What is Plugin in WordPress? Complete Details

Want to know What is plugin in WordPress? Plugins are the very important elements to make a feature rich WordPress website. This tutorial will give you basic details about the WordPress plugins.

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What is plugin in WordPress?

A plugin is a software which adds additional functionality to your WordPress website. It is just like an app on your mobile. You can add almost any feature to your WordPress website without writing a single line of code. Plugins allow you to create almost every type of websites like stores or review site or blog or coupon site or etc.,

Free or Premium?

Thousands of free plugins available in the WordPress Repository. In addition, Thousands of premium plugins are sold by the private companies. Most of the plugins are free. But they don’t come with the support. Many premium plugins are available. I always recommend you to go to the premium plugins instead free plugins. Premium plugins come with the best features and support.

At any time free plugin may be discontinued. At that time you need to shift your entire website with the new plugin. That might take too much time and gives you an unnecessary headache. You may get some compatibility issues with the plugins. If you use premium plugins, you can ask the plugin developer to solve the issues. You can also use the support section of WordPress website to get the support for free plugins. But there is no guarantee to get the quick and proper support.

How many plugins Can I install?

how many plugins in wordpress website

It is always recommended to use fewer plugins. Try to reduce the plugins as much as possible. Because every plugin may add extra lines of HTML code, CSS, Javascript, etc., they will have the impact on your website page load speed. Some plugins may conflict with other plugins and may break down your entire website. If you have any issues, you need to disable all plugins and activate one after one to find the culprit. That will consume your time. So be cautious about using plugins.

What should I consider before installing the plugin?

When you want to install the free or premium plugin, you must consider some factors. More than one plugin gives the same functionality. So observe every factor before choosing the plugin.

  • Make sure the Plugin was developed by a renowned company.
  • Make sure the plugin was getting updated regularly. You can check the last updated date on the WordPress website.
  • Read the reviews and check the rating before installing the plugin.

Can I create a Plugin?

Anyone who knows about WordPress and has good knowledge of PHP and Java languages can create a plugin. You can even sell the plugins. Today, it is a very good business and it has very good future also. If you have interest in plugin business, I can suggest you this web development course from Udemy which gives you complete details about WordPress and creating plugins.

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