Skimlinks Review: Get Thousands of Pre-Approved Affiliate products

This Skimlinks Review will give you complete details about one of the best affiliate networks. Do you want to earn money while monetizing your content for online publishers with in-text and contextual advertising? Then, Skimlinks helps you.

Skimlinks is a marketing, advertising industry founded in London, the UK in 2007 and the founders are Alicia Navarro and Stepniewski locating in London as there Headquarters, serving in-text advertising and marketing also audiences data platform. It’s an online affiliate network where all affiliate marketers presently use. It is to be accepted as one of the best affiliate networks amongst now and is easy to Sign In.

Affiliate Networks with multiple product networks, higher range of products and brands, better link management and tracking. Affiliate Programs like Individual Programs by product vendor, Limited products, better support and communications, multiple registrations and a chaos of management.

Earlier We have talked about the similar network VigLink. Skimlinks works same as VigLink.

Skimlinks Review:

Skimlinks is a great way for online publishers like you to make money from your site instead of relying just on banner ads you can use Skimlinks to earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your site but it is difficult to manage and very time consuming so let the Skimlinks technology do the tricky bits for you while you focus on your site’s content and community.

Affiliate marketing is when retailers pay you commissions for sales of their products referred from your site retailers find it a really effective way to generate sales and publishers can earn great commissions especially if they discuss or recommend products on their site. In the past setting up affiliate links on your website was difficult you needed to sign up to dozens of networks and thousands of Merchant programs you then needed to hard-code ugly links into your site that looks suspicious to the visitors and then maintain an update all this regularly as programs change. You can read Our article What is Affiliate Marketing for complete details.

But with Skimlinks all this is done for you, Skimlinks aggregates over 20 affiliate networks and over 11000 affiliate programs and turns existing retailer links on your site into their equivalent affiliate links on the fly. The links look normal which means better click-through rate and I kept up to date meaning a seamless experience for your users and no work for you. Skimlinks makes earning money from affiliate links on your site so simple all you need to do is add one line of JavaScript code to the website footer once. If you want, you can generate the affiliate links to the particular product pages.

Difference between Normal Affiliate Network and Skimlinks

You can sign up to any individual affiliate network ShareASale or FlexOffers. But signing up to the affiliate network is not enough. You need to apply to the individual product every time for approval. The vendors might approve your request or reject.

When you sign up for Skimlinks, you need not apply to any other individual products. You are pre-approved to all products and vendors in Skimlinks network. You just need to select the product and promote that without applying for the approval.

For Ex:- You have applied to XXXXX vendor in ShareASale and your application got rejected. You can still promote the same vendor using Skimlinks affiliate links.

How to Make Money Using Skimlinks?

Firstly, Go to Skimlinks Official Website and signup by filling all the required details like Email address, name, Phone Number etc.


Now, using Skimlinks you can make money in two methods;

One is you can install scripts for automatic monetization of your content so Skimlinks will place affiliate products automatically in your content. And the second is to manually search for the products that you think are relevant to your content and place them manually on your platform.

Now to see it work just add normal retailer links to your blog post, article or service when your visitor clicks on this link Skimlinks seamlessly turned it into its equivalent affiliate link, You will shortly start to see your earning in your Skimlinks interference here we provide comprehensive reporting so you can see which retailers are on you the most money and this is just the beginning Skimlinks comes with the set of additional tools that can help increase your sites earning potential. Use there desktop widgets to research revenue-generating products to write about aggregated products feeds to create your own shop front and applications URL shortener to monetize Twitter Emails and Print Publications, exclusive offers and voucher coupon codes to get started just sign up now and begin earning you new revenues in minutes

Even it as many tools to look at the success on Skimlinks system. Below are some stated

Daily Analytics Report Tool:

Skimlinks Performance

It has a daily analytics report tool which shows our earnings for the day. It also covers the clicks that we got with the sale we made with conversion rate too.

Website Analytics Report Tool:

  • It is similar to google analytics where you can track website analytics easily and know for which keyword it is ranking. Moreover, this is helpful in determining how much money you can make and can tell what affiliate links you currently have. It gives the opportunity to improve it better.

Product Report Tool:

Product Report Tool in Skimlinks is used to see what products have been purchased from the merchants you are working with. This tool is very helpful when you want to promote in new ways.

Page Report Tool:

Are you interested in knowing about what pages of your website are helping to convert your referrals into sales? Then, this is a perfect tool. It helps you to identify which are doing better. By knowing this, you can improve the pages that aren’t converting.


  • There are no multiple registrations which make the beginning step easy.
  • It is owned by reputed companies where we have to do nothing, Skimlinks will look into it.
  • It is gated with strict entry criteria for merchants/ vendors, to avoid unwanted access to the site.
  • It provides access to products from all the top brands and vendors.
  • It is also added up with direct linking and auto-linking tools.


  • You will get slightly less Commission for the same product than another affiliate network.


Skimlinks is really the best affiliate network through which you will get the access to thousands of products and merchants directly. In short, if you are looking for the powerful affiliate marketing program, then this is the best tool.

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