5 Best Places to learn Web Design (Free and Premium)

Want to learn Web Design or  Web Development? As a blogger, We need to be prepared for everything that comes our way whether its designing landing pages or modifying a theme to our needs. In order to do that we can either hire a freelancer or learn the skillset required for it. Hiring a Freelancer from any one of the Top Freelancing websites like Fiverr is an easy way out but we don’t know when the issue arises and whether he will be available at that particular time or not? If we learn the essential languages then we can easily fix all the errors and design some amazing websites as well. You might be thinking learning web development is hard and it might cost you a fortune, right?

Nope, You are wrong. You can easily learn all the essential skills without even needing to hire someone to teach you. There are hundreds of online resources which can help you get started from scratch and excel in it. Although there are hundreds of sites on the internet which can help you learn web development, We thought of collecting the best resources for you so that you can start learning web development straight away.

Can I create a Website with learning Web Desing?

Certainly, it is possible. You don’t need to learn any coding language to create a website and to make money using a website. Just read Our Complete Guide to Create a website. Still, want to learn Web design, you can continue reading this article.

We tried every site which we mentioned in this article. You can try any one of the below-mentioned sites and let us know your feedback. In case if you know any other sites which you think they must be included in this post then let us know. So let’s dive into our guide on 5 Best Places to Learn Web Development.

5 Best Places to learn Web Design


Udemy is one of the best sites which not only provides courses regarding web development but you can learn anything from guitar to Artificial Intelligence. You can find most of the courses for free of cost or minimal. Once subscribed you can access the courses from anywhere and anytime. You can even download the subscribed videos onto your mobile devices and watch them offline. If you search the site, We understand that you will be overwhelmed because you can’t pick the right one as you can notice hundreds of site.

If you want to buy or subscribe to a course then we advise you to go through the reviews of the course and also ratings. If any course has low rating or courses it is better to avoid it unless it is from a reputed instructor. The good thing about Udemy is that you can claim the refund if you are not satisfied with the content. So there is no need to worry about the refund process as it will be done quickly. You can always find Free Udemy Courses on Reddit or google and enroll in them.

I suggest you try this Web Development Course On Udemy (special discounted link). You can also read the Complete review about Udemy. Occassionallyy, Our readers get a special discount on Udemy courses through This discounted page.


Simpliv is another amazing site which is similar to Udemy. Although you can find similarities between them. There are a lot of differences. Unlike Udemy you can’t find many free courses in Simpliv. Simpliv mainly concentrates on the quality of courses rather than the number of courses. There are many amazing courses in simpliv and we recommend you the “Bootstrap Responsive Design” which will help you cover basic as well as the advanced concepts in web design.

Simpliv also has a Refer and Earn program. All you need to do is signup as a student and share your referral link with your friends who are looking to learn web development or any other course online. You will be getting a 20% payment from the amount your friends spend on the site. The best part is that you can withdraw the fund to your PayPal account rather than using them as credits on the website.

You won’t be finding a plethora of courses but they are growing the number of courses. So we can expect some amazing content from them in the near future. Do let us know what you love about Simpliv using the comments section below.

Price of courses is very less. You will get any course for as low as $9 or $12 through This discounted page.

#3.Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is a completely free website. If you ask your developer friend from where to start learning web design? I bet that they will definitely say Free Code Camp which helps you learn web development. You will be working on some cool projects which will help you start with basics and help you code some amazing websites. Another cool thing is that you will earn certifications which will reflect the hard work you put into learning and designing projects.

As the name suggests it is free to enroll and start learning whenever you get time. The site also tells how many hours of work you need to put in learning a new language. For example, if you choose to learn Responsive Web Design Certification then you need a minimum of 300 hours to complete the certification. You start learning from Basic of HTML and at the end of the course, you will be capable of designing some amazing responsive websites. In case if you are stuck at any point you can make use of the forum through which you can clarify your doubts and asks questions if you have any?

You can start working for a non-profit organization through the site and build an amazing resume. Many people got jobs using the projects they developed during their learning period. So what is holding you back, Go give it a try?


Codecademy is another fun and interactive way to learn web development. You can learn anything from web development to python for free. The key thing that differentiates Codecademy with other sites is that the way you learn things. Codecademy helps you learn anything quickly as well as with the help of the interactive editor. You will be interacting and test out the code in real time. The editor will let you know whether your code is error-free or runs perfectly.

You can have real-time interaction in writing and deploying code. There is no need to install any additional software on your computer. All you need is a working internet connection and some spare time to learn. It will also show your streak and award you badges as you continue to progress any course you choose. At the end of the course, you will be able to design some unique designs on the go.

They also have a pro & pro intensive. Codecademy Pro will get you live support from professional developers as well as you can work on project challenges. Codecademy Pro Intensive plan will help you enroll in particular programmes by developing real-time projects and get feedback. Some of the best programs in Codecademy pro Intensive pro are Build Websites from Scratch & Build Website UI’s. We recommend you try the free version of Codecademy as it will be more than enough to learn the necessary languages required for web development.


W3Schools is one of the oldest as well as the best source to learn web development online. You can learn any language using W3School. Although there aren’t any video tutorials on the site, You can learn through the tutorials on the site. You can browse through the topics and everything is clearly explained with the code part as well. You can use the code on your local machine and try them out.

You can earn a certificate after completing a language. As you are learning the basics of the language you can perform some advanced operations using them. The certificate costs minimal amount and it will be worthy to have it. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other languages on the site. If you like video or interactive content to learn then you might find it boring but if you like reading a lot then you love learning from W3Schools.

So these our picks on 5 Best Places to learn web design, We think that you might learn something new with the resources listed above. We would love to know your feedback and let us know any other online source which you want us to list in the article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you need more articles like this, please follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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