What is WordPress? Quick Review, WordPress.org Vs .com – Which is Best?

Want to Know What is WordPress? Do you want to start a blog or website? Then choosing the right platform is essential for you to go ahead with your work without any stops and barriers. This article will give you details about What is WordPress, WordPress review, and WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com.

What is WordPress? – What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is the simplest online publishing platform that allows you to create your own blogs and websites. At present WordPress is powering millions of websites worldwide. Definitely, WordPress is an ideal platform to design beautiful blogs and websites without any hassle. WordPress also permits you to make revenues through ads.

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner?

Yes. A beginner can prefer WordPress without any doubts. Without any difficulty, you can make and manage your own websites and blogs as you desired. It is just like an Office word but online and very easy for anyone to access. Further, you don’t need any profound knowledge like coding, PHP, etc.

WordPress Review – WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com

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What is WordPress: WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com

WordPress is a powerful online word processor that supports to create, design and manage beautiful blogs and websites. At Present WordPress covers over 34% of the web worldwide. That is WordPress is accessing by one-third of website designers to manage their websites. WordPress accessing is available in two modes namely

  • WordPress.com (Fully hosted with premium versions)
  • WordPress.org (Self-hosted)

This WordPress review article explains the main differences between two platforms WordPress.com and WordPress.org in terms of their supported features that aid you choose the right platform.


Champion: WordPress.com

WordPress.com fully hosts your site and makes your blog and website beautiful up to date. You have to simply concentrate on the rich content to upload and publish.

On the other hand, WordPress.org is fully self-hosted. You have to host your blog or website yourself on any one of the Top Web Hosting services like DreamHost. That is you have to not only concentrate on the rich content but also on hosting your website.

Software Download

Champion: WordPress .com

No need to download WordPress software to access WordPress.com. You have to simply choose a premium hosting that fully hosts your website and you can go ahead with your work.

But to access WordPress.org, you have to download WordPress software. After downloading you have to search for hosts like DreamHost, Bluehost, etc., to install this software. Besides focussing on smart content, you need to concentrate on complete hosting. Each and everything is taken care of by you only.

Today, you need not download WordPress because almost every web hosting services provide pre-installed WordPress on their servers.

Technical knowledge

WordPress review technical knowledge

Champion: WordPress.com

Without any technical knowledge, you can access WordPress.com. Because everything regarding hosting is taken care of by the officials of WordPress.

But you need some technical knowledge like coding, PHP and CSS to access WordPress.org as everything of your website work and hosting are taken by yourself. And this knowledge also aids you to make your website unclutter and beautiful.

Security and Backups

Champion: WordPress.com

In WordPress.com, premium hosting is available that provides automatic powerful security and backups to your precious content. Further, it allows you to upgrade to the custom domain with a suitable name.

In WordPress.org, you have to search for a host to secure your rich website data and to create a name to your website. Also, you have to alone concentrate on backups and maintenance. Of course, there are many WordPress backup plugins to secure your self hosted WordPress website. We suggest you go with the WPTimecapsule because it provides the incremental backup and comes with the lifetime license.

Customizing Themes

Champion: WordPress.com

In WordPress.com, hundreds of attractive themes are available. Therefore, you can customize your website with these beautiful themes. This can definitely attract the attention of the audience whenever they visited your beautiful website.

But in WordPress.org, you have to install your desired themes externally and one free preallocated theme is available with you. If you have technical knowledge of PHP and CSS, then you can also develop your own themes. We suggest you go with the Genesis Framework for the best themes.

Integration with Social Media

Champion: WordPress.com

In WordPress.com, you can easily integrate your own blog and website with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

But in WordPress.org, you need to install a plugin like a jetpack to integrate your own blog and website with social media.

Visitor Interfacing Features

Champion: WordPress.com

WordPress.com provides readily several visitor interfacing features like sharing, comments, stats, and polls.

But in WordPress.org, you need to install several plugins to avail of visitor interfacing features.

Powerful Inbuilt features

Champion: WordPress.com

WordPress.com provides powerful features like SEO, Backups, Security, Google Sitemaps, Socia Media sharing options, Image galleries, Contact forms, Icons, etc. You don’t require to install any third-party plugins.

But in WordPress.org, you must install third-party plugins to avail of each and every feature as in WordPress.com.

Personal Support

WordPress support

Champion: WordPress.com

In WordPress.com, personal support is always available for you from WordPress officials. You can also get support from WordPress.com forums.

However, you can’t expect any personal support in WordPress.org. But you can get assistance from WordPress.org support forums.


Champion: WordPress.org

To access WordPress.com, you have to register on WordPress.com for an account. Also, you have to accept the terms of service of WordPress.com.

But no registration is required in WordPress.org.

Plans, Pricing & Discount

WordPress.org is an open-source software which is freely available on all web hosting services.

WordPress.com is the premium hosting service which seems expensive than other WordPress managed hosting services. They have various plans depends on your use and the features. They do have a free plan. The premium plans start from $3 per month to $45 per month.

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Right Choice For You

Champion: Depends on You

If you don’t have profound technical knowledge on PHP, CSS, and Coding, and if you want to create, manage and beautify your website easily without any hassle, then WordPress.com is the right choice for you. WordPress.com is the best option for everyone like bloggers, artists, photographers, plumbers, restaurateurs, doctors, etc. Here the champion is WordPress.com.

If you have profound technical knowledge on PHP, CSS, Coding, and Designing, and if you want to create, design and manage your website with your own styles and themes, then WordPress.org is the choice for you. Here the champion is WordPress.org

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org at a glance

HostingFully hostedSelf-hosted
PHP, CSS and
Coding Knowledge
Not requiredRequired
Security & BackupsIncludedNeed to be installed
ThemesIncludedNeed to be installed
Integrate with
Social Media
IncludedNeed to install
Personal Support AvailableNot available
RegistrationRequiredNot required
SEO, Galleries, forms,
Google Sitemaps, etc
IncludedNeed to install
third-party plugins

Pros of WordPress.com

  • Fully hosted
  • No need to download WordPress software
  • Technical knowledge like PHP, CSS, and Coding are not required
  • All features are included and no need to install any thirty-party plugins
  • Personal support is available from WordPress officials
  • Easy interfacing
  • Your website work is updated automatically

Cons of WordPress.com

  • WordPress.com is not a free source. You should buy a suitable plan like
    • Blogger for ₹150/month
    • Personal for ₹250/month
    • Premium for ₹350/month
    • Business for ₹800/month
    • Ecommerce for ₹1440/month
  • Registration is required

Pros of WordPress.org

  • Open-source
  • You can design your own themes, blog layouts, etc
  • You can customize your website in your own style
  • Registration is not required
  • You can install around 54,000 plugins to extend your WordPress features

Cons of WordPress.org

  • Technical knowledge like PHP, CSS, and Coding are required
  • Self-hosted
  • Need to download WordPress software
  • Find a suitable host like DreamHost, Bluehost etc to install WordPress software
  • Personal support from WordPress officials is not available
  • You have to update your website work yourself


Therefore, if you don’t have any technical knowledge on coding, PHP and CSS and if you want to create and manage your website and blog easily without any hassle, then WordPress.com is the right platform for you.

Otherwise, you can choose WordPress.org, if you have the profound technical knowledge and if you want to manage your website in your own style.

When you want to save money and has interested in learning, you need to go with WordPress.org. Because many other hosting services provide you hosting for very less price than WordPress.com. Just buy any other hosting service like DreamHost or Bluehost and install the WordPress on the host server to start your own self hosted blog.

I firmly consider that this article What is WordPress? really aided you to choose the right platform to create and manage your website and blog. If so, please share it and follow BlogVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

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