20% OFF – Cloudways Discount Coupon Code, Promo

Get our special 20% Cloudways discount coupon code for all Cloudways plans for the first invoice.

20% OFF – Cloudways Discount Coupon Code

Use the Coupon Code: VWANT20 at the checkout to get the 20% discount on all Cloudways Products.

How to use the Cloudways Discount Coupon Code?

Video Tutorial

Why don’t you watch a quick video tutorial to see how to redeem the Cloudways Discount Coupon Code? But no problem if you’re in hurry, just skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned below.

This section will tell you how to redeem our special 20% Cloudways discount coupon code.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step1: Visit Cloudways site and Select Product

You can just visit the Cloudways official site. Click on the Pricing tab on the top menu bar. You will see all the available plans. Select your required plan accordingly.

Step2: Hourly plans:

Here you will see available hourly plans. Choose the one that suits you.

Monthly Plans:

Here you will see monthly plans. Choose the one that suits you.

Step3: Apply the coupon code

Cloudways discount coupon code

Click on the ‘Start Free’ button first. You will go to the Signup page. Click on Got a Promo Code? option, you will see a field to enter the coupon code. Enter the coupon code and complete the details.

Cloudways details and Overview:

Cloudways is a Managed cloud hosting platform where you can host your website. It will mainly focus on building great websites. This Managed hosting platform gives flexibility on how you host websites for digital agencies and e-commerce businesses. It has an innovative platform that has built to empower teams. It will unleash the full potential of the websites.

Best Reasons to Choose Cloudways:

It has much simplicity and able to choose

  • Has an innovative control panel
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Many PHP Apps supported
  • It has 5 cloud providers

Experience is worry-free

  • Managed Security
  • Automated backups
  • Real-time monitoring for 24/7
  • 27/7 Support is available

Scales the Performance

  • Auto-Healing
  • PHP Ready servers
  • CDN is inbuilt
  • Stack is optimized
  • Key Notes:

Key Features:

  • It’s cloud hosting platform removes the complexities that hold your website and allows your website to go live.
  • More collaboration and efficiency in managing web apps.
  • Driving past performance is committed and seamless scalability.
  • It has built-in scalability to make your website powerful, reliable, and grow your e-commerce store.

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Cloudways Discount Coupon code –FAQ

How many Cloudways coupon codes available?


Can I use the coupon code for all plans?


Can I get the discount on the renewals?

No. You will discount only in the first invoice.

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