What are backlinks in SEO? How to build High Quality backlinks?

What are backlinks? The answer is simple – An incoming link to your website or website post is called as a backlink. The number of backlinks will indicate your website popularity. If your website has number of backlinks, Google or other search engines will give importance to your website. Let us see complete details about backlinks and the use of backlink to your website SEO.

What is SEO?

If you want to understand about backlink, you need to know about SEO. SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization.

Creating website and writing posts on your website will not make sure that your posts will appear in the search engine. You need to understand about Search engines algorithms. Suppose you are writing a post for a keyword. You might see many posts in the search results for your keyword. The tips and procedures you need to follow to get to the top of search results are called SEO. SEO is two types.

  1. On page SEO: You need to write posts according to search engine algorithm that is called on page SEO. Yoast SEO plugin will help you to achieve it.
  2. Off page SEO: After writing posts, you need to follow some tips or some procedures to appear your post in top results of search engine. That is called Off-page SEO. Building backlinks are one of the methods in Off-page SEO.

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What are backlinks?

As I already mentioned backlink is an incoming link to your website from other websites. Backlinks are two types.

1.Low-Quality backlinks

An incoming link to your website from a bad site is called low-quality backlinks. Bad sites are porn sites, Gambling sites, sites which contain malware, Spam sites, etc.,

Backlink to your website from these kinds of a bad site will harm your SEO and may result in a ban from search engines like Google. If you get low-quality backlinks, you must disavow them.

2.High-Quality Backlinks

An incoming link to your website from a big or reputed or trusted site is called as the high-quality backlink. We can also define High-Quality Backlink as a link from a relative and higher authority website than your website authority. Backlinks from top websites will definitely improve your SEO and your posts may get into top results.

You not only consider big sites but also related to your website niche for getting backlinks. If your website talks about tech topics and you get backlinks from the travel website. It may not have an impact on your SEO. If you get the backlink from a reputed tech website, then you will get good value from the link.

What is the use of backlink?

Beat your competitors in Search results

I can say one simple logic to beat your competitors. You must remember it in your entire blogging career.

If your post gets more traffic than the post in search engine top results, search engines must show your post in the top results.

In order to achieve above statement, you need to build backlinks. There is a chance that you will get more traffic using backlinks than through search engines.

Additional traffic

It will produce additional traffic. You should not depend only on search engines traffic. Because of any reason, If your website is not featured in search engines, still you will get some traffic with backlinks.

How to build backlinks?

Building backlinks are not the touch task. After writing a post, you need to spend some time to give publicity to your post. You need to share your post URL in social media, forums like yahoo answers and Quora. You can also give comments on other websites. You may also request other bloggers to give you backlinks through free guest posts.

Don’t buy backlinks

I suggest you don’t buy backlinks from any one of the automated backlinks sites. They may give you low-quality backlinks and you may end up getting banned from search engines like Google. It is good practice that you need to build backlinks manually and slowly. It may take time but gives you better results.

Are all backlinks same?

No. You can see two types of Backlinks.

  1. Do-follow link: If the URL has dofollow or follow attribute, the search engines like Google will follow that link. You will get most of the benefit from dofollow link.
  2. No-follow link: If the URL has nofollow attribute, the search engine will not follow that link. Still, it is considered as a backlink but you will not get the maximum benefit.

Most of the websites make all external links as a no follow links. By default, WordPress makes all external links as do follow links. It is also good practice to make all your websites external links as no follow links. If you want to make all external links as no follow links, you can use External Links plugin.  It is good to make some high authority website links as do follow link. You can add dofollow attribute manually to your links.

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