FreeUp Review: Hire Pre-Vetted and Top Talent Freelancers And Grow Your Business Within 1 Business Day

Are you running an eCommerce business or some other business? And do you want to hire the top talent freelancers in just 1 business day? For this, are you looking for the best freelancer marketing place? Or are you an efficient freelancer? And are you seeking for an online job?

Then FreeUp is the perfect solution for businesses and freelancers. Just go through this Freeup review to learn about the FreeUp Interview Process, FreeUp Jobs, FreeUp Pricing and more.

What is FreeUp?

  • FreeUp is a perfect marketing place that provides employers immediate access to the pre-vetted Freelancer Specialists, Virtual Assistants, and Boutique Agencies who are specialists in Amazon, eCommerce, digital marketing, and more.
  • FreeUp interviews thousands of freelancers each week for skills, attitude, and communication. And it selects only the top 1% out of thousands.
  • So, being an employer you can get efficient freelancers with FreeUp.

What are the benefits of FreeUp?

  • FreeUp takes all the burden of the interview process. And it interviews thousands of freelancers each week. And it finally selects only the top 1% candidates out of thousands.
  • So, being an employer, you can approach FreeUp. Because FreeUp provides you the top talented freelancers. That too 1 or few. So that you can interview the few efficient candidates quickly. This saves a lot of time.
  • Further, FreeUp provides:
    • Virtual Assistants.
    • Freelancer Specialists.
    • Boutique Agencies at affordable prices and at any location.
  • And if you are an efficient freelancer, then you can get hired by FreeUp. And you can start earning online.
  • It is an efficient market place both for employer and employee.
  • Further, being an employer you can get the best freelancer or virtual assistant in the following skills:
    • Amazon VA.
    • Customer Service.
    • Blogging.
    • Social Media.
    • Google Adwords.
    • And more.
  • Last but not least, it won’t charge an employer to find a suitable freelancer. And it won’t charge the best freelancer to get hired.

FreeUp Review

Just go through this Freeup review article to learn everything about FreeUp. Just like:

  1. FreeUp Services or Jobs,
  2. How FreeUp Works For Employers or Clients? or How FreeUp aids Clients to hire the top talent freelancer in just 1 Business Day?
  3. How FreeUp Works For Freelancers? Or FreeUp Interview Process.
  4. Choose From The 3 Levels of Freelancers in FreeUp Marketplace.
  5. Choose The FreeUp Agency Program.
  6. FreeUp Pricing and Plans.

1. FreeUp Jobs or Services

  • FreeUp provides jobs to freelancers and virtual assistants in more than 85 different skill sets. Just like in:
    • Ecommerce.
    • Amazon.
    • Sales & Marketing.
    • Web Development.
    • Web Design.
    • Content Creation.
    • And more.
  • At the same time, employers or clients can quickly find a suitable and efficient freelancer in any of the above skills in just 1 day. Because FreeUp can do pre-vetting process effectively for freelancers before it hires.

2. How FreeUp Works For Employers or Clients? or How FreeUp aids Clients to hire the top talent freelancer in just 1 Business Day?

If you are an employer or client, then go through the following steps to hire effective freelancers or virtual assistants in just 1 business day.

2.1 Create a FreeUp Account

  • Go to the FreeUp website and signup to create a free account.
  • FreeUp won’t charge you for signup. And it doesn’t impose any monthly fees.
  • So you can create a free account in just 5 to 10 minutes.

2.2 Request the Exact Freelancer You Need

  • Now, login to your FreeUp account.
  • Next, click on the FreeUp REQUEST button.
  • Next, you have to fill out all the details about the freelancer you require.
  • Next, click the Submit button.
  • Next, within 1 business day, you will be introduced to 1 freelancer, who matches your requirements.
  • Further, if you want more than one freelancer, then you have to tell FreeUp. Then FreeUp can introduce you to more than one freelancer.

2.3 Hire the Top Talent Freelancer

  • Once, FreeUp introduces you to a freelancer. Then you can interview that freelancer for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Next, if the freelancer meets your requirements. Then you can hire the freelancer to your FreeUp account.
  • Otherwise, you have to provide feedback.
  • Then, FreeUp will introduce you to another freelancer.
  • Suppose if you have hired the freelancer. Then they will appear in your FreeUp account.

2.4 Manage Freelancers Through Your FreeUp Account

  • Once you hire a freelancer. Then you have to set clear expectations about the following with the freelancer to start your work.
    • Number of Hours Approved.
    • Estimated Deadlines.
    • Communication Methods.
  • Once the freelancer has started your work. Then you can view all hours billed by freelancers directly in your FreeUp account under the Dashboard section.

2.5 Pay Freelancers Every Week

  • FreeUp billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week.
  • So, every Thursday, your payment will be automatically withdrawn from the payment method on your FreeUp account.
  • Further, you can review detailed invoices for each billing period in your FreeUp account and through email each Thursday.

2.6 Bonus: Tips from FreeUp’s CEO and others

  • Further, you can listen to the tips provided by FreeUp’s CEO on:
    • How to use FreeUp to save time and scale your business.
  • And you can also listen to others who are successfully using FreeUp.

3. How FreeUp Works For Freelancers? Or FreeUp Interview Process

Just follow the below steps to join the FreeUp marketplace.

3.1 Apply to Join the FreeUp Marketplace

  • Go to the FreeUp website. And click on the Apply As A Freelancer Today button.
  • Next, fill out the freelancer application and submit it.
  • Next, if you meet FreeUp criteria. Then its success team calls you for an interview within 1 to 2 days.

3.2 Interview With FreeUp

  • Once, you get a call. Then you have to schedule a time with a FreeUp representative.
  • Next, you have to meet the FreeUp rep. Then FreeUp rep will interview you for 30 to 45 minutes about:
    • Your past experience,
    • Core skill sets, and
    • Communication methods.
  • If you perform well, then you will be notified within 24 business hours. And you will be invited to the final stage of the application process.

3.3 Pass the Best Practices and Terms of Use Test

  • Once you clear the interview process. Then FreeUp provides you a copy of its Freelancer Best Practices and Terms of Use to study and understand.
  • Next, it will conduct a test to you related to the above copy.
  • Once you pass the test. Then you will be welcomed to the FreeUp community.

3.4 Gain Access to the FreeUp Community

  • If you pass the final test. Then a FreeUp assistant will reach out to aid you to set up your FreeUp account.
  • And the FreeUp assistant will introduce you to the marketplace.

3.5 Browse and Land Client Projects

  • Now in your FreeUp account, you can browse the Open Projects Board.
  • And you can apply for projects that fit your expertise and hourly rate.
  • Next, clients will interview you.
  • Once, clients like you. Then they will hire you through your FreeUp account.
  • And they will be added to your account. So that you can bill hours.

3.6 Get Paid Weekly

  • As said previously. In FreeUp, billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week.
  • So, clients are billed on Thursdays.
  • And you will be paid every Thursday.
  • Further, you can directly receive the payments to your bank account set up on your FreeUp account.

3.7 Bonus: Hear What Freelancers Are Saying

  • Further, if you want, you listen to the success stories of:
    • Freelancers, and
    • Virtual Assistants.

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4. Choose From The 3 Levels of Freelancers in FreeUp Marketplace

FreeUp provides freelancers for every aspect of your business. And in FreeUp, most skills available in three levels. Based on your need, you can choose a freelancer out of the 3 levels of expertise.

4.1 Basic Level Freelancers

  • Basic Level freelancers have a few years of experience. They just follow your systems and processes. But they can complete your task within the specified time.
  • Therefore, if you already have systems and processes in place. Then you can choose the basic level freelancers.

4.2 Mid Level Freelancers

  • Mid Level Freelancers have much experience than basic level freelancers. And they are more specialized.
  • Further, they can handle your project with their own processes. But they are not consultants. They are just doers.

4.3 Expert Level Freelancers

Expert level freelancers are consultants and strategists. And they can help you to organize and expand.

5. Choose The FreeUp Agency Program

  • FreeUp aids you to find and hire pre-vetted boutique agencies too.
  • These agencies are more specialized in:
    • eCommerce,
    • Amazon,
    • Digital Marketing,
    • And more.
  • And these can take large amounts of your project work.

6. FreeUp Pricing and Plans

  • In FreeUp, you can find freelancers at affordable rates range from $5 to $75+ per hour.
  • But FreeUp doesn’t have any startup or monthly fees. However, you have to pay hourly or fixed rates with no minimums!
  • Actually, FreeUp pricing depends on:
    • Type of Skill you have chosen.
    • Type of Level you have chosen.

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6.1 FreeUp Estimated Pricing for Freelancers based on their skills

Now let’s have a glance at the FreeUp estimated pricing ranges for the US and international freelancers, for different skills.

FreeUp-Estimated Pricing-for-Us-and-international-freelancers

6.2 FreeUp Pricing for the 3 levels of freelancers

  • FreeUp pricing depends on the type of freelancer you have chosen.
  • For basic level freelancers, the pricing is $5 to $10 per hour.
  • And for mid-level freelancers, the pricing is $10 to $30 per hour.
  • And for expert-level freelancers, the pricing is $30 to $75+ per hour.

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How FreeUp different from other freelancer market places?

Though there are many freelancer market places available. FreeUp is different from those. Because it has a strong power of prevetting process. And it selects only the top 1%. For clarity, let’s have a glance at the following three points.

All freelancers are vetted:

  • FreeUp interviews thousands of freelancers each week for
    • skills,
    • attitude, and
    • communication.
  • Then only FreeUp allows the top 1% into the platform.

Employers or Clients can meet qualified candidates fast:

  • Next, FreeUp introduces just 1 qualified freelancer to the Client by default.
  • Further, it provides any number of freelancers, if the client requests it.
  • So that the client or employee can stop wasting time interviewing on other market places.

Don’t worry about turnover:

In the rare case, suppose if a freelancer quits. Then FreeUp will replace them immediately. And it covers applicable replacement costs if any.


Now you can realize that FreeUp is a great way for Clients or Employers to hire top talent freelancers in various skills like in eCommerce, Amazon, digital marketing, and more. That too in just 1 business day.

Further, FreeUp doesn’t impose any signup or monthly fees on clients. And its prevetting process makes it strong. And in the prevetting process, it selects only the top 1% freelancers. So, though FreeUp is a young competitor, which started its service in 2015. Thousands of clients are approaching FreeUp and hiring thousands of freelancers. That’s why FreeUp is growing rapidly and stand in the freelancers’ marketplace efficiently, though there are top freelancers sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and more.

I can definitely say that this FreeUp Review article aids you to learn full details about FreeUp. Just like the FreeUp Interview Process, FreeUp Jobs, FreeUp Pricing, and more. If you like this article, then do a favor by sharing this article and follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.

FreeUp FAQs

How does FreeUp work?

First, you have to post a job on FreeUp. Then its staff will introduce you 1 pre-vetted freelancer usually within a day. Next, you can conduct a 15 to 20-minute interview. If you like that freelancer, then you can hire that freelancer or agency. Next, you can do payments via your FreeUp account.

How much do virtual assistants on FreeUp cost?

The cost of virtual assistants on FreeUp depends on their location and experience level. The cost of basic level freelancers is $5 to $10 per hour. And the cost of mid-level freelancers is $10 to $30 per hour. And the cost of expert-level freelancers is $30 to $70 or more per hour.

What types of businesses can use FreeUp?

Today, FreeUp provides services to more than 4000 businesses from Amazon sellers to digital marketing agencies to online influencers to real estate agents. And day by day, industries continue to grow, because they have recognized and loved the power of the FreeUp hiring platform.

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