9 Best Free Headline Analyzer Tools

Are you fed up with low CTR? Are your blog posts getting ignored? Do you want to create catchy titles for your social media or videos? Well, don’t worry. This article got you covered. In this article, we are going to share the Best Free headline analyzer tools which help you to understand what’s going wrong in your current headlines. So that you can quickly take action and convert your poor headlines into perfect ones.

What is a Headline Analyzer?

Headline Analyzer Tools are used to make or analyze how clickable a blog title is. Bloggers, copywriters, YouTubers, social media marketers, or anyone who wants to review their content headlines commonly used it. 

Almost every headline analyzer tool work in the same way as soon as a user enters a headline the analyzing process will start. After a few seconds headline analyzer tools come up with a detailed report which incorporates different factors including Headline overall score, Word Count, Emotional Sentiment, Power Words percentage, Uncommon Word percentage, Headline Length, and much more. 

In simple words, the user can use headline analyzer tools to improve their headlines and titles and gain a better click-through rate (CTR)

What Makes a Great Headline Analyzer Tool

You need to consider a headline analyzer tool as a good when:

  • It shows easy to follow report
  • It shows suggestions for each improvement required with clear and concise instructions
  • It has a readymade list of power words, uncommon words printed on the tool page itself.
  • It has a summary section that describes the whole analysis in a neat and simpler manner.
  • It has a SERP preview feature
  • It has a headline history dashboard
  • It is free
  • It has no restrictions on the number of headlines to be entered for analysis.

Note: If you are in hurry, just skip the entire article and analyze your headlines for free with the MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer Tool because this is the only tool that has all parameters mentioned above.

The List of Best Free Headline Analyzer Tools

Video Tutorial: 9 Best Free Headline Analyzer Tools (2021)

For the reader’s convenience, we always create a video tutorial. Either you can watch and learn or simply skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned afterward.

After spending hours of research and play around with numerous headline analyzer tools, we would like to reveal the list of the top headline analyzer tools for you.  

After going through the tools list, don’t forget to check the conclusion section where we mentioned the rare tips to generate great headlines.

The list of best headline analyzer tools includes:

Now before exploring these tools in detail, it is a must to understand few glossary terms you are going to find in headline analyzer tools:

  • Power Words: These are special words that give an emotional touch to the headlines and are commonly used to create responsive headlines. Power words are categorized into multiple categories including Greed words, Sloth words, Vanity words, etc. You can download a complete power words pdf from here.
  • Common Words: Percentage of common words found in a headline
  • Uncommon Words: Percentage of uncommon words found in a headline
  • Emotional Words: Percentage of emotional words found in a headline
  • Sentiment: Type of sentiment triggered by the headline
  • Character Count: Number of characters included in a headline
  • Word Count: Number of words present in a headline
  • Skimmability: How quickly a headline can be read through

#1 MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer Tool: Best Free Headline Analyzer

MonsterInsights best free headline analyzer

MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer tool is on the top of our today’s list. Although MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin used to simplify the Google Analytics reports and link WordPress websites to GA as well. But on their website, you will find this amazing free headline analyzer tool which helps you to make catchy headlines. This tool not just analyzes but also gives you suggestions for improvements. 

MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer Highlighted Features:

Some of the highlighted features we really like about this headline analyzer tool are as follows:

Overall Score & Score History:

As soon as you enter the headline, the first thing you will see the overall score of your headline. And besides that in a “score history” tab, you will see all your previous headlines versions with their score. From here you can quickly review the current headline version with the previous version.

MonsterInsights headline analyzer showing headline overall score and score history

Word Balance Report:

Just after the overall score, the first thing you will find is the Word Balance Report. Inside this, first of all, you will learn whether your headline needs improvement or not. If yes, then this tool is telling you by showing this message “Can be Improved”. And just below that, in bold words, it is also mentioned that what changes should be required for improving the current headline. 

Finally, you will see the main tabs of Word Balance Report which describing the percentages of common words, uncommon words, emotional words, and power words present in the headline. Not only just percentages, but this report also tells you whether your headline met the goal for each type of word or not.

With the help of this report, you will review your headline and add the missing words to make it more perfect and complete.

MonsterInsights headline analyzer - word balance report

Sentiment Analysis

MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer tool also reviews your headline and quickly lets you know about its sentimental view. You should always create a headline that expresses or generate positive sentiments in readers life. A headline that shows negative or neutral sentiment is bad and likely to be ignored by the readers. But positive sentiments engage readers and quickly attract their attention. 

In some cases, negative sentiments can grab attention too. For example when you review a product and wanted to explain the bad effects of its on the human body. In such cases, you can express negative sentiments with your headline. But neutral sentiments are the worst. They express nothing and hence always be ignored. 

MonsterInsights headline analyzer telling us the sentiment present in a headline

Character Count and Word Count

MonsterInsights headline analyzer also analyzes the headline characters and words and lets you know if a headline fully appears in a SERP or not. By reviewing the character’s minimum count, you can ensure headline visibility in search engines. 

MonsterInsights headline analyzer analyzes the character count and word count

Search Preview Feature

Without the SERP preview option, a headline analyzer tool will never be complete. The user can easily take a look and feel how the headline is going to appear in the Google search engine.

MonsterInsights headline analyzer - SERP Preview feature

Quick Summary

At the end of the report, MonsterInsights headline analyzer also presents a complete analysis report in a quick summary form. From here the user can quickly review the sections which need improvement. Also, suggestions are there accessible by expanding the “view suggestions” drop-down option.

MonsterInsights headliner analyzer - summary of a headline analysis

Word Banks

Last but not least, on the same headline report page, you will a list of Power Words, Emotion Words, and Uncommon Words. So if your headline lacks any of these words, you can quickly choose from here and add them to your headline. You don’t have to search manually on Google. Before adding any words, make sure to check the Word balance report first where you get to know about the missing words.


MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer Pros:

  • It gives you suggestions and goals for improvements
  • Scores for previous headlines can be accessible
  • Understandable report
  • Summary at the end
  • Unlimited searches
  • SERP preview is available
  • A list of power words is available on the headline analyzer main page itself.

MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer Cons:

  • Headline Readability cannot be checked.
  • SEO Reports is absent

#2 ISITWP Headline Analyzer Tool: Another Best Headline checker

ISITWP headline analyzer is similar to MonsterInsights headline analyzer tool. All reports you have seen in the above tool can also be found here. The only difference here, that on an analysis result page lot of additional information related to headlines, and this tool are available. For example step by step instructions to use this tool, explanation of reports, tips to create the best headline, etc.

The only thing missing in this Headline analyzer tool, that you cannot view the score of previously searched headlines. And a list of power words is also not be found here.

#3 Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer: An Emotional Headline analyzer

advanced marketing institute headline analyzer

Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer tool is also known as the Emotional Marketing Value headline analyzer. This tool is mainly known for its ability to analyzing the emotional sentiments present in a headline. Or in simple words, this tool will let you know how emotionally powerful a headline is. Not just the emotional aspect, this tool also analyzes the marketing value available in a headline.

As per this tool, a headline must have at least 30-40% EMV value. 

So when you submit a headline for analysis, you won’t see multiple reports as we saw in the MonsterInsights headline analyzer. 

It only shows you the EMV percentage and also the type of emotion (Intellectual, Empathetic, Spiritual) present in the headline. 

We highly recommend this headline analyzer tool when you want to create truly emotions-packed headlines that grabs a user’s attention in seconds. The better you score, the more emotionally attached your headlines will gonna be.

headline analysis result shown by advanced marketing institute headline analyzer

Compare to the MonsterInsights headline analyzer, this EMV headline analyzer has few things missing:

  • Word balance report which shows the percentage of power words, uncommon words, and common words present in a headline
  • Character count
  • SERP preview option
  • Overall summary
  • Power words list

#4 Coschedule Headline Analyzer

coschedule headline analyzer

Coschedule Headline Analyzer is the next one on our list. Well, when you landed upon this website and enter a headline, you will be asked to complete a signup form. After creating a free account, you could analyze unlimited headlines. 

Coschedule headline analyzer has both free and premium versions. In a free version, you will only able to see the headline score and Thesaurus. However, the premium version offers you extra benefits including smart suggestions, SEO Score, Full Version History, Full Headline History, and Word Banks. 

The premium plans are very costly and as a trial user, you can enjoy or access the premium analysis reports for only 3 headlines.

To access the premium reports for free, users have the option to download the Coschedule headline analyzer free chrome extension which has the same features as you find in a web-based premium version. 

Let’s have a look at the headline report generated by the Coschedule free headline analyzer:

coschedule headline analyzer - word balance report
coschedule headline analyzer detailed report
coschedule headline analyzer tool report

In a free report you can access or view:

  • Headline overall score 
  • Word balance report
  • Word count
  • Character count
  • Headline Type 
  • Reading Grade level
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Clarity check
  • Skimmability analysis

But in a premium version, the only extra metrics you will find are suggestions and a separate SEO score report. Compared to other headline analyzer tools, Suggestions should be included in the free version as well. This is a disadvantage here. But SEO report is something valuable and for this, you can go for the Coshedule premium headline analyzer version. 

The SEO report gives you a lot of information you can use to optimized or make your headline SEO-friendly. Under SEO report you can find optimization suggestions, keyword quality, keyword density, average monthly searches, search competition level, keyword trend, search preview, headline competition, keyword variations, and related queries.

Suggestions shown in a coschedule premium headline analyzer
coschedule headline analyzer premium version

#5 Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

sharethrough headline analyzer

Sharethrough headline analyzer is another popular tool that mainly analyzes your headline with 2 factors: Impressions and Engagement. Based on the score of these two metrics, it gives you an overall quality score for the headline. 

This tool is built and analyzes a headline based on the principles of behavior model theory and neuroscience advertising research. Basic features like word count, characters count, and headline history is there. Further lot of good suggestions are available to learn how you can create great headlines.

headline analysis report generated through sharethrough headline analyzer

#6 Capitalize My Title Headline Analyzer: Best SEO headline analyzer

Capitalize My Title Headline Analyzer

Capitalize My Title Headline Analyzer tool is the perfect option when you want to know the SEO score of the headline as well but without paying any bucks. Compared to the Coschedule headline analyzer, here you don’t need to spend money. All reports are accessible without any cost. 

The noticeable thing is that this SEO headline checker added a brief description under each report from which you can quickly understand the meaning of that particular report.

Apart from the SEO score, a lot of headlines reports can be generated including:

  • Overall Headline Score
  • Readability Point
  • SEO Analysis
  • Sentiment Score
  • Common Words, Power Words Count
  • Word Count
  • Characters Count compared with different platforms
  • Headline Pixel width compared to minimum pixel width required in a SERP

#7 Hubspot Blog Title Generator : Blog or YouTube Title analyzer

Hubspot Blog Title Generator

Hubspot Blog Title Generator is a different one, and only for those people who don’t want to create attractive headlines manually. From this point onwards we are going to share automatic title generator tools. This type of tool is amazing, you just only need to input a topic name, and then it will sync your topic name with predefined headline templates and generate a list of headlines. 

Yes, sometimes these generated titles are weird, but you have to tweak them a little bit to turn them into the perfect ones. Let’s understand with an example:

Suppose I want to create an attractive headline related to my niche: “washing machine”. So I entered my niche name and tap on the add button.

After few seconds, the Hubspot title generator syncs my input text with these headlines:

  • Washing Machine: Expectation vs Reality
  • Will Washing Machine Ever Rule the World?
  • The Next Big Thing in Washing Machine
  • Washing Machine Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters
  • This Week’s Top Stories About Washing Machine

You can see that except for the 2nd one, the other 4 headlines are great and highly engaging. You not just get good headlines but also get amazing content ideas. 

Remember, Hubspot Blog Title Generator only able to generate 5 different headlines variants for a single topic at a time.

#8 Tweak Your Biz Title Generator: Best Free Title generator

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is a thousand times better than a previous tool. Similar to the above tool, here you just need to enter a topic name, define between noun and verb and you are good to go. This tool then comes up with tons of engaging headlines divided into multiple categories including list headlines, headlines with “best” word, How-to based headlines, Questions oriented, Business, Motivation, Problem-oriented, etc.

tweak your biz title generator - list based headlines
tweak your biz title generator - headlines started with best
tweak your biz title generator - how to based headlines
tweak your biz title generator - question based headlines
tweak your biz title generator - business and motivation based headlines
tweak your biz title generator - problem based headlines

However, we noticed that headlines are a bit longer and mainly useful for social media posts. So if you are a social media marketer, then this tool will be a savior for you. After adding headlines generated by this tool and on social media posts, your social media engagement will gonna rise for sure.

#9 Portent’s Title Maker

Portent's Title Maker

Portent’s Title Maker is another automatic headline generator tool. In this you just need to enter a seed keyword, then by tapping the “see another title” button each time you will see a new headline that syncs with your given keyword. Unlike Hubspot, there is no restriction on the number of headlines to be generated.

We have compared the headlines generated by this Portent’s Title Maker with the above tool and found out that Portent’s Title Maker headlines are more suitable for blogs because of their short length. However, you can use them for social media content as well. 

Conclusion: Which is the Best Free Headline Analyzer Tool

Well, after reviewing the multiple headline analyzer tools, we have found that these tools are just good for analysis. Ultimately, you have to manually tweak your headlines by following the suggestions. Our favorite is the MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer tool because it has all parameters required in a headline analyzer tool.

Before signing off, I would like to share some tips you should keep in mind while improving your headlines:

  • Add numbers in a headline
  • Add quotation marks
  • Use negative words, sloth words, curiosity words
  • Mention a benefit or try to explain how user life will change after reading your post.
  • Add CTA words
  • Put the current year in Headlines
  • Avoid passive voice
  • Aim for 6 words
  • Use odd numbers instead of even
  • Add parenthesis or brackets
  • Add emotional sentiments

I hope you like our list of best free headline analyzer tools. When you find any new headline analyzer tool, let us know through the comment section. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

FAQ: Best Free Headline Analyzer Tools

Can I use Headline analyzer tools to create headlines for YouTube Videos?

Yes. The tools we mentioned in the above list can be used to generate any type of headline. You can use it for social media posts, YouTube videos, website articles, etc.

What is the Best Headline Analyzer tool?

MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer

What is CTR?

CTR or click-through rate is the metric that shows the percentage of people who clicked on your post as compared to the total impressions. You can easily get detail of this metric in a google search console.

Should I create “How-to” or List-based headlines?

Both types of headlines are willing to perform well in search results. The final decision still depends on the topic and the type of content you are looking to create.

How to measure CTR rate?

To measure the CTR of your own website page you can take the help of a Google search console. Inside the Google search console navigate to the Performance tab. Here tap on the new button and enter the URL of the web page you want to track. Then make sure to check on total impressions and total click boxes. This will show you the total number of clicks and impressions a web page received over a particular period of time. After that use this formula to calculate CTR rate: Clicks/Impressions *100. You can also see the graph to analyze the growth of CTR rate over time.

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