25 Best Affiliate Networks and Programs To Boost Your Blog Revenue

Here is a huge list of the Best affiliate networks and programs to promote related products on your blog.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, read my guide about what is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing. You can also take any one of the affiliate marketing courses from Udemy.

How to find the affiliate program for any product

When you want an affiliate program for any product, just search in Google for your product name appended with an affiliate or referral word. For example: – Avast affiliate. If that product has an affiliate program, you must see their affiliate page where you will get details about their affiliate network or affiliate program. If that product has not had the affiliate program, then you might not find the affiliate page.

If your website is based on physical products, you can just try Amazon. You need not go with any other network.

Hint: When you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, you must use affiliate plugins to manage and clock your affiliate links. I  suggest you use the ThirstyAffiliates plugin to clock your affiliate links.

Best affiliate networks

You need to get approval from advertisers in Some networks. But you need not get approval in some other networks. This list gives you a complete idea about them.

1. VigLink

VigLink Homepage

VigLink is number one on my list because it is a huge network of 60K+ advertisers. You will find almost every advertiser who participated in other networks. You don’t need to get approval from individual advertisers. Just your website needs to get approval from VigLink. Of course, they don’t approve of small websites. If your website gets approval, you just need to place a javascript on your website. It will automatically convert your existing links to affiliate links and it will add affiliate links to some related keywords.

It works as a network with affiliate network features. It adds text links like Infolinks. You can also generate an affiliate link to any advertiser’s website. It also has a referral program, unlike other affiliate networks. You can use it on your blog or forum, Social media or app, or anywhere.

I can say It is an amazing network. For example, let us consider your application got rejected by any advertiser in any other affiliate network. You can promote the same advertiser through affiliate links generated from VigLink without getting any approval. Isn’t it amazing?

VigLink Features

  • Easy to Access Top Brands and Merchants
  • Instant links from your Browser
  • Provides Real-time insights to drive growth
  • CPA, CPC, and Sponsored deals

2. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is another biggest network. It has over 12000 Advertisers. It features every type of advertiser like tech, travel, home, family, etc., Any type of blog can be accepted by this network. You need to get approval from the Individual advertiser. There is no need for approval for some advertisers. But mostly you need to get approval from FlexOffers and advertisers.

I recommend this network because it has a referral program too. You could also refer this network to your fellow bloggers and you can earn some commission from your friend’s revenue also.

FelxOffers Features

  • Access to APIs, real-time reporting, products, and Offers
  • Fastest Payouts
  • Strategic account management
  • Dedicated Compliance Team
  • 24/7 Support

3. CJ

CJ Homepage

Cj is one of the best affiliate networks. Top and well-known advertisers have participated in this network. It has more than 3000 merchants and above 30000 publishers. It has advertisers suitable for almost all niches. I get more than 50% of affiliate revenue from this network. They send payment via direct deposit to nearly all countries.

You need to get approval from each advertiser. Most of the products are Cost per sale. When you make a sale, then only you will get money. If your website is new, this network is not for you, and advertisers will not accept your request.

CJ Features

  • Largest Affiliate Marketing Network
  • Trusted by World’s famous Brands
  • Provides Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • Instant Approval
  • Good Technical Support

4. ShareASale

ShareASale Homepage

Shareasale is another best affiliate networks. It is a massive network that has more than 3900 advertisers. The best thing about this network is, it has Cost Per Action products. That means customers don’t have to buy the product. You will get money for the leads like signup to advertisers’ websites or for installing the trial version.

You will have to get approval from each advertiser before promoting their product.

ShareASale Features

  • Trusted and Fast-growing Affiliate Network
  • Implements Innovative Technologies
  • Professional Dashboard
  • Infinite Partnerships
  • It provides Transparent and Intuitive reporting

5. Clickbank

ClickBank Homepage

Clickbank has many software products. It also has products suitable for all niches. You don’t have to apply to any advertisers. Just search for a product and get links. They pay up to 90% commission. If you write a lot of software, you must try this. Clickbank gives a 60-day money-back guarantee. They provide a country-specific landing page.

Be cautious before choosing a product. It has many spam products also.

ClickBank Features

  • It provides powerful E-Commerce Tools
  • They help you to connect with more than 100,000 sellers and marketers
  • Industry Leading Tracking
  • Advance-level Support

6. Impact

Impact Homepage

Impactradius is not as popular as the above networks. But still, it is an excellent network. It has many reputed brands. They send payment via PayPal and wire transfer. You need to get approval from the advertiser. It comes with an intuitive Dashboard that helps users easily access the Analytics.

Impact Features

  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • It Engages and trains partners for better reach
  • Direct access to Global Brands
  • Flexible payment processing
  • It Provides Exclusive Promo codes

7. ShareIT-Mycommerce

ShareIT-Mycommerce has many software products. They approve requests immediately. The downside is, that you can not create the affiliate link to official sites. You can generate affiliate links to only purchase or product pages.

8. Linkshare

LinkShare Affiliate Homepage

Linkshare is a massive network that has online services and software. You will have to get approval from advertisers. They have over 25 years of experience in Affiliate Marketing. It implements Advanced affiliate technologies to increase sales growth. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can predict the performance of the affiliate links.

LinkShare Features

  • 25+ Years of Expertise in Affiliate Marketing
  • Industry-Level Technology
  • Uses AI to predict the performance
  • Partnerships with top brands
  • 24/7 Help support

Best Affiliate Programs

Here I am giving you some of the Best affiliate programs which will help you to boost your blog revenue.

However, your success as an affiliate marketer primarily depends on the choices you make. Whether you are a newbie in the field or a professional, being associated with the right affiliate program is crucial. An overwhelming number of platforms offer affiliate programs these days, which makes it tough to select one. To help you solve this dilemma, here we have listed the Best affiliate programs for you to have a quick look at –

1. LambdaTest Affiliate Program

LambdaTest Affiliate Program

The LambdaTest affiliate program is an amazing opportunity for you to join hands with a promising platform like LambdaTest and make money by promoting it. LambdaTest is one of the fastest-growing SaaS startups dealing with cross-browser testing. The product has a continuous demand throughout the year and is expected to be a good return on investment. The program is a mutually beneficial contract between both parties. The program offers an exciting 50% commission on the first transaction followed by a recurring 25% commission.

LambdaTest Affiliate Program Features

  • Fastest growing Affiliate Program
  • Trusted by 1M+ Developers and QA Teams
  • It has Best Commission plans
  • This suits the requirements of Individual and Enterprise
  • No Capping on your earning

2. Rocket.net Affiliate program

Rocket.net Affiliate Program Homepage

Rocket.net is one of the best and most affordable managed WordPress hosting services. It gives the Cloudflare Enterprise plan for free to their customers so that you need to use any other security and backup services. You can read our Rocket.net review for complete details.

Rocket.net affiliate program is one of the high-paying affiliate programs. They will give you a $150 commission per sale (irrespective of any plan). If you make more than 20 sales in a month, you can discuss a higher commission. They approve the sale after 60 days of the cookie period being over. So you will see the commission amount in your dashboard after 60 days of a sale.

Rocket.net Affiliate Program Features

  • Easy Account Creation
  • Comprehensive Affiliate Dashboard
  • Free to Join
  • 60-Day Cookie Lifetime
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Fast Payouts

3. 3dcart Affiliate Program

3dcart helps affiliates promote their tools for starting an online business with a very competitive affiliate program. The 3dcard affiliate program offers a 300% commission, which on average pays $237 for each new user, but can go up to $3,000 for an Enterprise referral. In addition to the generous commission, they offer 2-tier commissions on sub-affiliates, plus a 120 days cookie duration. It’s free to join their affiliate program and there are no minimum requirements

4. VyprVPN affiliate program

VyprVPN is one of the best VPN services. Today, the VPN industry is a rapidly growing industry. There is a huge earning potential for every tech blog through VyprVPN.

VyprVPN Affiliate program is run from its own affiliate dashboard. They will pay you flat $30 for every sale. They pay every month on time for the sales made in the previous month. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the customer takes a refund, you will lose your commission.

Their affiliate dashboard is very easy to use. You can check the below screenshot for my reports.

VyraVPN Affiliate Program dashboard

They pay via PayPal or Payoneer. You check the below screenshot for my payments.

VyprVPN affiliate payment - best affiliate programs

5. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster Affiliate

TemplateMonster turned out to be one of the most popular places where people search for high-quality website templates. Together with its audience, another part of the marketplace continues to develop. It is no doubt that we are talking about its affiliate community. Have you been dreaming of growing your earnings without applying any effort? Do you have a big resource where it is possible to promote this digital marketplace? In this case, TemplateMonster Affiliate Program can make this dream come true.

You are not going to spend lots of time applying for the program. The registration process takes nothing. Just fill in the necessary info, get your affiliate ID, and start the desired promotional campaign. Then, you are free to take advantage of the easy-to-use affiliate panel. It is powered by Post Affiliate Pro and gives access to all the essential details. As an example, you can learn everything about traffic and sale statistics, work with payout requests, and choose different promo instruments.

If we start speaking about promotional tools, it will be clever to tell you more about them. As an example, it is possible to take advantage of:

  • tutorials;
  • comparison articles;
  • reviews;
  • articles updates;
  • static or animated banners;
  • top or hello bar;
  • pop-ups;
  • featuring themes;
  • video content for your Youtube channel;
  • social media posts for Facebook, Telegram, Pinterest, VK, and others;
  • giveaways;
  • quizzes;
  • showcases;
  • adding your affiliate URLs in the partner’s block;
  • featuring examples of Web-themes and websites based on them;
  • landing pages;
  • promo campaigns;
  • email newsletters;
  • articles;
  • section with exclusive offers from partners.

As you can understand, they are suitable for different categories of users. By the way, this affiliate program will meet the needs not only of bloggers, but also Youtubers, Web-studios, and other related services.

As a result, you can earn 30% OFF on the first sale and 10% OFF on the next sale. If you have a sub-affiliate, he or she will bring you a 5% commission from each sale.

Do not forget that you can always get in touch with your personal manager. Sharing your ideas and thoughts can also take place in the wonderful affiliate community.

In its return, TemplateMonster continues improving terms and conditions for affiliates. For this reason, we are pretty sure that you will get more advantages very soon.

6. Shopify Affiliate Program


Shopify is absolutely dedicated to the success of its affiliates. The program offers competitive commissions, support, and resources. The Shopify affiliate program offers an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with the marketer’s unique referral link and $2000 for each Plus referral. Apart from that, paying special attention to the marketer’s interest, the program nurtures each referral to help them transition from a trial to paid plan. The program is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

Shopify Features

  • Easy-to-Apply
  • Professional Dashboard
  • Allows to track referrals
  • Fast Payouts to your Bank Account or PayPal

7. Travelpayouts Affiliate Network


Travelpayouts is the biggest Cost Per Action travel affiliate network with over 250,000 registered affiliates and more than 60 affiliate programs. Travelpayouts is a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs promoting brands they trust.

Through Travelpayouts, you can join affiliate programs such as Booking.com, RentalCars, and others. All affiliate programs are divided into categories, including:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Car rentals
  • Tours and activities
  • Travel compensation
  • Cruises
  • And more

There are currently more than 60 affiliate programs available. Some affiliate programs, such as Kiwi.com, are available only by prior moderation, which takes up to three business days (on average).

Overview of Travelpayouts Affiliate Network Rates

The commission rates depend on the affiliate program you’ve joined.

CategoryReward (% of Booking Cost)
Car Rentals2.4%-5.6%
Bus Transportation1%-8.3%
Train Tickets and Passes1%-6%
Tours and Activities2%-12.5%
Package Tours5%
Travel Compensation5-22 EUR
SIM-Cards5 EUR
Cruises50% Revenue Share
Bike and Scooter Rental4%

Advantages of Travelpayouts

Unique travel affiliate ecosystem with a large selection of travel affiliate programs united under a single dashboard

  • Full visibility of stats across offers
  • Advanced affiliate tools: links, banners, widgets, White Labels, Mobile SDK, and more
  • Exclusive tools, such as the Booking.com affiliate program search form
  • Various payout methods: bank account, PayPal, and more
  • Low minimum amount to cash out – $50
  • Proactive support service
  • Education: developed knowledge base, blog, and regular webinars

Disadvantages of Travelpayouts

  • The dashboard is only available in two languages: English and Russian (although the tools are available in 59 languages)
  • One cash-out time per month (between 10 to 20 of every month)

8. Tagembed

Tagembed Affiliate Homepage

Tagembed is a prominent social media aggregator tool that helps users collect social media feeds from 20+ platforms. Users also have the option to curate and customize the collected feed before displaying them on the website. The tool helps the brand showcase social proofs and introduce their social media pages and makes the website more appealing and functional.

The affiliate program provides a 30% reoccurring commission on each sale, with a cookie period of 60 days. The tools have an affordable pricing range and help brands improve their online presence, making this tool easily sellable.

9. Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Homepage

The Flipkart affiliate program offers affiliate marketers an extensive range of affiliate tools like simple banners, widgets, and APIs, for listing Flipkart deals/products on their own website/application. The program also generates real-time reports for a detailed analysis and provides extensive data about the activity of the affiliate links, conversions & performance across all categories. The commission offered varies from product to product.

10. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Homepage

Probably, the Amazon affiliate program is the web’s most popular and successful affiliate program. It is easy to join and gives you a chance to choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers. Apart from that, the marketers earn advertising fees from all the qualifying Purchases, not just the products that they advertised. Apart from that, the market reputation of Amazon and its competitive conversion rates help affiliate marketers maximize their earnings.

11. Shopclues Affiliate Program

Shopclues Affiliate Homepage

The Shopclues affiliate program is a golden opportunity to partner with the platform and earns as high as a whopping 7% commission by referring the traffic on your website or application to Shopclues. The platform has a wide range of physical and digital products ranging from fashion, footwear, computers, and appliances to health and nutrition services. The platform provides you with a dashboard for real-time tracking of your performance. You can track your campaign/offer-wise clicks, transactions, sale amount, and affiliate payout and improve yourself.

12. DreamHost Affiliate Program

DreamHost Affiliate Homepage

DreamHost affiliate program is an amazing platform to begin your career as an affiliate marketer, Join it to drive customers to the platform and maximize your earnings. The program comes equipped with tools to track all your earnings through your dashboard. Apart from that drop-in, ready-to-use creative banners that can efficiently attract visitor referrals are also a part of the deal.

13. Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy Affiliate Homepage

Discover more than a hundred courses daily to recommend to your customers through the Udemy affiliate program. Very competitive commission rates, exclusive content, dozens of text links with deep linking capabilities, hundreds of banners, and a dedicated affiliate manager are some of the perks of joining the program. Apart from that, you get promotional assets and tools to help you drive sales and maximize your earnings.

14. Leadpages Affiliate Program

LeadPages Affiliate Homepage

The Leadpages affiliate program claims that there is no need to be a traditional affiliate marketer to join them and add a few extra bucks to your monthly earnings. The platform pays a whopping 30% recurring commission to their affiliate partners for each Leadpages sale. Another exciting feature of this program is the option to co-host a webinar with Leadpages and keep the commissions from every webinar sale.

15. GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse Affiliate Homepage

Join the GetResponse affiliate program and earn a 33% recurring commission on every paid account referred by you. The program has a 120 days cookie life and allows its marketers exclusive access to real-time tracking of their performance. Even if you are a newbie in the field of affiliate marketing, you will get professional assistance from a dedicated affiliate manager and improve your marketing skills.

16. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web Affiliate Homepage

The Liquid Web affiliate program lets you earn cash for every new customer you refer to Liquid Web. It is undoubtedly the web hosting industry’s most lucrative affiliate program. A Dedicated account manager, 90-day cookie, quarterly newsletters, and quick payments are some of the features of the program.

Thus, these were the Best affiliate programs that you must join today. With the growth of affiliate marketing campaigns, companies are actively resorting to affiliate marketing for their promotion. However, it is solely in your hands to go with what looks like the best deal. Evaluate the prospects and consequences well before signing up for any program. Pay special attention to factors like cookie life, commission rate, nature of the commission, types of products, etc., to get the best deal. Good luck!

17. Inboxally

Inboxally Affiliate Homepage

Inboxally is an email marketing tool that helps to warm up your inbox and deliver your emails to your recipients’ main folder instead of going to spam. They offer a lucrative 20% commission rate on their service, which costs from $149/month up to over $10,000/month. This means that an affiliate can potentially be earning a nice sum of money from just one paying customer. The tool delivers real value to email marketers by significantly improving their email marketing ROI. It’s a win-win solution and through introducing this clever tool, you’ll be able to benefit through sharing the word. You can find out more about Inboxally’s affiliate program here. Or visit their homepage.


I am using all these affiliate networks. I may use some more networks in the future. At that, I will update this post.

You must use VigLink.  Because you may not find your required advertiser in other networks or sometimes you might not get approval from your required advertiser. VigLink has almost every advertiser and you need not get approval from the individual advertiser. Every advertiser was pre-approved. I can say VigLink is an amazing network. If you don’t get approval from VigLink, then you can go with FlexOffers.

I can suggest you promote Rocket.net and Lambdatest to get more revenue.

I hope you like my list of Best affiliate networks. If you like this article, please share this article. Let me also know which affiliate network you are using. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Best Affiliate Networks and Programs – FAQs

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Just making sales of a product or service by promoting it on your website or through Email marketing and getting a commission for the sales is called Affiliate Marketing.

What is the difference between an Affiliate network and an Affiliate program?

An Affiliate program represents one product or service whereas an Affiliate network contains many affiliate programs.

How can I track sales of Affiliate Programs or Products?

Every affiliate program or affiliate network product you affiliate link for the particular product. They will track clicks, conversions, and sales through the affiliate link.

Where can I check my product sales?

Each affiliate program or affiliate network provides you affiliate dashboard to get links and track your sales.

Is Affiliate marketing easy?

Affiliate marketing is low-risk, Easy-to-scale business model that enables you to make money online by creating promotional content. Starting Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge or a large budget. Once you have a niche and a platform, research Affiliate Programs to join.

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    I am wondering If I am working with a group of different advertisers from different niche’s and companies, as a blogger to manage these parternships and sales what would be the best program for me to use?

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    Is Onenetworkdirect best for a Tech Niche Blog (Android, Windows etc.) or Should I try CJ Affiliate.

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    • You must use both. Onenetworkdirect has only a few advertisers. Most of them are from Tech niche. CJ has the huge collection.

      • Is Onenetworkdirect & CJ is Pays good & conversion or not ?

        Thank you so much for your kind response. I appreciate your valuable time.

        • Conversion always depends on Advertiser and how we are promoting the product. These networks are just mediators. Always advertiser pays the commission. They pay the commission to the affiliate network also. These networks collect the amount from all your advertisers and send to you. I am receiving regularly from these networks. You need not worry about the payments. They are highly authenticated networks.


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