A2Hosting Review: Experience 20X Faster Web Hosting

Want to experience the fastest and best hosting for your WordPress site with the best security features? That too at low cost. Then A2Hosting is the right choice for you. This A2Hosting Review is a quick way to know complete details about the A2Hosting service.

Everyone wants to make their website safe, secure, and load faster. A2hosting makes it possible with its built-in A2 Optimizer and many more features. A2 Optimizer is a powerful tool available for the users of A2Hosting. A2Hositng offers WordPress and VPS hosting for a low cost compared to another hosting.

And, this article is the right choice. Go through this article A2Hosting Review to know about A2Hosting Features, prices, and additional information about this A2Hosting.

We are writing this after using A2Hosting service for our websites.

What is A2Hosting?

a2hosting homepage

A2Hosting is a popular hosting service that provides ultra-fast and reliable WordPress hosting. With this, you can experience 20X faster page loads compared to standard hosting and leading hosts. It keeps always your website up and running. Its A2 WordPress Optimizer, Pre-WordPress installation, Unlimited SSD storage, Free SSL, Site builder, World-Class cPanel, 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support, etc are the stunning features that make your job easier. So you can concentrate and spend more time in building your site and growing your business rather than worrying about speed, security, and others.

It is best suitable for beginner bloggers to big businesses. Because it offers a variety of hosting plans to suit them. That too at a reasonable price compared to its competitors. Further, it is developer-friendly as well.

How A2hosting is different from other hosting services?

All the hosting services provide similar features. But we prefer to choose the service that gives us more features at low cost. when we compared in this criteria, A2Hosting will be in the frontline.

So, we have chosen this provider to host our website.

A2Hosting Review

A2Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting platforms in the present scenario. It is the right choice to host a website with good performance speed and security. In-built A2optimizer is the great advantage of it.

Now let’s go through the following, to know about A2Hosting features, plans, pros and cons.

A2 Hosting Key Features at a glance

20X faster Web Hosting

  • It uses industry-leading technology Turbo Servers that provide 20X faster page load compared to standard hosting and leading hosts.
  • Further, its A2 Optimized Tool, SSDs, Global Data Centers, and Free CDN features aid to improve your site speed much faster.
  • For example, let’s see the speed and performance of our live site with A2 Hosting, shown below.
Speed test of A2Hosting

A2 Optimizer

A2 Optimizer feature combines with custom A2 Hosting settings and functionalities from 3rd party plugins to provide best speed and security settings to optimize your site’s performance. It A2 Optimized tool works with popular web applications including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Softaculous 1-click application installer

Softaculous apps installer in A2Hosting

With its Softaculous installer in cPanel, you can install applications easily with just 1-click on your website.

Backup and Restore

Regarding back up we have options like backup, backup wizard and server rewind.

Backup options in A2Hosting

Backup is done automatically and it can be downloaded whenever required. The downloaded backup file can be used to transfer data from one server to another.


Cron Job

Cron job

If you want to add some automatic schedule tasks, this cron job helps you. Most of the hosting services doesn’t have this option, but A2Hosting provided this.

To add this, just you have to enter into cPanel, move to advanced section and there you will find cron job option.


Transfer of our whole website and its data from one hosting service to another hosting service is known as Migration. Unlimited migrations are supported by this hosting service. To start the migration process, just raise a ticket and provide some information. The rest of the process will be done by the hosting service.


This has a 24/7 support team and ready to help in any situation of creating a website. Their Technical support’s main aim is to provide better support and make your website a success.

Money Cashback Guarantee

This provides money cashback guarantee. You can cancel hosting at any time. If you cancel within 30-days, then full money will be refunded. To cancel the hosting service, just you need to do is raise a ticket.

A2Hosting Pricing and Plans

A2Hosting comes up with 5 types of Hosting plans. And the pricing varies from plan to plan. The detailed information about every plan and its pricing are discussed below.

1.Shared Hosting

The price of shared hosting starts at $2.99/month.

Share hosting prices in A2 Hosting

2.WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is spitted into two categories.

i. Shared WordPress

The Price of Shared WordPress starts from $2.99/month.

Shared WordPress prices in A2hosting

ii. Managed WordPress

The price of Managed WordPress starts at $12.99/month.

Managed WordPress prices in A2hosting

3.VPS Hosting

i. Managed VPS Hosting

The price of Managed VPS Hosting starts at $39.99/month.

Managed VPS hosting prices in A2hosting

ii. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The price of Unmanaged VPS Hosting starts at $4.99/month.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting prices in A2hosting

4.Reseller Hosting

The price of Reseller Hosting starts at $18.99/month.

Reseller Hosting prices in A2hosting

5.Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the finest and secured Hosting which costs very high compared to the other type of Hosting. They are categorised as

i. UnManaged Dedicated Server

The price of Unmanaged Dedicated server starts at $99.59/Month.

ii. Dedicated Root Server

The price of dedicated Root server starts at $141.09/Month.

Dedicated Root Server prices in A2hosting

iii. Managed Dedicated Server

The price of Managed Dedicated Server starts at $141.09/Month.

Managed dedicated server prices in A2hosting

A2Hosting Pros

  • A2Optimizer – This is the main advantage of the A2Hosting service. This optimizer helps in speeding up the website and page loading.
  • Softaculous Apps installer – This is the apps suite available in the cPanel which allows one-click installation of any available software.
  • Migration – This allows free migration from one server to a server with an easy process.
  • Customer Support – A2Hosting has good customer support service and has a good response rate.
  • Money Cashback Guarantee – Your total money will be refunded if you cancel the hosting service within 30days.

A2Hosting Cons

  • Price – The pricing of some plans is high compared to other hosting services. As we all know, More Features – More price.
  • Ruby or Python are not supported in the Turbo plan.
  • It comes with 24/7 support, but the live chat support is not working all the time.


In this article, we provided detailed information about A2Hosting, Its features, Pros and cons. After reading this article, you will come to a opinion of why to choose A2Hosting for your website.

I hope this tutorial helped you in choosing a hosting service for your website. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. If you want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

A2Hosting Review – FAQs

Is A2Hosting good?

Yes, A2Hosting is good and very popular for its shared hosting plans.

Does A2hosting allow adult sites or sites containing illegal material?

No, A2Hosting doesn’t allow adult sites or illegal material on their servers.

Is A2Hosting is good Reddit?

I wouldn’t say A2Hosting as the only best, if you want 3 best hosting providers, i recommend A2hosting in the list.

Where is A2Hosting located?

A2Hosting owns all of its web servers and monitors them 24/7/365. Their primary data center is located in Michigan with additional data centers at Amsterdam and Singapore.

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