5 Best Review Plugins for WordPress That Gives Star Rating With Google Rich Snippet

Here is the list of Best Review Plugins for WordPress websites. If we want to buy a product or go to a new movie we do check for online reviews, right? Most of us write reviews on regular basis covering a wide range of topics. We like to help the users to get benefitted from our detailed reviews and choose the best product that suits them. There are many review plugins for WordPress which claim to be the best out there. Most of the plugins offer some cool features which will help the users and SEO of the website as well. We thought of presenting you the best review plugins for WordPress after testing out dozens of plugins to finalize this list.

Some of you may ask Why do I need a Review Plugin? What are the uses of it? I can write wonderful reviews without the need of plugin etc. No matter how great your review article is unless it makes the user buy the product then only we can make profits, right? So let’s see some advantages of having a review plugin for WordPress.

Why Do You need a WordPress Review Plugin?

Let’s assume that you are going to buy a product on Amazon. You searched for the product and now looking at the product listing. Will you buy the product if it has 0 ratings? You will be buying the product which has a good rating, right? The same applies to your reviews as well. No matter how great the content is, It will be a simple blog post which won’t get traffic from search engines.

As you can see most of the affiliate marketing sites are using review plugins to enhance the content. To make it more appealing and convince users to buy the products they review. Review Plugins not only offer overall rating system, they offer much more which will definitely help you grow your sales. You can see the below image which is taken from Google Search and you can see that the site implemented or used a review plugin to achieve the result.

5 best wordpress review plugins

If you implement the same things on your affiliate sites then you can easily drive more traffic from Google alone. This will build trust that the writer has actually visited the hotels or used the product personally. The above image is only a single feature but review plugins come with hundreds of such features to help you increase your sales. So let’s take a look at our pick of 5 Best Review Plugins for WordPress.

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5 Best Review Plugins for WordPress

As mentioned above we have personally tested a number of review plugins and prepared this list. We tested the plugins extensively and decided the order taking several things into considerations. In case if you are having any issue with any of the plugins you can comment below or contact support to get it resolved.

This guide is for WordPress users only. In case if you are searching for Review Plugins for other CMS, then do lets us know via comments or contact form. We will be publishing a guide on the most requested topic.

#1.WP Review Free & Pro

wpreview plugin

WP Review is one of the best WordPress plugins you will ever need. It is a very lightweight plugin which will have very little impact on your website speed. It has a number of options to customize your review posts. You can start writing posts after installing the plugin without the need of changing any settings. It is the best beginner-friendly review plugin which is recommended by many renowned bloggers all over the world.  You can choose custom review from the list of review templates.

There are two versions available one if the free one and the other is premium version. To get started you can try out the free version but it won’t be having any advanced features. You can use the free version to implement schema star rating and rating the product etc. If you want to create some amazing review templates then we recommend getting WP Review Pro.

WP Review Pro offers a wide variety of features. You can choose from 14 types of rich snippets, 16 types of beautiful designs, multiple rating systems (star, percentage, circle), allow users to comment & rate the product etc. You will be also getting premium tech support round the clock whenever you ran into an issue. You won’t be getting premium tech support on the free version but you can rely on WordPress forums for the same.

#2.WP Product Review

wp product review plugin

WP Product Review and WP Review may sound similar they are developed by different developers. They are completely different from each other in all aspects. It comes with settings menu where you can tweak each and everything related to the plugin. You will be also having the ability to use shortcodes with this plugin which you can do while writing an article without the need for opening the settings page.

The plugin makes it easy to add a product review on your site. All you need to do is select product review option while writing a blog post and the plugin will show you all the necessary settings which you might need. You can even break down your entire review into parts like features, images, pros, cons of the product etc.

There is another little feature which will help you display reviews in the sidebar. It even lets you create Latest Products in your niche website which increases the user engagement. All the reviews will be having Schema rich snippet markup which will help you gain the SEO benefits as well. WP Product Review lite (Free) and premium versions.

#3.All in One Schema Rich Snippets

all in one schema rich snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets as the name suggests it will allow you to write reviews with rich snippet formats which will help you get high ctr on search engines. There aren’t any complicated settings to use the plugin.

Creating schema rich content with this plugin is easy and straightforward. While creating that epic piece of content, Select “Item Review” from the drop-down. You will get an option to enter certain info which is displayed below the post. It will be indexed by search engines as well. You can experiment with the plugin and can create some amazing content.

#4.StarStruck for WordPress

WordPress rating plugin

StarStruck is another simple and powerful WordPress review plugin. It contains only a few options when compared to other plugins but it gets the job done. You can use this plugin to show reviews and ratings on any kind of posts like blog posts, products, reviews, etc., without the need of fiddling with the settings.

We even tried it on our tech blog, Coupon site and on this blog. The results are amazing. Google loves to show the user rating instead author rating on their search results. You can find the star rating symbol at the end of this post. You can give the rating to this article. Likewise, you can get the rating from the users on your blog posts. Before using StarStruck, we have used All in One Schema Rich Snippets, WP Review and WP Product review plugins on our blogs. Google showed the star rating on fewer number posts than StarStruck. We have found great results with this plugin than the previous two. You can read Our Complete review on StarStruck.

It is best for normal blogs instead of product review websites because it will not give any features like the previous two plugins.

Some of the interesting features of the plugin are allowing users to rate the products, widgets, easy to use interface, custom post types etc. You can design some cool looking reviews with the help of this plugin. Unlike other plugins, this plugin is priced keeping the newbies in mind. You can grab the plugin for as low as 19$ which is a steal deal. If you buy Appthemes Club membership, you will get the plugin for free of cost.

#5.Rich Reviews


Rich Reviews is another simple yet powerful plugin. If you are having server-side issues with heavy plugins then you can give Rich Reviews a try. It can be used to display reviews for your products, services and on any part of the website. It even has a feature that allows your users to submit reviews.

It doesn’t consume your resources as the plugin heavily relies on shortcodes which will help you implement reviews anywhere you like. You can even display them in your sidebars as widgets. If you have a website on which you collect reviews from users then this plugin will allow you to manually approve each and every review. You will be getting detailed guides in the settings menu itself.


By now you got a clear idea that these review plugins will help you create schema rich and SEO friendly articles. There are some best WordPress review plugins which are available for free on WordPress repo.

If you need the free plugin, go with All in One Schema Rich Snippets. If you need the simple, fastest and efficient plugin go with WP Review Pro. If you need better graphics on your product page, go with WP Product Review. If you need user ratings even on your blog posts and want to show star rating for your most of the blog posts and reviews on Google Search results, go with StarStruck.

These are our top picks when it comes to the best Review plugins for WordPress. We like you to test them out and let us know which one worked for you. If you have any other plugin suggestion, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below so that we too can check it out. Hope you liked our picks and if it helped you then do share the article with your friends who are looking for the best WordPress review plugin. If you need more informative articles about WordPress, just follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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