6 Must Use Places To Build Backlinks to Your Website

You must build backlinks to your website when you need good traffic. There are many ways to build backlinks. Forums are the best place to get backlinks. But many forums will not accept links and some give one link in ten posts. So using forums may take your time. This article will give you some places where you can get the link immediately.

Backlinks are very important for your website SEO. If you don’t know much about SEO, I suggest you take this SEO learning course from Udemy or you can read,

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is just a link to your website or your website posts from other websites on the internet. Backlinks are two types

  1. High-Quality Backlinks are the links from the top or reputed or big websites. They will improve your SEO and ranking.
  2. Low-Quality Backlinks are the links from bad sites like spam sites, gambling sites, porn sites, site contain malware, etc. Links from these websites will harm your site SEO and may result in banning from search engines.

What is the use of Backlink?

The backlink is always the best-ranking factor for Google. If you have a good number of backlinks, your posts will get top rank in search results. Backlinks are must for off page SEO.

Backlinks will also give you additional traffic. You don’t have to depend only on search traffic. If you build good backlinks through other websites, you will get equal or more traffic than search traffic. If something went wrong to your SEO, your posts will not be shown in Google search results. But you will get traffic through your backlinks. So it is a backup for your traffic.

Places to Build Backlinks

my sincere suggestion is to build backlinks on your own and use only below places. There are many sites which sell backlinks. If you buy backlinks from any one of the automated backlink building sites, you may get low-quality backlinks and you may end up getting banned from search engines.

1.Social Media

social media

Social media is the best place to get backlinks and good traffic. You need to create your profile and your website page in top social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., It is best to maintain few profiles what you check regularly. If you create profiles in every platform, that would be tough to maintain.

After publishing every post share that posts in your profile and page. If you are using WordPress, you can use Jetpack publicize feature to auto-publish posts to social media. I also advise you to participate in facebook groups and Google+ communities. You can also share your website posts in those groups. Make sure that the group or community is related to your website niche.

2.Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is the top question and answer forum in the world. Just give answers to the questions related to your website posts and paste your post URL in the source section. Even from the first day onwards, you can place your posts URL. But they will not be live URL. If you want to post live URLs you must be on the third level.  Yahoo answers created this rule to stop spammers. You can check below screenshot for how the answer will look.

yahoo answers


Quora is another best discussion forum in the world. You can ask any question and you can give the answer to any question. Just write the answer to any question related to your post topic. You can place your post link by mentioning for more details visit this link or with any other word. There is no limitation for posting URLs. You can start posting your website links from the first day onwards. But make sure that you are not going to spam with your URL. Place the URL only when required. Check below screenshot for the example to give the answer.

quora answer

4.Guest blogging

Guest blogging is nothing but writing a post on another website with a link to your website or your posts. Every blogger needs content. Provide free content to other websites and ask them to give a link from your author bio section or from inside the post.

First, you need search for the websites in your niche. Mail them that you are ready to provide content for free and ask them to give a link. There is a chance that your proposal may get rejected. But anyone may accept your proposal.

5.Use WikiHow

WikiHow is the top website which contains lot of how to articles. You can write or edit any article, and you can give your link in the reference section. Ofcourse, their moderators will check and publish your link and content.

wikihow references


Just give comments in other websites and place your website URL in the website field. Some blogs like blogvwant may not show website field. Because many people spam through comment section only for backlinks. There are so many websites where you can give your website URL in the website field. No need to place URL in the comment section. If you place URL in the comment section, there is a chance that your comment will not be approved or that might be marked as spam. Just place the URL only in the website field.

backlink through comment


YouTube is another best place to get backlink. Create a YouTube channel with your website name. Post video related to your post content. Give the link to your post URL in the Video description. Most of the people who visit video may visit your website. And YouTube is Google product, so your link will have high value.

I hope you know how to Build backlinks. Let me also know which method you are using through the comment section. If you like this article, please share it. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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