SproutSocial Vs Hootsuite : Comparison and Differences

SproutSocial Vs Hootsuite: If you are looking for the best social media tools for the small and large business, then SproutSocial and Hootsuite are the best for you. Here we have compared both the tools. These function as management hubs for multiple networks, so deciding between the two isn’t just a question of choosing the longest feature list. Hootsuite is the best free platform for individuals posting and for small, medium and freelancers whereas Sprout Social is good for large corporations.

What is Sprout Social?

SproutSocial is a powerful social communication platform for helping businesses of all sizes manages their social channels brilliantly and creates a strong relationship with their audience. It’s for the small business owner so that to see the value of investing in the social presence which needs an easy way to manage everything in one place. It’s for the large enterprises that know it’s essential resources and their customer service operation for the modern customer mind and secure enough to handle the needs of a government agency with the message approval workflow.


That helps the team collaborate and stay compliant it’s nimble enough to help a firm’s brand team manager content from multiple profiles on a global scale. It’s smart enough to serve up key social trends to a national food chain looking for an Organic view and what customers really love. It has a flexible Framework that helps media Agencies stay organized while delivering data-driven results for their clients with a unified single stream of social messaging collaborative connect scheduling and site and team of real people dedicated to achieving success.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is also another social media platform. Everyone on social media this days is taking photos of their food following the latest influences but as a business, social can feel like a party you are not allowed. Some brands are out there sharing cool stuff meeting new customers and growing the business joining Hoot Suite you are into its family with one easy to use platform that grows with you and your popularity. It can schedule content in advance and rewards walking across the social network your customers use you can also use HootSuite with the tool you know and love like Google Drive and Dropbox find new customers by joining in with conversations about your brand and automatically boosting your most popular post to wider audiences easily create and publish stuff people will love by tracking.


Trends and creating amazing content from a variety of sources and stock images then see the result of your social activity in one easy to understand report based on the numbers that matter to the heart should also help you keep with social with access to free courses and article that cover the latest trends Strategies and tactics when joining the HootSuite.

SproutSocial Vs Hootsuite

There are many tools that you already know so things, like Google insights of Google and Google keyword tool, are some tools, similar kind of things like Google docs and many other tools however everyone using it now and then and it’s good to use some kind of social media tool because you will have a lot of accounts that you are managing as a consultant and sometimes you need one single place to manage all  of those accounts so if you are using a social site using HootSuite which is a great tool and it works great from online version and iPhone and also iPad version, however, it is not recommended on phones as the version of phone is crushing sometimes and it’s not as good as it used to be or at least its not as good as to be recommended getting that because you can update all your account from one single place plus you can also pre sketch show posts and update form two social sites, however, using this kind of third party tools with social sites have to be careful because normally when you use a third party tool your updates will not be used as well as if you are using manually. But when it comes to some social sites they don’t allow this and normally if you update or picture comes from some outside too it doesn’t prefer and it has high as something that comes always manually submitted so anyhow it is a great tool. You can start free and then they have a lot of different plans.

On the other hand, Sprout Social is a great application but you cant try free application but you can use it for 30days and if you have more than two to three accounts that you are managing. Its recommended to use basic version because it allows you to have like a single look it has really nice dashboard where you can see a lot of statistics and its nice to see all in one place where you can see everything so that dashboard its much better when coming to use it on phone you can access to dashboard with different layouts and visual aspect it better that however it has one different thing and one thing which is called Out Reach or something like Out Bound and this is cool thing because basically it can tell exactly how many people have clicked on the post that are posted different updates that are done on the social sites which is a first and helpful as social media manager or social media consulate it is extremely important information because you can later print and have a screenshot of these results and share with clients so it is recommended when you compare different tools you can start with anyone and check with the best.

Dashboard Feed:

Sprout Social posts in a single feed dashboard and moreover, you can customize the info in feed by using filters. You can also move to any network specific view, for instance, everything from LinkedIn with one click.. It interacts and responds to messages directly from your feed and also tracks which messages have been responded to and marks them with a green icon to prevent multiple users from responding to the same message.


Hootsuite able to build the adjacent feeds across a single dashboard. Similar to Sprout Social, in this also you can customize the information on the dashboard. Also, respond to the messages.


Publishing & Scheduling:

The function of the publishing is similar in both the platforms. By using these it allows you to author a message, choose which account it comes from, attach photos, shorten links, and choose a target audience from the main feed dashboard. Moreover, these products also offer draft function and Hootsuite lets you schedule up to 50 posts by uploading a CSV file.


However, Sprout Social offers some extra data in the publishing such as highlights people or accounts you should follow and spammy or robotic accounts you should unfollow. It also shows a brief history of your conversation with someone on Twitter.


Coming to scheduling, Hootsuite and Sprout Social both offer a content calendar so you can schedule posts ahead of time. Moreover, if you want to automate posts it can also choose posting times for you. It also automates your posts by choosing post time.


Hootsuite is the best in terms of reporting and customization with a more advanced platform. The overview report in this tool divides posts, followers, engagement, and metrics into views in social media accounts. This is the best way to view how social channels are performing and include template reports.

However, Sprout Social can’t match Hootsuite for customization, but it’s reporting is practical in its own way like the rest of the platforms.

spourt report

In this, you can find the channel-specific reports for Facebook and Twitter and overview your reports. It also includes a task completion report that displays the productivity of each user.

Although both are the best in their respective specifications, you can choose any depending on your business. Do let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries. If you like this tutorial about SproutSocial Vs Hootsuite, please share it. Please follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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