EWWW Image Optimizer Review: The Best WordPress Image Compressor Plugin

This EWWW Image Optimizer Review will give you the complete details like features, price, etc., about the EWWW image compressor WordPress plugin.

People who are pretty familiar with WordPress and blogging might be aware of EWWW Image Optimizer.

One can easily optimize the images they upload to WordPress. Image Optimization is actually a process of converting the images into the preferred file format. All these things can be done with much ease through this Optimizer.

Here is everything you need to know about EWWW Image Optimizer, its features, benefits, functionality, plugins, and more. We have come up with a detailed and in-depth review of the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.

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What is EWWW Image Optimizer?

EWWW Image Optimizer Review

EWWW Image Optimizer is one of the Best Image optimizer plugins for WordPress. Over 900k websites have been using this plugin. Isn’t it huge? It helps in enhancing page speeds through image optimization.

The EWWW I.O. plugin has the ability to optimize the images that you have uploaded previously to WordPress. It is possible to convert the images into the perfect file format (WEBP) which is an optional element.

There is a feasibility to select the pixel size for compression. The users can even pick anyone from the list of high compression options that are visually persistent. On the whole, the EWWW Image Optimizer assists the users to optimize the images that they have uploaded and created by any of the plugins.

If the page speeds increase then, it enhances the search engine rankings for a specific website. Moreover, it shows much improvement in the conversion rates as well as the sign-ups. This will eventually preserve the storage space and bandwidth. EWWW Image Optimizer has the ability to refine the newly uploaded images in an automatic manner.

EWWW Image Optimizer review

Note: After using plugin EWWW Image Optimizer on your WordPress website, errors related to images will be gone from the Google PageSpeed tool including “Properly size images”, “Serve images in next-gen formats”, “add missing dimension”, etc.

Significant Features of EWWW Image Optimizer

Most people consider EWWW Image Optimizer is an effective image optimization plugin available for WordPress users absolutely for free of cost. In this post, we  have compiled a list of notable features of the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin for WordPress as given below:

1. Unlimited Speed

  • EWWW Image Optimizer offers unlimited file size and there is no limit on the speed as well.
  • With the help of the automatic background optimization and parallel optimization options, the users need not have to wait for uploading the images.

2. Versatile Steering

  • It is another best feature of EWWW Image Optimizer that offers numerous conversion options.
  • Using these options, the users can get the precise image file format among the options that include GIF, JPG and PNG.

3. Security

This Image Optimizer provides the best safety and security to all communications as it makes use of the top SSL encryption technology.

4. Easy to Handle

One can easily make pixel-perfect optimization with the help of top-notch industry-level tools and deliver progression in the images.

5. Enhanced Momentum

This feature enables the users to choose the high-quality compression ratio alongside the format options such as PDF, PNG, and JPG file formats.

6. Multiple Image Optimization Options

This plugin provides a plethora of optimization options to the users that include the following:

  • Image Resizing
  • Conversion of Images
  • WebP compatibility
  • Ability to change the JPG/GIF/PNG Compression Levels
  • Metadata Stripping

7. Image Backup

  • This plugin offers a free image backup facility to the users.
  • It means that this tool stores the original images for about 30 days. There is feasibility to backup the images whenever required within a month.

8.Scheduling Image Optimization

This is one of the features I love. you can schedule the image optimization in the backend by setting up things in the plugin Advanced Settings Tab.

Preferably. It optimizes images for every hour(depending on your settings ).

9.Bulk Optimize

Now there is no need to optimize each and every image separately. After the Plugin installation, all the images can be optimized in a single click.

Go to your WordPress Admin area -> Media Library -> Bulk Optimize and Done.

10. Compatible with Just Everything

EWWW optimize images stored anywhere on your website. Apart from that it will compress/optimize images associated with other popular plugins:

  • Theme images
  • BuddyPress Avatars
  • Meta Slider slides
  • WP Symposium Pro avatars
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • GD bbPress attachments
  • Grand Media Galleries
  • Much more…

11. Fully Automatic Optimization

Compared to the EWWW free version, you will get everything automated in its premium plugin including Lazy loading, CDN deliverability, WEBP conversion, compression, and scaling.

10. Free of Cost

  • EWWW Image Optimizer is available to all the users absolutely for free of cost. Of course it has the premium version.
  • This core plugin doesn’t change you for compressing the images.
  • Even after using the plugin for about a month, it doesn’t require the API.
  • The users can acquire WebP image generation option without additional charges.
  • One can easily convert JPG and PNG formats into the next-generation image format designed by Google.

Note: The free plan does have features like lazy loading, image compression, WEBP conversion, etc. But they aren’t automated.

Note: The free version simply uses your site resources to do the work which sometimes down your site. For this reason, this plugin is blocked by some of the hosting companies as well (Read Somewhere on a forum).

The Plugin also had its paid version. No doubt in saying that this is the best image optimizer plugin for bulk users. The paid version allows you to work on its cloud which reduces the load on our WordPress websites.

Plans & Pricing

ewww pricing

It has 3 pricing models. All the plans include 3 services:

  • Easy Image Optimizer: This is an automatic CDN service that provides automatic compression, WEBP conversion, auto-scaling, and lazy loading.
  • Compress API: This is the image compression service for local websites images.
  • SWIS Performance: This gives you an extra performance boost. It includes browser caching, JSS/CSS optimization, Fonts optimization, and much more.

We recommend buying the whole package which includes all three services. However, you get an option to buy individual services. Then the pricing will be changed according to the individual service you select, but optimization suffers.

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Performance & Functionality of EWWW Image Optimizer

The optimized images are completely stored in the database that eventually lets the users modify them. One can find the complete list of optimized images on the bulk optimize page.  There is one major change or difference between the common image optimization plugins and the EWWW Image Optimizer.

This particular plugin tool provides the ability to optimize the images on the server itself.

It is one of the effective and convenient features in case your server isn’t compelling enough. In terms of the functionality of this plugin, it provides a chock-packed full of options and choices. Once you are done with installing this plugin, you can navigate to Settings >> EWWW Image Optimizer >> You can then search the default options. There are numerous options that include cloud settings, advanced settings, conversion settings, and basic settings. You can even use the paid or premium version of this plugin that optimizes the images on the servers.

The Bottom Line

This is everything you need to know about the EWWW Image Optimizer core plugin. It’s a simple image optimization plugin tool that is pretty beneficial for WordPress. One must stay conscious of the increased usage of memory. EWWW Image Optimization is an effective tool that improves the speed of your WordPress website.

Alternate Take

Though EWWW is very good, for any reason (like Lesser price and better features) if you want the alternate to EWWW, I suggest ShortPixel Image Optimizer(50% Extra Image Credits). It works great and has a one-time purchase option. Our readers get special 50% Extra Image Credits on all Monthly and One-time Purchase plans through this discounted link. You can also read Our ShortPixel review for more details.

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FAQ: EWWW Image Optimizer Review

Can I use EWW Easy Image Optimizer on Non-WordPress websites?


What payment modes are accepted?

PayPal, Stripe credit cards.

Can I purchase Easy Image Optimizer as an individual service rather than a whole package?

Yes. You can buy it. But the complete optimization results will only be visible when you buy the whole package.

Is the free version good?

Yes. However, CDN features and automation are missing.

Which one is better between EWWW and ShortPixel?


What about privacy? Would be my original images safe?

Easy IO saves your original images for 30 days on its server. But they mainly do this to speed up things.

What will happen when my plan bandwidth would be finished?

All the EWWW plans are shielded by peak coverage protection. So in case you crossed the bandwidth and reach the maximum level, then the EWWW team will contact you for an upgrade. Otherwise upgrade is not needed in most cases.

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