5 Best Sites to Download Free Copyright Music

Are you looking for a free copyright music website where you don’t have to give any attribution? Do you want to search for free music files and sound effects for YouTube, Gaming, etc? Do you want to explore music files in every genre and mood? 

Well, in this article we are going to share 5 top free sites where you can download free copyright music for your next project.

If you are in a hurry, simply navigate to the conclusion section where we have shared a summary that helps you decide on the perfect stock music website.

What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free Music is the audio files offered by the stock content-based websites that can be used for both commercial and personal use without attribution.

The main advantage of such royalty-free music files is that they are high in quality, copyright-free, available in multiple genres, and can be used unlimited times. Only a few of the stock websites offer royalty-free music and sound effects. 

One of the popular websites which offer royalty-free copyright music is Videvo. We will discuss this site in an upcoming section of this article.

Does royalty free means free?

Yes, absolutely. However, most of the stock-based content websites have royalty-free music in their stock but the user has to credit or attribute the author to use them for a commercial purpose. 

But as I said most websites, not all websites. Videvo is one of them where you don’t have to credit or give attribution for royalty-free music and sound effects.

Can I use copyright free music?

Yes. The music files licensed under “copyright free” means either the copyrights of these files have expired or the third party has acquired rights. All music files can be used freely but the copyright would always belong to the original copyright holder who registered the music files earlier.

How do I know if a song is copyright free?

Most stock web-based sites have clearly mentioned at the audio file page whether the selected audio is copyright-free or not.

Videvo showing the royalty-free license of the free copyright music file
Videvo showing the royalty-free license of the free copyright music file

What makes a Great Free Copyright Music Website?

The copyright-free music site only called as good when they met the following parameters:

  • The site must have Free royalty-free music created by verified professionals
  • The site must have a combination of sound effects and music files in a single place
  • Allow using free music files on all web-based and non-web-based platforms including Broadcasting, Radios, Films, etc.
  • Having multiple genres, moods, etc to quickly filter out the needed music file.
  • Allows to use audios without any attribution and credit

All such parameters are presented only on one stock music website and its name is Videvo

So if you are in hurry don’t waste time here, just navigate to the Videvo and explore the free copyright music now.

Top 5 Sites to Download Free Copyright Music

Video Tutorial: 5 Best Sites to Download Free Copyright Music For Any Platform (No Attribution)

For the reader’s convenience, we always create a video tutorial. Either you can watch and learn or simply skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned afterward.

1. Videvo

Website 1 - Videvo.net - Free copyright music

Videvo is the hub of free copyright music files and sound effects. Videvo has been in business for 5 years and gains a lot of customers so far. The great thing here is that you don’t require to give attribution to use copyright-free or royalty-free audio files. Over 600k users and 400k high-quality stock media (both video and audio) define it as a perfect trustful stock media website.

Videvo is offering thousands of music files and sound effects which can be used anywhere on the internet. The main factor that makes Videvo a unique stock-based website is its license plans. Apart from this, Videvo has distributed the audio files based on the 20+ Genres and 20+ Moods, making it easy for a user to filter out the music files of any type.

Videvo Features

The Great Videvo Licenses

The stock media (audios and videos) are available on the Videvo site mostly belongs to the Royalty-free license or Videvo Attribution license. Apart from this 3 more licenses are available which is important to understand before downloading any asset from this stock media website.

The Videvo Royalty Free License: 

  • Under Videvo royalty-free license you will find both premium and free audio files. 
  • Music files marked under this license can be downloaded an unlimited number of times and can be used on any project. However, the usage of these files is not always the same. The files that are marked under Royalty-free license and “Editorial Use Only” can only be used on personal work. However, the count of such files is less.
  • No attribution or credit to the author is required
  • Editing restrictions are not there
  • These Videvo free copyright music files can be published on any platform including YouTube, Games, Movies, Podcast, etc
  • The user cannot hold a copyright of these royalty-free music files.
  • The user cannot redistribute/resell/re-upload such music files on other websites.

The Videvo Attribution License

This is the 2nd most common license of Videvo. The only difference here compared to the Videvo Royalty-free license is the user needs to give a credit or attribute to the audio file creator before using such music files commercially.

The Videvo Creative Commons 3.0 Unported (CC-BY) License

This license is the same as the Videvo Attribution license. However, the files marked under this license can be redistributed in their original form on other sites.

Public Domain License

Under this Videvo license, you will find music files related to the animals and wildlife domain. To use such files commercially you have to give an attribute to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Conservation Training Center, Creative Imagery.

Multiple Types of Music Files

A music-based stock media website is only called as good when they have music files filtered in varieties of genres and moods. Well, Videvo is one of them. On Videvo, the user has given 3 filters: Genres, Moods, Instruments that can be used to quickly find a desired audio file.

Under Genres, 20+ options are there including Rock, Sports, Romantic, New Age, Classical, Country, Children, Country, Comedy & Cartoon, Jazz, Blues, Military, Retro, Wedding, Xtreme Rock, Worship etc.

Under the Mood filter, you will find: Confident, Happy, Strong, Determine, Playful, Action, Proud, Relaxed, Ambitious, Brave, Sad, Funny, Inspiring, etc.

Under the Instruments filter, options like Guitar, Piano, Bass, Orchestra, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, Drums, etc are available. 

Multiple Types of Sound Effects

Sometimes a short sound effect plays a huge role in the project and it is very hard to find these files. I am talking about sound effects like airplane sound, animal sound, birds chirping, explosion sounds, ocean flowing sound, etc.

Well, these sound effects usually of 3 to 5 seconds but their role is important. All such sound effects also find in the Videvo music library.

Videvo Music Files and Sound Effects Duration

Sometimes we need a short audio file or sometimes a longer one will be preferable. Well, Videvo has everything, during our research we found that the music files and sound effects available on this stock asset site are arranged from 1 second to 9 minutes. It is almost impossible to go through every page, but we have checked 10 pages and calculated the average length of the music files.

High Bitrate Music Files

You would never disappoint with the Videvo audio files quality. All audio files are having a 320kbps bitrate.

One-click download

The free copyright music files available on Videvo can be download without signup or login. Just click on the download button and you are good to go.

The simple process of Attribution

Apart from royalty-free licensed music files, the user requires to give attribution to files mentioned under the Videvo Attribution license, CC-BY license, etc. The format of giving attribution is very simple. You just need to mention a line either in the end credits of the video or in the text description of the video where the music files are used.

The Videvo attribution format is: “Stock footage/audio provided by James, downloaded from www.videvo.net” where the “James” should be replaced by the author name.

The Footage, Motion Graphics are the Plus

The Videvo is not just about free copyright music files, It also offers a wide range of 4k royalty-free footage, motion graphics in all categories including Animals, Military, Green Screen, Nature, Business, VFX, Travel, Technology, etc. The cool thing is that stock videos and audios are available in the same subscription pack.

Videvo Pricing, Plans & Special discount

As I already mentioned that Videvo offers royalty-free music, You may be wondering that why I have to pay for Videvo music files?

Well, a subscription is required when you are interested to download premium files. Over 180k extra audio files can be accessed when you become a Videvo subscriber.

Basically, Videvo has 3 subscription-based (both annually and monthly) plans: Videvo Lite, Videvo Plus, and Videvo Pro. However, to access premium music files (licensed under royalty-free) the user has to take a Videvo Pro subscription because premium audio files are not available in Videvo Lite and Videvo Plus which is a big disadvantage with this stock media website.

So under Videvo Pro subscription, you get:

  • Monthly plans started from $24.99. However, the annual subscription cost you $220/year.
  • 50 premium downloads per month. But there is no limit on downloads when you subscribed to the annual plan.
  • Access to both premium audio and 4k videos.
  • Royalty-free license on all premium content. Even files licensed under Videvo attribution can be available under the royalty-free license which is a great advantage of subscription because you don’t have to give attribution anymore on Videvo attribution licensed audio files.

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Videvo Pros:

  • Over 15k+ free copyright stock media assets are available on the site.
  • The Videvo free and premium audios marked under Royalty-free license can be used on Broadcasting platforms. This way you don’t have to upgrade your license.
  • Videvo-free copyright music files are YouTube friendly.
  • The Royalty-free license has both free and premium content
  • Unlimited downloads
  • No need for attribution
  • The user has the option to use premium music files forever that downloaded under a subscription plan. The applied license on a file remains always the same even after you cancel your subscription.
  • Music player available on a site to test the audio before downloading.
  • Audios can be used commercially without any hassle.
  • Filters are there for an easy search process
  • Cheaper annual plans
  • No signup required to download a free content
  • Both sound effects and music files are available on one website.
  • Subscription can be canceled at any time
  • Videvo is updating its stock of music files on a daily basis
  • Refunds can be deposited in a case when you haven’t found any valuable stock media content on Videvo and not able to use any credit throughout the month.
  • Fastest email customer support is there
  • Extra monthly credits can be purchased on the same subscription plan amount.
  • All audio files available on Videvo can be allowed on an unlimited number of projects (both personal and clients projects)

Videvo Cons:

  • Premium music files cannot be accessible in Videvo Lite and Pro plan
  • There is a download limit on premium content under monthly subscription plans. 
  • Music files cannot be arranged and downloaded in loops and shorter versions.

2. Shutterstock

Website 2 - Shutterstock

Shutterstock is the 2nd one on today’s list of free copyright music websites. Well, there is no denying the fact that Shutterstock is the biggest stock media website of all time. Shutterstock has launched in 2003 and in those days their primary focus is on images, but as time passed they have added the other content media assets as well.

Shutterstock also has a huge stock of music files. However, there is a limitation. Shutterstock premium music files can only be available under the subscription plans. 

But for the customer’s wellness Shutterstock has added a zip file of 700 MB which includes free royalty-free music files that can be used anywhere on the web or other places. The disadvantage here is that you don’t know what type of music files are included in the Shutterstock free music files pack unless you download it and extract it on your pc manually. And there is no information available regarding the updation of these free copyright music files.

But when we talk about quality, genres, moods, length customization, loops feature, etc then taking a Shutterstock music subscription plan is totally worth it. 

Basically, for premium music files Shutterstock has been offering 1 annual subscription-based plan and 2 one time payment plans. 

Under the one-time payment plan, the user has the option to purchase a single music file individually. However, we do not recommend Shutterstock one-time plans, they are very costly and one file would cost you $49 to $419 bucks per track. The Shutterstock annual subscription is cheaper ($199) as compared to the one-time plan. Further in the annual plan, you get access to all the Shutterstock music files. 

But the downside of this Shutterstock annual subscription that you cannot use tracks for TV, Radio, Games, Apps, and broadcasting. For these platforms, you have to purchase a track individually under the enhanced license of $419 which is very expensive. 

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3. Pixabay

website 3- Pixabay.com

Pixabay is the perfect place for users who just want free copyright music files, images, videos, vectors, etc. Millions of free stock media content available on this site. You never have to pay a single penny for any file.

This site doesn’t have a single premium stock media asset. Everything is free here. And you are free to use Pixabay music files on any platform whether it is web-based or a live broadcasting channel.

When we talk about Pixabay music content, multiple filters are available to easily find a perfect audio file. The filters including 50+ genres, 20+ moods, 10+ movements, 5+ themes. The most popular filter is a “theme,” which has options like Music for videos, YouTube videos, Vlog music, Film music, Background music, Podcast music, etc. 

Despite the free copyright music, you will face a lot of time to find a perfect audio file. The quality of free music files is not great because Pixabay allows everyone to upload their content on the site. Further, since Pixabay is free, your music files may not be unique and can be found in the other creator’s projects as well. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the Pixabay free stock music.

Note: Pixabay has only music files in their stock, not sound effects

We found audio files available in Videvo and Shutterstock is highly interesting because they are created by the professional verified artist. Due to this, you can quickly find the desired music file in minutes. 

4. Bensound

Website 4 - Bensound.com

Bensound is another popular stock music website that only deals in audio content. Similar to Pixabay, Bensound is also known for its free copyright music. Compared to Pixabay, here you will find better quality music files (both free and premium). 

The one disadvantage with Bensound is that the user has to give an attribute or credit to the author to use both premium and free copyright music files in their projects. 

Although we found that the quantity of free copyright music files is low in Bensound as compared to the Videvo and Shutterstock. Likewise the number of genres, moods is also less here.

Apart from the free music files, Bensound has also premium music files which can be licensed under any of the 3 available licenses: Standard, Extended, and Tv/Radio Ad. And user also has the option to purchase any premium music file individually started from €34 Per Track.

Bensound Pros:

  • The free music files can be used on YouTube, Vimeo, Social media, Live streaming, Twitch, Animations, Presentations, Slideshow, Website Background Music, Film Presentation, etc.
  • The cost of downloading a single premium track is €34 which is less as compared to the Shutterstock one-time payment plan.
  • Relative cheaper subscription-based plans compared to Shutterstock
  • Unlimited downloads on subscription are permitted

Bensound Cons:

  • Bensound Free music cannot be used for Web Advertising, Cinema, VOD, TV/Radio, Broadcasting, Games, Software, eLearning, Online Courses, etc. 
  • Bensound premium licenses are pretty messed up, the price for a single premium track as well as the subscription will increase when you want to use a track for Web Advertising, Cinema, TV, Radio, Broadcasting, Games, Production, etc.
  • To use premium tracks for multiple people/clients, you have to purchase a separate license every time. 
  • Sound effects are absent

5. Free Stock Music

website 5 - free-stock-music.com

Next, we have free-stock-music.com. This is another site similar to Pixabay where you get only free copyright music files. The only downside of this site that you have to give an attribute wherever you want to use the audio files.

Unlike Pixabay and Bensound here you get sound effects as well which is a big advantage but compared to the Videvo the number of sound effects is less here and also you are free to use the music files on any platform including Radio/Broadcasting, Games, YouTube, vlogs, Social Media, etc.

Similar to Pixabay, this site doesn’t have any premium license, they just accepting everyone’s music on their site so you can expect the low music quality here.

Apart from this, you will find a “length filter” here which is not be seen on any other stock music website. This filter is useful when you want to want to quickly sort the music list based on a time duration. 

When we talk about Genres and Moods, these choices are there: Acoustic, Classical, Comedy, Epic, Fantasy, Jazz, Sci-fi, Adventurous, Actions, Bizarre, Dark, Inspirational, Emotional, etc.

And one more thing, you might feel frustrated by the bad interface design and the ads flowing all over the website. 


So have you decided on the website for downloading free copyright music? Or are you still confused? Well, consider the summary below and make a quick decision:

Go for Videvo in these cases:

  • When you want free high-quality royalty-free music files and sound effects on a single website.
  • When you don’t want to give an attribute on free files and yet looking for high-quality music files.
  • When you want premium music files but only afford monthly subscriptions starting from just $24.99.
  • When you don’t want to invest too much time in searching for a perfect audio file
  • When you want to use free copyright music files for Gaming purposes, Broadcasting, Films, etc. 
  • When you don’t want to pay every time for a music file to be used on different clients. The Videvo music files can be used on an unlimited number of projects, regardless of who the owner of them
  • When you want a 4k video + premium music subscription in a single plan

Go for Shutterstock:

  • When you want to save a collection of copyright-free music (700 MB Zip file) on your PC for a lifetime.
  • When you’re interested in the cheapest annual subscription for premium music files.
  • When you want loops or shorter versions of the same music file. (This feature is only available for Shutterstock premium audio files)

Go for Pixabay:

  • When you just require free stock media assets with no attribution and when the quality is not a concern for you.
  • When you want to explore a maximum number of genres, moods, etc to find a perfect audio file.

Go for Bensound:

  • Go for Bensound when you won’t able to find a free desired music file on Pixabay
  • Go for Bensound when you don’t have a problem in giving attribute free music files
  • Go for Bensound when you just need good quality free music files and not sound effects.
  • Go for Bensound when you wanted to buy a premium single audio but at the cheapest cost (started from just €34)
  • Go for Bensound when you don’t want to use its free music files on Broadcasting, Web advertising, Cinema, Games, etc. 

Go for Free Stock Music:

  • When you want sound effects along with music files on a free stock-based website
  • When you don’t have any issue in giving attribution.
  • When you want to quickly sort the music with the length filter.

Hope you can now find the best free copyright music for your projects. If you like this article: Top 5 Sites to Download Free Copyright Music, then please share it with your friends. Want more Blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

FAQ: Top 5 Sites to Download Free Copyright Music

Which free copyright music websites allow to use of music files on YouTube?

All websites mentioned in this article.

Can I use the music files on Games and Social Media?

Yes. All the free music files available on the above websites can be published on social media sites without any copyright issue.

Do I need to give attribution?

No attribute or credit is required when you want to use music files from these websites: Videvo, Shutterstock (Music-Pack), and Pixabay.

Which stock website has the best high-quality music files?


Do I face copyright errors when using free copyright music files?


Do I need to pay any royalty to use the copyright-free music files?


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