6 Best OptinMonster Alternatives OR Competitors

Only Because of high pricing, you might consider OptinMonster alternatives. Otherwise, OptinMonster is the best Lead capture software. The OptinMonster plugin helping to gain customers and it is the best tool for building the Email list for a long time. Although, it has unique features and loved by most of the users, in this competitive world there are many other plugins that are similar to OptinMonster with additional features. Here we have provided the list of OptinMonster Competitors.

If you are new to WordPress you can create a free WordPress website.

What is OptinMonster Plugins & How it Works?

Let’s start when we log-on to there website the better area of this website to see exactly what it does so what the talk about if you can intestine forms easily and you can tile designs that is how it is a really stitching. When they say actually to get design wallpaper multiple pop-ups types of primary option type.

  1. Using the visual editor we can make multiple types of opt-in forms.
  2. Top Email marketing services like Constant Contact can be added to it
  3. It has certain targeting tools to be displayed.
  4. It shows analytics forms to improve the site.
  5. Advanced features like Geo-Targeting, etc.,
  6. Advanced technologies like Exit-Intent, etc.,

They even have a pop-up tool but they also have a thing where its a bob’s on the bottom of the two web page. So there we have to click on the bottom right where you can position your pop-ups and it looks like you can chat, but it is really not. If you click on it a little window pop-ups and says of convert your target so you have pop-ups on E-paper basis and this thing they actually coined the term equity.

That means when the webpage since the mouse castle has moved off the screen it will generator pop up that’s when someone is going to exit your website. It’s pretty important and actionable inside that will basically let you know how one pop up is converting as far as the number of people that period it actually took action on it so anyway.

So that’s let look at the pricing, the pricing is actually pretty aggressive now they have different options but you don’t be confused. Some of the features are taken away on the basic option so it’s not like the basic option in one side and it has all the features it is one side but this trip down all features so, for instance, you can see a lot of cheque marks.


What we don’t like about this is all pop-ups are really starting to look exactly the same day. Really we can spot pop-ups in the mile away now that’s not necessarily such a bad thing because we get promoted to see them. But we are limited on what you can do the design with it and that’s one of the things you might don’t like. The biggest VPN people can’t even use, but to use it as it is one of the pricing email service providers to get response campaign monitor.

What does OptinMonster do?

Optinmonster was developed in Florida, United States. This application unites with different web platforms. It helps in converting website visitors into customers. It has opt-in templates well designed. As it is easy and simple to use.

It comes with

  • Visual Editor
  • Targeting Options
  • Reporting and Split Testing
  • Split Testing

Added Highlights

  • OptinMonster is a single interfaced.
  • Here we can make many sets of campaign types.
  • OptionMonster helps us with different sets of templates.
  • OptionMonster has targeted options with multiple rules.
  • OptionMonster is a boosting for simple websites.

With similar features, we have many other plugins for very less price compare to Optinmonster. But no one gives the quality service than Optinmonster. When you want to save the money then only you can go with other Optinmonster alternatives.  Here we have listed the best OptinMonster alternatives.

OptinMonster Alternatives

1.Thrive Leads: A cheaper alternative to OptinMonster

thrive leads

Thrive Leads has a great email list with added up option form with WordPress plugin of Thrive Themes. Thrive lead is one of the lead generation plugins for WordPress which is having own list building conversion experts. You can experience the growth in business with its amazing tactics within no time and get massive conversion boost by showing relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags.

Moreover, you can see where your most valuable traffic comes from. Thrive Leads is the most effective, most conversion focused lead opt-in plugin for WordPress. You no need to have any skills to use this tool and see the results in minutes.

With its stunning design and beautiful visual editor, and less price this is the best alternative.

It has one-time purchase plans with lifetime updates. Their plans come with one year of support. If you need the support after one year, then only you need to pay otherwise, you can enjoy the lifetime updates.

Thrice Leads Plans and Pricing

I think it is the cheaper alternative to Optinmonster. There are no recurring fees. It has only one time purchase plans. Ofcourse, all plans come with lifetime updates and one year support.

  • One site license cost you $67.
  • Five sites license cost you $97.
  • 15 Sites license cost you $147.

Even if you are a blogger or a small business, it is better to go with five sites license.

2.ConvertPlus: Another Low price OptinMonster competitor


Convert Plus is one of the cheap and best alternatives to the OptinMonster. Most of the marketers are using Convert Plus plugins to increase the visitors. By using this you can generate more email subscribers. Moreover, this plugin helps you to create the pop-ups in just a few minutes without wasting time and converts the website’s visitors into subscribers, followers etc. 

Convert Plus includes all WordPress Pop-ups that helps in getting leads and social followers. Also, you can just use this tool to create a modal popup on your website. It does not require any coding. It builds Email lists, share updates, and helps to increase the followers. The best thing about ConvertPlus is a huge library of beautiful templates that are proven to work and you can customize templates.

It helps to add popups, sliding share buttons, showing social media follow buttons, sticky offers, etc.,

It has one-time purchase option with lifetime updates. Their plans come with one year of support. If you need the support after one year, then only you need to pay otherwise, you can enjoy the lifetime updates.

3.Poptin: Best and Free Optinmonster alternative


Poptin is a lead capture platform that’s packed with amazing features and advanced technology necessary for lead growth. Since it’s free (for up to 1000 visits per month) to use forever, it clearly has a bit of an advantage especially for startups and small businesses, evidenced by Poptin’s long list of positive reviews across big CMS platforms such as WordPress, Capterra, and Shopify.

Poptin offers a user-friendly interface where you can create your pop-ups and forms even in just a few minutes. It is primarily designed to help businesses acquire more leads, subscribers, and customers. You can also save time by choosing among their 40+ beautiful and highly-customizable templates.

The platform also ensures that your efforts would be maximized, that’s why it provides smart triggers and targeting options that you can personally set so you can effectively capture more qualified leads.

Among its advanced features include exit-intent technology which can greatly help in increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment, real-time performance reports and analytics, A/B testing, email marketing/CRM integrations, autoresponders, and many others. 

With its wide array of key features and specifications, Poptin is considered as one of the best OptinMonster alternatives. Its paid subscription plans start at only $19 per month.



SumoMe is similar to the WordPress plugins rather than giving another plugin site. If you are struggling to collect emails because the tools aren’t available and too costly? Then Sumo is the best tool to increase the email subscribers and social followers. Install this plugin in your WordPress and see a drastic improvement of your website. By using this tool one can improve their business and attract visitors.

You will get a 20% discount on the SumoMe annual plans.

5.Ninja Popups


Ninja Popups is a WordPress plugin that enables popups on your website to have social followers and subscriptions etc. Ninja Popups make it easy to add custom pop-ups to your website i.e; customizable for WordPress. It gives more options with unique features and allows a website for social follows, email subscriptions, etc.

Moreover, it adds popups to discounts, special deals or coupon codes. Ninja Popup is user freindly, easy to install with unlimited popups, page level targeting etc. This is also one of the best alternatives to OptinMonster.



GrowthFunnel is the best way to increase your email list with social followers and shares along with customer without vexing your visitor. GrowthFunnel is a personalized way to convert your abandoning visitors into subscribers and social followers. With the push notification, you can increase return traffic and boost sales. This is the best tool with unique features and also GrowthFunnel is the powerful Conversion Optimization and Customer Acquisition Tool.

Conclusion: Which is the best alternative to Optinmonster

Thrive Leads is one of the best Optinmonster competitors. When you want the cheapest alternative to Optinmonster, we suggest ConvertPlus. When you don’t mind spending little amount on the best features, you can go with Poptin.

These are the best OptinMonster alternatives to improve your traffic and social followers. If we have missed out any do let us know in the comment section below. You can follow BlogVwant on Facebook and Twitter.

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