What is HootSuite? Features, Pricing, And Review

This tutorial will give you details about What is HootSuite? and it’s Features, Plans and review. Socializing is important these days.Managing social media accounts might be hectic for Business as one need to manage Business related pages, profiles, and own Profiles as well.It is not at all possible to use them effectively but social media is one of the effective ways to get in touch with the targeted audience.

To be Frank, Social media creates a new way for customers to engage directly with the brands.whether it may be about questions, feedbacks one can easily make them know about the issues.Nearly 40 percent of the customers started using social networks as customer service by expecting a reply within 60 minutes.It’s not easy as you think. Managing social profiles really needs some smartness and so we will be taking help of some tools which are termed as social management tools.

What is Social Media Management Tool?

Social Management Tools helps in managing all of our social network profiles from a single place i.e single dashboard.One can manage all his business pages, Profiles and Own profiles of different social networks from a single dashboard.

It is not at all about Scheduling. There are many tools over the internet to boost up social reach and to reduce work.The main key elements of a social management tool are

Engage-Making the audience engaged.

Schedule-Scheduling social media works on all platforms.

Track/Reporting-Knowing about the reach of the post.

These are the primary elements of a social management tool which also includes other features like running social contests and all.

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Why should You use a tool to manage social media?

You need to think as you are paying for it.It’s impossible to manage all the social networks effectively on daisy basis manually and so we need some tools.Here are some more advantages of using these tools.

  • Manage Multiple Social Accounts from a single dashboard.
  • One can schedule and monitor posts from the dashboard itself.
  • You never miss important things from your social networks.
  • Easy to Monitor keywords and sensible information.
  • Uniformity and consistency
  • Real-Time Engagement with Audience.
  • Tracking Results.
  • aNalyzing ROI Becomes easier.
  • Organize conversations.

Hope you will be using one now.

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What is HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the leading social management tools to manage multiple social media accounts and pages from one dashboard along with measuring campaign results and all.

The platform was created by Ryan Holmes in 2008 to manage his digital services agency, which supports the integration of all major social media networks.

One can use HootSuite for personal and business purposes.For example, If you want to post across your social profiles you need to login to every account and have to publish it.With HootSuite, It will be published on all selected social profiles with a single click.A lot of  Time saved 🙂 Right? There are many more features which makes us use the tool for managing social accounts perfectly.

HootSuite Review

No doubt in saying that HootSuite is the most powerful social management tools.However, a tool might have both pros and cons.Here we will be listing the main advantages and disadvantages of the tool.Make sure about your requirement before buying the tool.


  1. Good for Business who need to maintain and post updates with a single click.
  2. Provides easy access to all works such as tagging, Posting and all with its much simple user interface.
  3. It Automatically tracks all analytics and conversations with you.
  4. No need to be a technique to manage it as it is much simpler.
  5. Get certification by completely online social management courses.
  6. 35 different social networks (Any Number of accounts from those 35 networks) can be added to the dashboard.It is slowly adding all new social networks as well.
  7. Adding required social networks and connecting with accounts doesn’t take much time.
  8. Free Plan is available which can manage 3 accounts.


  1. You need to upgrade to premium for managing more than 3 profiles.
  2. Sometimes, You may lose connections with social networks in the dashboard, Needs to reconnect every time.
  3. Credit Card is required for a trial period and billing is automated.so one must be alert.

Sopt Review: Managing social profiles and engaging audience is a crucial part of any business online.If you have a team to manage social works then HootSuite will be a timesaver by automating the social works.Moreover, Manual work will be low.Most of the individuals and business start with a free plan and then upgrade to different plans depending upon their requirement.


One can do a lot with this management tool. Let me break it down according to our needs.Free accounts offer basic features when compared to the premium one.In this section, We will be discussing the primary features of HootSuite.

Post Directly to social Profiles-Allows to post Media Including videos, Status to all social profiles from its dashboard.

Schedule posts-No one has that time to manage every social profile on daily basis.Scheduling posts might be a better idea which can be done with this tool.

Multi-Profile Management-It depends.3 Social Profiles can be managed with free signup account.Premium account can manage any i.e 20 facebook profiles and more.It can manage accounts from 35 different social networks.

Social Content Apps-It had a suite of social applications for other popular networks which are not included in its key features such as Tumblr and more.

Analytics-Google Analytics and Facebook insights work well with HootSuite Analytics.Detailed reports regarding the profiles can be generated.

Messaging– Allows sending private messages to the targeted group and audience of selected social profiles.

Social Media Contests and campaign– Lot of tools are included to create social contests and campaigns to engage audiences.

Apps Available- HootSuite iOS and Android apps are available and so you can manage all your work from mobile as well.

Web-Based Tool-No needs to download any software and all as it was a web-based management tool.

Plans & Pricing

HootSuite Pricing

There are 4 plans in HootSuite.

  • Professional Plan
  • Team
  • Business
  • Enterprise

The last 3 plans are completely used by teams and organizations. Pricing may get updated frequently and so we request you to visit the pricing page of HootSuite.

HootSuite Alternatives:

For any reason, if you don’t like HootSuite, you can consider any one of the alternatives to HootSuite like ContentStudio, Social Pilot, Napoleoncat, Agorapulse, and Sproutsocial.

Over to you:

The truth is social marketing is the crucial part to get more customers engaged. One need to make sure about their requirements towards social marketing before buying a tool.If a tool was really necessary, then it might be a good decision to go with HootSuite Free plan for a while.

I think now you may know What is HootSuite? and it’s details. If you like this article, please share this article. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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