Review: The Most Secured Managed WordPress Hosting

Want to use the fastest and best Managed WordPress Hosting platform with a free built-in website security suite? That too at a very low price. Then is the right choice. is the only WordPress Hosting platform that not only provides the best-managed WordPress Hosting but also provides a free built-in website security suite. That means you don’t need to install any premium plugins or buy additional services.

And this article is the right choice for you. Just go through this review article to learn about the features, price, and additional information about

By the writing of this article, We were using to host this website and all our websites. Before using, we were using Kinsta. We will explain why we have shifted to

What is Homepage (simply Rocket) is one of the best-managed WordPress Hosting platforms, made simple for websites of all sizes. It provides you an easy-to-use control panel, blazing-fast speed, and a built-in website security suite.

It is the only Hosting service on this planet that provides premium services like CDN, WAF, Image Optimization, Font optimization, and more for every website at no additional cost.

How is different from other Managed WordPress hosting services?

No other managed WordPress hosting will not give you WAF for free. But will give you WAF, malware removal, and other performance and secure options for free.

It is the main reason why we have shifted to

When is preferable?

If you want the best WordPress Hosting platform at a very low price that offers an easy-to-use control panel, the fastest page speed, and a free built-in website security suite, then is preferable.

Note: servers are already on the Cloudflare Enterprise plan. If you subscribe to any one of’s plans and host your site on it, you will automatically get all Cloudflare Enterprise plan benefits at no cost. And no configuration is needed. That is, you will get Web Application Firewall (WAF) service, Image compression, CDN, Caching, etc.,

Even If you use any other premium managed WordPress hosting services like Kinsta or WPEngine(Special discounted link), you must use security services like Sucuri. Because no one will guarantee you 100% security.

I had to use Sucuri along with Kinsta hosting to secure my sites. But now there is no need to spend an extra amount to secure my site. Review is the best WordPress Hosting platform and a boon for website owners who want to keep their sites always up and secure at a very low price. And it provides you a built-in website security suite at no additional. This is another great advantage of it.

Now let’s go through the following to view features, plans, pros, and cons. Features

Fastest PageSpeed Guaranteed

Check the page speed of our live website in the below screenshot. It is not the test site. It is the result of our live website.


You can find the amazing Load time i.e., 395 ms. Of course, it might vary depending on the region. We need to mention that, we are using the WP-Rocket caching plugin to improve our page speed. That plugin will also add some additional features like reducing HTTP requests, minifying CSS and javascript, and delaying images, and javascript. automatically optimizes your WordPress website content with no plugins or customizations needed. After optimization, it pushes your optimized website content to be as close as physically possible to all of your Website visitors assuring they all get the same exceptional experience.

Also, it provides an instant improvement to your PageSpeed and YSlow scores. And guarantees as well. Otherwise, it will refund your money. Besides the above, it also provides:

  • Full Page Caching
  • Third-Party Script Proxying
  • Free CDN (200+ PoPs)
  • Enterprise Servers
  • Fewer DNS Lookups
  • Guaranteed Resources

Built-in Website Security Suite

Security Suite

Another great feature of is that it offers a built-in website security suite at no additional cost. It is the only WordPress Hosting Service that offers this feature for free. And you don’t need to install any premium plugins or buy additional services, for securing your website. Under this suite, provides:

  • Website Firewall (WAF)
  • Malware Scanning
  • Malware Patching
  • Brute-force Protection
  • Weak Password Prevention
  • Automated Bot Protection

Backup and Restore

Backup options

It supports both manual backups and automatic backups. So it avoids using backup plugins like UpdraftPlus, WPVIVId, etc., does not support storing backups on external storage. If you want to store backups on your external storage like Google Drive, you need to use the backup plugins.

Every night they automatically take a backup of all of your sites. They retain 14 days of backups. When you need it, you can quickly restore your site to backdate with the help of the restore option right to the backup.

By mistake, I deleted one of my Websites and I contacted their live chat to restore my site. They restored my site to the latest backup version. So you need not worry about taking backups.

You can use the manual backup option to create on-demand backups. You can use this option while you do any maintenance work like installing plugins, themes, etc., If you get any issues, you can restore with the manually taken backup.

Of course, I recommend you use a Staging environment to do that kind of maintenance work.

Staging mode, PHP, and Auto Update feature staging php autoupdate

You can create a staging site from the control panel with just a click. It will create a staging environment within minutes depending on your site size. You can test any plugins or you can make any modifications in the staging site and you can apply them to the live site with just a click. We regularly use this option to make modifications. This option works flawlessly.

You can change your running PHP version from Advanced Settings in your control panel.

It keeps your websites secure and up to date with its automated core, plugin, and theme updates. You can enable or disable the auto-update feature for your WordPress Core, themes, and Plugins through the Advanced settings option in the Control panel.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs

Cron job will help you to do some automatic scheduling tasks. Most of the Managed WordPress hosting services will not give you the option to add Cron jobs. But will give you that option. You just need to go to the Advanced option for adding Cron jobs.


They support unlimited free migrations. You just need to place a support ticket through the live chat or support section. They migrated our four sites in a very short time. Till now we have tried migration services from many other hosting services. But took very little time to migrate sites compare to all other Webhosting services.

But you need to do some tasks after migration. It does not happen just by changing Name servers as other hosting services provide. We have explained this clearly about migration in a separate article.

Easy-To-Use WordPress Control Panel interface

WordPress Control Panel (also Mission control) is an easy-to-use single interface built for all users of all sizes to manage 1 WordPress site or hundreds. This interface effortlessly lets you develop, launch, stage, and boost WordPress performance. In its control panel, you can find the following features:

  • Launch WordPress
  • One-click Staging.
  • Manage Files
  • Manage Users
  • Usage Analytics.
  • Scalable: With its Global Footprint your website has the freedom to infinitely scale.
  • Free SSL Certificates: Every WordPress install automatically gets an SSL certificate which is auto-renewed.
  • Free CDN.
  • Change the PHP version with one click.
  • And a lot more.


By the time of writing this article, their support is good but not up to the mark. Because their live chat is not available 24 hours. I am not able to chat in live sessions during Indian times. Probably available in the US timings. But they solved the issues in a single interaction.

Once my site was down(of course I deleted the site by mistake). I tried to contact them through live chat. But they are not available. They responded to the live chat question later after some hours and solved the issue. Pricing and Plans provides hosting services in three types, such as Managed, Agency, and Enterprise. Each hosting service is available in different plans and payment can be done in Monthly and Annual Billing. The prices of all the plans are listed below.

  • Managed Hosting
    • Monthly Pricing
      • Starter – $30/Month
      • Pro – $60/Month
      • Business – $100/Month
    • Annual Pricing
      • Starter – $25/Month
      • Pro – $50/Month
      • Business – $83/Month
  • Agency Hosting
    • Monthly Pricing
      • Tier 1 – $100/Month
      • Tier 2 – $200/Month
      • Tier 3 – $300/Month
    • Annual Pricing
      • Tier 1 – $83/Month
      • Tier 2 – $166/Month
      • Tier 3 – $249/Month
  • Enterprise Hosting
    • Monthly Pricing
      • Enterprise 1 – $649/Month
      • Enterprise 2 – $1299/Month
      • Enterprise 3 – $1949/Month
    • Annual Pricing
      • Enterprise 1 – $649/Month
      • Enterprise 2 – $1299/Month
      • Enterprise 3 – $1949/Month

If you choose annual billing then you will get 2 months off on the above plans. And there is a money-back option if you are not satisfied with its service. Pros

  • Faster loading time – The loading time of a website has its own effect on its success. ensures a blazing-fast speed. Once you install it, your website gets faster in no time. And keeps your website always up.
  • Free Migration for Websites: It assures a risk-free and smooth migration. It comes bundled with free migration plugins.
  • Customer Support: Whenever you face any problem then you can get solutions via live chat. In the live chat, the hosting experts will give you the proper solutions to your problems.
  • Free CDN and SSL certificate: Getting an SSL certificate is not as easy, lots of formalities are involved in it. But if you purchase any of the plans, you will get an SSL certificate for your site for free. And CDN as well.
  • Built-in Website Security Suite At No Additional Cost: It provides a built-in website security suite for free. Cons

  • It is limited to WordPress only. Not applicable to other platforms.
  • Unlike its competitors, it doesn’t provide a domain for free along with any of its annual plans.
  • Since it is a new hosting service, it has a very limited knowledge base.
  • They don’t have a DNS management feature. Of course, you can use your domain registrar or Cloudflare to manage DNS.
  • Live Chat Support is not up to the mark.


Now you can realize that is not only the good and best WordPress Hosting service that provides an easy-to-use WordPress control panel and keeps your website always up. But also provides a built-in website security suite at no cost. And it is the only Hosting service on this planet that provides the built-in security feature at no cost along with the best WordPress hosting.

When you host your site on, you can include the below premium plugins or services.

  1. Security plugins or services like Sucuri.
  2. Backup plugins like UpdraftPlus.
  3. Staging plugins.
  4. Caching plugins like W3Total Cache. We recommend using WP-Rocket which helps to further increase your page speed.
  5. Image resizer plugins. We recommend using Shortpixel Image Optimizer(50% discounted link) which compresses your images while uploading.

This article, Review: Simple, Fast, And Secure WordPress, is a great aid for bloggers, website owners, eCommerce stores, and business persons who want to keep their sites or blogs always up and secure at a very low price. If you like this article, then do a favor by sharing it and follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for more tips. Review – FAQs

Will service provide real-time security for my website?

Yes. Its built-in website security suite will do this.

Which paid plan of is best?

That will depend on your website’s requirements. Based on your requirement, you can select any one of the four paid plans. But my suggestion is to buy any of its annual plans so that you can get two months off the price.

Will provide 24-hours customer support?

Yes, it will provide 24-hours customer support for you.

Can I get the domains freely?

No. They don’t have a domain registration service.

Will my sites really be faster on

Yes, In fact, we guarantee your site cannot be any faster than the platform. With the use of Cloudflare Enterprise and full-page caching, your site is cached as close as possible to your visitors instead of always being served from one location.

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