4 Ways to Remove Website Field From WordPress Comments

Want to Remove the website field from WordPress comments. Don’t want to show the URL field in your comments area. There are many natural methods to remove the website field from WordPress comments. This article will give you 4 simple ways to remove the URL field from your WordPress comments area.

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Why should I remove website filed?

Usually, any website will get many spam comments. If you use Akismet plugin, you can avoid automatic spam comments which are generated from bots. But still, there is a chance that you will get manual spam comments. You may know that, when you click on comment author name, that will redirect you to his website which was placed in the website field of comments. Because of this, many bloggers use comments area for getting backlinks.

Of course, if you remove website field, you will get less number of comments. But you will get only genuine comments without website field. So removing website field is the best method to avoid manual spam comments.

Remove website field from WordPress comments

1.Editing CSS

Video Tutorial:

This video exactly shows you where to place the code given below. Watch it to avoid any mistakes. But if you are in rush, just copy the code from the steps below and paste on your WordPress website.

This is the simple and easiest method that I am using. Just with a single line, you can achieve your goal. You can use the Jetpack CSS feature to add custom CSS. If you want to know complete details about editing CSS read 3 Simple methods to edit WordPress theme CSS style.

Go to Appearance -> Edit CSS -> Additional CSS. Copy below code and paste there.

#commentform .comment-form-url {display:none;}

Check below screenshot for reference.

Remove website field from WordPress comments

2.Using comments.php file

I don’t recommend you use this method. You need to access your theme’s comments.php file using the file manager. I am using Genesis framework. Your case may be different.

Go to cPanel -> File Manager -> Public_html -> Wp-Content -> Themes -> Genesis -> comments.php

But I did not find actual content in this file. So I went to

cPanel -> File Manager -> Public_html -> Wp-Content -> Themes -> Genesis -> lib ->structure -> comments.php

I have got below file.

remove website field using theme comments.php file

You need to comment or delete $url field completely which is shown in above screenshot. But removing anything from core theme is not recommended.

3.Using theme functions.php file

This method is also very simple method. You will have to create one function and replace the existing comments function with your function. Remember, even a small mistake to functions.php file, will make your website down. So make sure that you have taken backup of functions.php file before editing.

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php. Paste below code at the end of the functions file.  If you see any error after editing functions file, remoe edits by going to cPanel -> File manager -> public_html -> wp-content -> themes -> your theme name -> functions.php  and edit that file to remove edits what you made.

//* Remove URL field from comments
function remove_url_comments($fields) {
return $fields;

Check below screenshot for reference.

remove website field using functions file
4.Using a WordPress plugin

There are many plugins that remove fields from comments. You can use Remove Fields or Remove Comment Website/URL box or disable-hide-comment-URL.


Among all methods, I don’t recommend you to use a plugin for small things. I prefer to use the first method through which you can hide the URL field using the CSS method. Let us know which method you are using to Remove the website field from WordPress comments. If you like this article, please share this article. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

33 thoughts on “4 Ways to Remove Website Field From WordPress Comments”

  1. I did the comment.php method and it worked perfectly well. But i want to understand if i can also add removing email to it. I used this code and it removed the email field: //* Remove Email field from comments
    function remove_email_comments($fields) {
    return $fields;

    But the problem is, the maker of my theme made the email option “compulsory,” so without the email and name, your comment cannot be sent to my admin.

    My question is.. can there be another function to bypass the email compulsory issue? If yes, please i want to hear from you

    • Email is must for comments. When it is not compulsory, anyone can generate tons of comments for their own posts. Removing Email field is not good for your website SEO.

  2. Removing the website field from comment form is quite easy. Below is the code with is just of few lines:

    function cs_remove_comment_website_fields($fields) {
    return $fields;

  3. Thanks for your tutorial about removing comment on blog post, im using function code not working but custom css working on mywebsite.

  4. i am use a plugin name amelia booking plugin
    i want remove email field from home
    but their is no option remove this field
    help me


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