4 Must Have Affiliate Marketing Tools Everyone Should Know

When you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing, you must have some Affiliate marketing tools. This guide will give you details about the essential tools that I am using to do affiliate marketing. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you must read What affiliate marketing is? And how to start it. If you want to save time, you can also take any one of the affiliate marketing courses from Udemy.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make huge money in online. If you do it in right way, you will surprise with your earning. To get success with affiliate marketing, you must use some tools given in this article.

Affiliate marketing tools

I am not going to list all tools, Here you will see only must have tools.

1.Platform (Website or Blog)

website or blog

When you want to promote affiliate products, you must have one platform. The platform may be a website or social media or Emails.

If you use social media, you can promote affiliate products to very few people. You can share affiliate links to your friends or in social media groups.

If you use Email, you can send affiliate links only to your contacts. Collecting Emails without a website is tough.

If you have a website, you will regularly receive visitor traffic. You can reach a huge number of people using site. Just write an article about any product, that will stay on your website for a lifetime. If that post gets good ranking in Google search, you will receive massive traffic. Many people visit your post, and they may buy your product. So you will get huge money.

So you must have a website to get passive income from affiliate marketing.

Just buy a server hosting plan from Siteground(60% discounted link). If you have less budget go with Bluehost(60% discounted link). They will give you a domain for free. Install WordPress and develop your website. Then start affiliate marketing. You can start affiliate marketing from the first day of your blogging.

2.Affiliate link Cloaking plugin

affiliate link cloaking plugin

When you want to promote any product, you will have to promote affiliate link of that product. You can paste affiliate link directly on your website. If that product discontinued in future, your link would not work. At that time you will have to spend a lot of time to search for your broken link.

You must use Affiliate link cloaking plugin to manage all affiliate links. That saves your time, and they will give you very convenient environment.

I recommend you use the ThirstyAffiliate plugin. Because I am using it. I love it. The basic version is free. Most of you need only a free version. If you need extra features like geo-target, tracking, auto-linking, etc., you need to buy its PRO version. The first time customers get a special $50 discount on Thirstyaffiliates PRO..

3.Ads management plugin

ad management

If you want to place ads on your blog, you must use any one of ad management plugin. Ad management plugin helps you to place your own affiliate ads or Adsense ads or any other network ads.

I recommend you to use ADSPRO plugin. It must help you to boost your affiliate earnings. Ads Pro is an excellent plugin which gives you tons of features for very less price.

  • You can place ads within content.
  • You can show or hide ads to specific posts or specific categories or specific tags.
  • It will also give you Geo target feature which helps you to run country-specific affiliate ads.
  • You can display a popup, scrolling, notification bar, floating ads.
  • It will give you many attention-grabbing styles.
  • You can track impressions and clicks.
  • You can also sell ads to direct advertisers.

What not, it will give you almost every feature what you expect from ad management plugin. If you use this plugin right way, you will see the huge increment in your affiliate earnings.

4.Password Manager

password manager

When you start affiliate marketing, you will have to signup for many affiliate networks and programs. Some advertisers maintain their own affiliate software. One day you will have more than 100 or 200 user ids and passwords. Keeping same user id and password to all networks is not recommended. The best way to manage your passwords is by using password managers.

I am using Sticky Password(70% discounted link). Because it comes with the lifetime license. It works very well. It will give you many features.

It will store your password in their cloud using encryption. You can manage your passwords from any device like Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. You can read my complete review about the Sticky Password. Our readers will get a special 70% special discount on lifetime license through This discounted page.

Bonus Tools:

I think above four are the essential Affiliate marketing tools. There are many other tools which improve your blogging journey will indirectly help you to get more sales from affiliate marketing.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin will help you to get a good ranking for your post.
  • Google Analytics will help you to track your post views.
  • Google keyword planner will help you to get Keywords.
  • Sendy is the cheapest newsletter service which helps you to capture emails and to send newsletters.
  • Optinmonster is the best lead capture plugin. You can obtain an email from your readers through popup and many other ways. You can also use Convertplug which is a less priced alternative to Optinmonster. I am using convertplug, and I like it very much.

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I hope this tutorial helped you. If you think that I missed any other Affiliate marketing tools, you can suggest me in the comment section. If you like this article, please share this article. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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    • There are many newsletter services. No one needs the setup process. Each one gives their own dashboard.
      Only Sendy needs typical setup process. It works from your server. You need to install Sendy on your server. It uses AmazonSES to send Emails. It is the cheapest newsletter service.
      If you use other services, you need not setup anything on your website. You just need to use lead capture plugins like Optinmonster. Optinmonster is the expensive one, if you need less priced alternative you can use or Convertplug
      I will soon write the article about Sendy setup.


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