks created by spammers would badly affect the On-Page SEO of your web page. So to stop the flow of spammy comments automatically, the best approach is to take the help of spam protection plugins like Akismet.
Note: Akismet is the paid spam protection plugin. The best free alternative to Akismet is Antispam Bee.

4. MonsterInsights – Best Google Analytics SEO Plugin

Category: Analytics (Free/Paid)

4. MonsterInsights - Best Google Analytics SEO Plugin

MonsterInsights is a different type of SEO plugin suitable for various situations. Many webmasters use this free plugin to install Google Analytics on their WordPress websites without any coding trouble.

But the MonsterInsights Pro version is something special. People who are facing difficulty understanding Google Analytics data can take advantage of this plugin. 

MonsterInsigths Pro version simplifies the GA data into WordPress and helps set up advanced GA tracking. Example Event Tracking, eCommerce Tracking, Conversion Tracking, etc.

MonsterInsights - Best Google Analytics SEO Plugin

MonsterInsights SEO Plugin Highlights

  • 3 Million+ active users and 4.6 Stars rated on WordPress.
  • Real-time analytics – All into WordPress
  • GA4 installation can also be done
  • Automated Tracking: eCommerce, Forms, Affiliate, Scroll, Category & Tag, etc.
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Can Integrate with other popular WordPress tools, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WPForms, ThirstyAffiliates, MemberPress, etc.

Bottom Line: Is MonsterInsights SEO Plugin Right For You?

Grab the MonsterInsights SEO plugin if you want to convert complex Google Analytics reports into a Human readable form and proceed in WordPress. The simpler the reports, the better decision you would be able to take.

MonsterInsights can also be the mandated choice for eCommerce websites. In eCommerce sites, data like conversion rate, customer traffic source, cart abandonment report, etc., are crucial. And to extract such data from Google Analytics without coding, only MonsterInsights can help.

MonsterInsights Pricing and Plans

MonsterInsights Plugin Important Links:

5. Schema Pro – Dedicated Schema Markup WordPress SEO Plugin

Category: On-Page SEO optimization plugin (Paid)

5. Schema Pro - Dedicated Schema Markup WordPress SEO Plugin

Schema Pro is an excellent dedicated Schema Markup plugin for WordPress users. It allows you to add rich snippets (structured data) to your web pages and optimizes for SEO.

The star ratings in the SERP, Prices shown in the SERP, etc., are examples of Rich Snippet Google has been leading in SERP results.

SERP result before and after installing the Schema Pro WordPress SEO plugin

Unlike Rank Math & AIOSEO, you would only get a schema markup feature in the Schema Pro plugin. Nothing else.

Schema Pro is the best way to add Schema to a website without coding when users don’t prefer to install an SEO suite on their website.

Apart from that, the Schema Pro plugin would be the perfect option for Yoast free version users. We all know that Yoast only added the basic schema markup (organization data, breadcrumbs, social profiles, etc.) on our website. To change the schema game, users can take advantage of Schema Pro and 20+ types of schema markup on each webpage.

Note: Users already using Schema Pro can migrate to Rank Math without any data loss. Rank Math has the option to import settings from the Schema Pro plugin.

Schema Pro SEO Plugin Highlights

  • Supports Custom Schema & Custom Field Mapping.
  • Lifetime plans are available.
  • Fast and hassle-free non-coding Schema Markup setup only in 3 steps.
  • 14 days money-back guarantee.
  • Built-in AMP support
  • 20+ Schema templates are included.
  • Structured data can be added to AMP pages. Schema Pro is 100% compatible with the official AMP plugin.
  • Real-time testing with built-in support for the Google schema validation tool.
Schema Pro Supported Schema Types

Bottom Line: Is Schema Pro SEO Plugin Right For You?

Schema Pro is a perfect option in these situations:

  • When you want to plug a professional Schema markup plugin on your site.
  • When you don’t want to invest in an excellent SEO suite plugin like Rank Math for schema markup generation.
Schema Pro WordPress SEO plugin pricing

Schema Pro Important Links:

6. Broken Link Checker – The Links Audit WordPress SEO Plugin

Category: SEO Audit Plugin (Free)

6. Broken Link Checker - The Links Audit WordPress SEO Plugin

Putting up the relevant internal and external links to the webpage is always a good SEO practice. But as the number of links grows, it gets complicated to manage them one by one.

Checking whether links redirect to the correct webpage or getting a 404 error manually is almost next to impossible.

The Broken Link Checker SEO plugin can help you automate this task. Broken Link Checker constantly monitors the website links and notifies the admin whenever it detects a broken link. (a link that redirects to 404 webpages is called a broken link)

Not just detects it will also give you the option to replace the broken link with a new link.

Broken link checker - 404 link detection

Note: This feature of auditing links is available in Rank Math. So if you already have Rank Math, then there is no need to install Broken Link Checker on the WordPress website.

7. Squirrely SEO – The Underrated WordPress SEO Plugin

Category: SEO Suite (Free/Paid)

7. Squirrely SEO - The Underrated WordPress SEO Plugin

Squirrely SEO is the last SEO Suite-based plugin on today’s list. But this is more special than all SEO Suites plugins you have seen earlier. The Squirrely plugin is for those who want to completely outsource their SEO tasks to the AI-based powerful WordPress SEO plugin.

It is more than an SEO live assistant or meta tags optimization plugin.

Undoubtedly, you may have never heard about this Squirrely SEO plugin. Squirrely is the most powerful yet underrated SEO suite you ever come across. You will find all the essential features of Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO inside the Squirrely SEO WordPress plugin.

But few of the extra features are unique and special in Squirrely. For example:

  • It has an inbuilt AI-based keyword research tool.
  • It has a Focus Pages module that performs SERP analysis for your webpage, audits over 200+ ranking factors, and comes up with an effective SEO strategy.
  • Not just an analysis report, it also notifies about the progress and achievements a webpage make in search result.
  • It offers research-based tools for writers within the WordPress editor. Example Stock Photos fetcher, Tweets inserter, Wikipedia topic searcher, Inbuilt browser, Internal links suggestions, etc. Such tools increased the productivity of writers as well as turnaround time.
  • Real-time keyword suggestions while writing content.
  • Advanced audit: Squirrely’s way of performing an SEO audit is more robust than all other plugins. It audits and comes up with a detailed report which includes information related to backlinks, social signals, page authority, Alexa rank, linking domains, etc.
Squirrely SEO WordPress Plugin - Focus Pages Module
Squirrely SEO plugin - inbuilt keyword research tool

Bottom Line: Is Squirrely WordPress SEO Plugin Right For You?

Squirrely SEO would be the best option for users looking to hand over complete SEO tasks to the robust AI-based SEO plugin. Squirrely not just optimizes but makes an SEO strategy for you and guides you in every step until your webpage touches the top positions in SERP.

Don’t judge Squirrely based on its installation number. Only a few people have an idea of valuable things. 4.6 rating on WordPress is the reliability proof of this plugin.

Squirrely Plugin Important Links:

8. Five Star Business Profile and Schema – Dedicated Local SEO WordPress Plugin

Category: Local SEO Optimization (Free)

8. Five Star Business Profile and Schema - Dedicated Local SEO WordPress Plugin

Do you want to enhance the Local SEO of your business site? Don’t you want to invest in high-end SEO suite plugins? Then Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin is for you!

Its name and rating on WordPress are the same: 5 Stars.

Doesn’t matter what business you are running. It may be an organization, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and whatever. This plugin will add the correct schema data and ensures your web pages are fully optimized for Local SEO. This plugin supports almost every business-related schema type.

Five Star Business Profile and Schema SEO Plugin Highlights:

  • Generates SEO-friendly business card and allows you to embed it inside Gutenberg editor.
  • Supports all organization schema types.
  • Supports Local Business schema, Restaurant schema, Corporation schema, Organization schema, and many more.
  • Add multiple locations.
  • Supports Google Maps Structured data: Include Google Map coordinates, opening hours, closing hours, and all necessary business details.
  • Google Rich Results Test tool integration is inbuilt.
add business content card using Five Star Business Profile and Schema Plugin

Bottom Line: Is Five Star Business Profile and Schema Plugin Right For You?

If you just want to make your business website SEO friendly for Local SEO searches, this free plugin would help you immensely. Install it today if you don’t have any SEO suite-based plugin (Rank Mah or AIOSEO) installed on your site.

9. ShortPixel Image Optimizer – Best Image SEO Plugin

Category: Image SEO (Free/Paid)

shortpixel image optimization WordPress SEO Plugin

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a simple but powerful image compression SEO plugin. This plugin compresses images and delivers them to the users without compromising the image quality.

Nowadays, Google mainly considers two ranking factors: user experience and core web vital score. Heavily sized images directly impact the website loading speed, which results in a terrible user experience. And because of this, the core web vital score metrics scored less. And if this happens, your website will never be going to rank on the first page of google.

If Google PageSpeed reports these errors for your website, it’s time for you to plug in the ShortPixel image optimizer plugin.

shortpixel can remove google pagespeed errors

Although its free version gives 100 monthly credits, you can always subscribe to its paid plans (starting from just $3.99).

Hint: You can use our special link to get 50% extra image credits on ShortPixel plans.

ShortPixel plans

ShortPixel Image Optimizer (Highlights):

  • 300,000 plus active installation.
  • The free version is available with limited image credits (100 images/month)
  • Image optimization in bulk with a single click.
  • Compression (lossy and lossless) for images and pdf files.
  • Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF.
  • Serve images in WebP format.
  • Compatible with all eCommerce, slider, and gallery plugins.
  • Doesn’t impact website layout.
  • Image optimization for all devices.
  • Feature images & thumbnails can be optimized.
  • Support scaling and resizing.
  • One license can be installed on multiple websites.

Bottom Line: Is ShortPixel WordPress SEO Plugin Right For You?

If your website is facing loading speed issues because of high-sized images, install the ShortPixel image compression plugin now.

ShortPixel Important Links:

10. Republish Old Posts – SEO Plugin

Category: OFF Page SEO (Free)

republish old posts wordpress seo plugin

Updating and Republishing old posts is always a good practice to boost SEO.

If your website belongs to the niche where the date of blog posts matters to google, then this Republish Old Posts plugin could help you a lot.

Google always encourages new content, so if you republish your content from time to time, it looks fresh to google and might help boost search engine rankings.

For people who usually forget to republish old posts, install this plugin now. It will automatically do this republishing task for you.

11. WP Rocket – Best Technical SEO Optimization Plugin

Category: Technical SEO Plugin (Paid)

WP Rocket - Best Technical SEO Optimization Plugin

WP Rocket is one of the widely recommend WordPress performance optimization plugins. You may be wondering how a Caching plugin could help me optimize SEO?

Just think about a situation where website loading speed and other technical aspects mess with user experience. If this happens, google will immediately downgrade your website ranking.

As I mentioned in the ShortPixel section, the Core Web Vital Metrics score is a primary factor that plays a significant role in a website ranking. And WP Rocket is actually made for this purpose. It helps you to eliminate almost every error causing the core web vitals of your site.

I suggest you read our guide, which explains how WP Rocket helps improve the website’s core web vital metrics. 

In a nutshell, WP Rocket is more than just a Caching plugin. It will boost the overall performance of the web pages. Offering web caching, database & file optimization, and enabling lazy loading are some of WP Rocket’s main features.

WP Rocket plugin doesn’t cost you a fortune. You can hook it on your website for just $36 bucks yearly. Yeah, you can use free performance optimization plugins like W3TC, but WP Rocket is all you need to achieve ultimate performance.

There is no risk in investing in WP Rocket because 14 days refund policy is always there.

wp rocket WordPress SEO plugin pricing

WP Rocket Plugin Highlights:

  • Most trusted website performance optimization WordPress plugin.
  • Optimization supplied to 2 Million+ websites so far.
  • Quick setup & easy configuration. Up to 80% optimization enabled upon plugin activation.
  • Compatible with eCommerce websites.
  • Compatible with all popular WordPress themes, including GeneratePress.

Bottom Line: Is WP Rocket WordPress SEO Plugin Right For You?

WP Rocket is the best option for websites suffering from low core web vital metrics. And for those websites where free optimization plugins like W3 Total Cache failed to produce good optimization results. 

Install it today!

12. Internal Links Manager – Boost your SEO

Category: On-Page SEO optimization plugin (Free)

internal links manager wordpress seo plugin

Do you know proper interlinking gives a fantastic boost in website SEO?

Internal Links Manager is a piece of plugin that allows you to manage internal links within the website. As your website content grows, working these links by hand becomes challenging. The best way to deal with this issue is by installing an internal links plugin so they can help you manage these links on their own.

No need to worry! You can control the frequency of internal links on your website easily. This means you’ll improve the quality of your On-Page SEO in no time because you’ll have more customized internal links relevant to each section and thus always fresh and up-to-date!

Oh, and it saves you a ton of time, too 😉

13. Redirection – Oldest Redirection Management SEO Plugin

Category: OFF-Page SEO optimization plugin (Free)

redirection seo plugin

If you know at least basic SEO, you have an idea of redirection’s importance in the SEO world. When you change the webpage URL, it is highly advised to enable 301/302/404.  

And this “Redirection plugin” has been helping users to manage redirection easily.

Note: If your website already has any SEO suite plugin (Rank Math, AIOSEO, or Squirrely) installed, skip this redirection plugin. The redirection feature is included in all SEO suite-based plugins mentioned in this post.

14. WP External Links – Nofollow, Noopener & New Window

Category: On-Page SEO (Free)

14. WP External Links - Nofollow, Noopener & New Window

WP External Links plugin could be a highly beneficial plugin for improving the On-Page SEO of the website. By link spam update, Google has mandated the sponsored and nofollow rel tags on affiliate links.

If your website has tons of affiliate links, then adding nofollow & sponsored tags manually one by one would be big trouble. So to automate this task, you can install WP External Links.

This plugin can:

  • Add Nofollow, UGC, and sponsored tags to external links automatically.
  • Audit website links if they are broken or not.
  • Enable noopener on all links (open links in new tab).
wp external links plugin

Note: For users using affiliate management plugins like ThirstyAffiliates on their site, they don’t need to install WP External Links plugin.

15. Really Simple SSL

Category: Technical SEO (Free)

really simple SSL wordpress SEO plugin

Does your hosting provider not give you a free SSL certificate? Either upgrade your hosting to a well-reputed hosting provider like Rocket.net or simply plug the “Really Simple SSL” plugin on your website. This plugin will enable SSL on your site in a single click.

Really Simple SSL Important Links:

16. Google XML Sitemap – WordPress SEO Plugin

Category: OFF Page SEO (Free)

google xml sitemap wordpress seo plugin

Google XML sitemap by Auctollo is one of the oldest WordPress plugins serving users for nine years. It is still relevant and used by millions of users. Configuring an XML sitemap on a website is one of the few initial tasks of the OFF Page SEO checklist.

By doing this, The crawlers of Google & Bing Search engine can understand website structure better and hence quickly indexes webpages.

google xml sitemap generator seo plugin dashboard

Note: This plugin might not be relevant today because the feature of XML sitemap is already included in all SEO suite plugins. So you don’t have to install 2 WordPress SEO plugins for the sitemap configuration.

17. Automatic Image Alt Attributes – Tiny Image SEO Plugin

Category: Image SEO Plugin (Free)

auto image alt attribute - Image SEO plugin

Sometimes we forget to give alt tags in images. Well, this plugin is developed precisely to resolve this purpose. Just install this plugin, and it will automatically place alt tags on all those images where alt tags are missing.

This is a very tiny plugin, but it has the power to improve the image SEO of your website.

Hint: The feature of adding missing alt tags is also available in Rank Math.

18. Weglot – Multilingual WordPress SEO Plugin

Category: On-Page SEO (Free/Paid)

weglot translation seo plugin

Weglot is one of the essential SEO plugins for those websites whose audience is situated worldwide. Delivering content in the user’s native language is good for audience engagement and SEO.

This plugin is the most popular among WordPress translation plugins. After installing, this plugin would generate your web pages in different language-specified URLs. And it also added a translation button on the front end, which website visitors can use to translate web pages anytime.

Weglot SEO Plugin Highlights

  • Translation for up to 110+ languages.
  • No coding is required.
  • Google indexation friendly.
  • Ten-day free trial is available
  • 60,000+ installations

Bottom Line: Is Weglot WordPress SEO Plugin Right for You?

Try Weglot today if you want to add a multilingual feature to your website. 

Weglot Important Links:

Best WordPress SEO Tools (Bonus)

SEO Tools are essential to running a blogging business properly. These tools are mainly used for handling OFF Page SEO tasks, including backlink analysis, keyword research, competition analysis, SEO auditing, and more.

In the market, there are dozens of SEO tools, but the most popular ones are:

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahref
  3. Google Keywords Planner
  4. Answerthepublic
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. Google Search Console
  7. Google Keywords Planner
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Screaming Frog

Conclusion: Which is the Best SEO plugin for WordPress

Now you can pick the best SEO plugin to boost your WordPress site ranking and SEO. Without any doubt, you can pick RankMath as the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. We suggest you go with RankMath Pro for the best-ever features.

Most experts worldwide suggest that Rank Math is an ideal SEO plugin to increase the SEO of your WordPress site within the hours of configuring it. Being a WordPress user, you can always give the top priority to Rank Math.

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FAQs – Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Which SEO Plugins are we using on our website?

We are using only the Rank Math plugin because it offers complete SEO optimization features in a single plugin.

Can I use more than one SEO Suite plugin at a time?

It is not advisable to install multiple SEO plugins. It might conflict and end up doing nothing.

Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

Rank Math, AIOSEO & Squirrely.

Is Yoast SEO plugin good?

Yoast SEO plugin used to be good, but its competitors like Rank Math and AIOSEO surpassed it and offered many more features.

Which SEO plugin is best for beginners?


Is there any guarantee of a good ranking after installing a WordPress SEO plugin?

SEO plugins help optimize web pages, install meta tags, and whatnot. With the help of the SEO plugin, we can ensure that everything is optimized from our end. The improvement in website ranking depends on your content and over 200+ ranking factors of Google.

What are the best 5 SEO WordPress plugins?

Rank Math, AIOSEO, Squirrely, Yoast SEO, and WP Rocket.

What are the best free SEO plugins for WordPress?

The free version of Rank Math, AIOSEO, and Squirrely is the best free SEO plugins.

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