7 Best MemberPress Alternatives & Similar Competitors

Are you searching for MemberPress Alternatives? Do you want to switch your Membership WordPress Plugin? Well, today we would like to share the result of our research we have been doing for days in order to find the 6 best MemberPress Alternatives.

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Grab a cup of coffee because this is going to bit longer. We would cover every aspect like pricing, features, integrations, reports, etc, and compare MemberPress with our final list of top MemberPress Alternatives.

What is MemberPress?

In a simple definition, MemberPress is the WordPress plugin mainly used for creating a membership or subscription-based website. With the help of this plugin, the user would able to restrict or lock its website content and sell it as a part of membership to only registered members.

Why MemberPress Alternatives?

Before moving further to MemberPress Alternatives, it is very important to understand why people are looking for its alternatives. During the research analysis for this post, we have found the following main drawbacks of this plugin:

  • Lack of free trial period
  • Staging site/demo is not found
  • Members directory feature is not available
  • Lack of Monthly plans
  • Shorter refund period
  • Lack of lifetime plan
  • Lack of Advanced and Custom reports

Top 6 MemberPress Alternatives – In-depth Comparison & Analysis

After going through the drawbacks of MemberPress, It’s time to find out the best MemberPress Alternative. In this section, you will be introduced to 5 membership plugins which we have included after spending more than 12 hours of time.

All the plugins mentioned below are unique in their own way. You must choose according to your situation. If you want to make a quick decision simply jump to the conclusion section where we have added a small summary of this whole comparison.

Or just go for MemberMouse – It is the best and highly recommended membership plugin in place of MemberPress.

Let’s reveal the MemberPress Alternatives..

Video Tutorial:

For the reader’s convenience, we always create a video tutorial. Either you can watch and learn or simply skip the video and continue with the methods mentioned afterward.

1. MemberMouse – Best MemberPress Alternative

MemberMouse (MemberPress alternative)

MemberMouse is the leading membership plugin out there in the market. They have been in business since 2009 and currently giving a tough competition to MemberPress. Users mainly jump to this plugin from MemberPress because of its advanced reports, monthly plans, and staging site support. Apart from that, MemberMouse also offering 14 days trial on all of its paid plans so users won’t have to be feared about migrating from MemberPress immediately. 14 days are long enough to understand and play with this plugin.

Let’s compare the MemberMouse with MemberPress and find out the result…

Why MemberMouse is an Alternative to MemberPress

PriceBoth Annual and Monthly plans are available.

Builder: $29/month, $288.96/year
Advanced: $79/month, $786.96/year
Premium: $199/month, $1982.04
Only annual plans are available.
Basic: $149/year
Plus: $249/year
Pro: $349/year
Unlimited MembersThere is a limit on the number of Members added to the membership.

Builder plan: Upto 5,000 members
Advanced plan: Upto 50,000 members
Premium Plan: Upto 100,000 members

The extra 1,000 members can be added by an extra $10 per month.
No restriction on the members count.
Unlimited MembershipsTie
Multiple Memberships per memberNo. In MemberMouse one member can only access one membership at a time.MemberPress
Content RestrictionPost
Custom Post Types
Categories & Tags
Child Pages
Custom Post types
Tags & Categories
Coupons & DiscountsYes. Both Coupons and discounts can be added to the MemberPress Membership.Tie
Front end pagesYes. Upon installation, MemberMouse automatically generates the pages like the checkout page, login page, logout page, Password reset page, members home page, etc.Yes. MemberPress also gives you plenty of front-end pages upon installation which you can customize later. Pages are the Thankyou page, Account Page, Login Page, Checkout page, etc.Tie
Dripping Content FeatureIn-built. No need to install an extra add-on.In-builtTie
Social LoginThe Social Login feature is inbuilt in MemberMouse. The user has the option to log in with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.Possible but by integrating the third party addon called Nextend Social Login. MemberMouse clearly beat MemberMouse here.MemberMouse
Import MembersCSV File: Yes
Import Members into/from other Email Service Provider: Yes
CSV File: Yes
Import Members into/from other Email Service Provider: Possible but by installing the extra add-on called “MemberPress Importer”
IntegrationsIn MemberMouse all the available integrations are inbuilt. However, the user has the option to create custom integrations with API support.

The available integrations are: Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, PayPal, Click bank, Sticky.io, Coinbase, Active Campaign, MailChimp, GetResponse, Drip, Aweber, iContact, ConvertKit and Zapier
MemberPress has a long-range of integrations divided into three categories: Addons, Third Party, and Inbuilt.

Some of the popular MemberPress integrations are:

If Menu, BBPress, Google reCaptcha, Tax Jar, Two Factor Authentication, User roles & capabilities, Blubrry PowerPress, Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailPoet, Mailster, Math Captcha, MemberPress Importer, Active Campaign, Amazon Web Services, BuddyPress, ConvertKit, Drip, Zapier, HelpScout, Stripe, Paypal, EasyAffiliate and Authorize.net
Free Trial14 days trial on all MemberMouse plans is availableNo trialMemberMouse
DemoYes, you can see a live demo of the membership site created by the MemberMouse plugin. The demo site can be accessed from the MemberMouse website menu barNot AvailableMemberMouse
Staging/Testing SiteYes. Included in all plans. Even migration from the Staging site to the live site is possible easily.Not availableMemberMouse
Membership MigrationYes. Migration from other membership solutions to MemberMouse is possible.PossibleTie
Number of websitesMemberMouse plugin can only be installed on one website. To install on more websites, the user has to buy a separate license.The single MemberPress license can be installed on up to 5 sites depending on the plan you choose.MemberPress
Type of Memberships SupportedFree, Paid, and Subscription-basedOnly Paid and Subscription-based. However, MemberPress allows you to set a trial period on the membership which works exactly like a Free membership.Tie
Access RulesSmart tags are available to control the members’ access.Member-specific rules, roles, and capabilities rules are there to control the Members access.Tie
Membership Affiliate ProgramPossible with the help of iDevAffiliate affiliate marketing software.Yes, with the support of Easy Affiliate, AffiliateWP integration you can easily turn your MemberPress membership into the affiliate program.Tie
Translation supportCan be possible indirectly. The process is somehow difficult.Same as MemberMouse.Tie
Community BuildingPossible with BBPress integrationPossible with the help of multiple forum plugin support like BBPressTie
ReportingFrom MemberMouse basic to advanced reports can be extracted in a visual approach. Some of the important reports that can be seen inside this membership plugin are:

Total Members, Active/Inactive Members, Members Retention Rate, Average Customer value, Engagement Stats, New Members Rate, Total Revenue, Average Monthly/Daily Revenue, Churn Rate, Product Sales Report, Membership Sales Report, Membership Comparison Report, Affiliate Channel Sales and Transaction Report.
MemberPress only offers basic members reports to determine the progress of the membership site. For advanced reports, the user may need to install a third-party addon like MonsterInsights. The following reports can be extracted:

Active Members, Inactive Members, Total Members, Average Members Value, Failed Transactions, Pending Transactions, Monthly/Yearly revenue reports.
Password Reset FunctionalityTie
Members Directory FeatureNot inbuilt. However, by integrating MemberMouse with the plugin like Dynamic User Directory, a members directory can be created.Not AvailableMemberMouse
Customer SupportPriority Email Support: Yes
Phone Support: Yes
Live Chat: No
MemberMouse Team Support in Setup: Yes
Support Ticket System: Yes. But reply may take 1-2 business days
Email Support: Yes
Phone Support: No
Live Chat: No
Team Support in Setup: No
Refund Policy30 days14 daysMemberMouse
MemberMouse vs MemberPress – (MemberPress Alternatives)

MemberMouse Features at a Glance:

  • Be the Free, Paid, or Subscription-based membership, the user will be able to create any of them easily.
  • Members can be imported using CSV or from other email marketing service providers.
  • Multiple front-end pages could be generated automatically including checkout page, login page, etc.
  • The dripping content feature is included.
  • Coupon codes, discount support is there.
  • Social login is available for hassle-free and instant access
  • Post, Pages, and Taxonomies can be restricted
  • Smart tags and Shortcodes are there to control member’s access much more efficiently.
  • From Small to Advanced reports all can be extracted and viewed visually.
  • The integrations of major payment gateways services are available.
  • Free staging site license included in all plans
  • Membership site demo is available.
  • Free trial is a plus
  • Captcha can be enabled on Login as well as the Registration page
  • Affiliate program supported
  • Automated emails can be configured to be sent to the members

MemberMouse Pricing & Plans

Apart from 14 days free trial period, MemberMouse has 3 plans available as both for Monthly and Annual subscriptions.

MemberMouse Builder Plan:

  • Started from $29/Month
  • All core features included
  • 11 Membership Pages
  • All Payment Integrations are included
  • 1-Click purchases and up-sells feature
  • Email Support
  • Staging License

MemberMouse Advanced Plan:

  • Started from $79/Month
  • All Builder plan features. Plus,
  • Reporting & Analytics Suite
  • Social Signup/Login
  • Bill Management
  • Advanced Affiliate Settings
  • Employee Access Control
  • Priority Email Support
  • Staging License

MemberMouse Premium Plan:

  • Started from $199/month
  • All Builder and Advanced plans feature included
  • Sticky.io integration
  • Phone & Email support
  • Staging License

50% OFF – MemberMouse Special Discount

Our readers get a special 50% discount on MemberMouse Advanced annual plan. It comes with the 14 Days free trial.


SureMembers is one of the best WordPress membership plugins around. Perfect for any website that offers memberships to its users.

Whether you run a blog, an online course website or a large eCommerce portal, SureMembers can help you manage multi-level memberships in just a few clicks.

The plugin allows you to customize content access for users or groups the way you want.

Let’s compare SureMembers with MemberPress and see the results:

PriceThree cost-effective annual plans are available: Pro: $99/yr for a single website. Starts at $69 for the first year. Business: $199 a year for 5 websites. Starts at $99 for the first year. Agency: $299 a year for 10 websites. Starts at $149 for the first year.Three plans available: Basic: $179.50 / yr for a single website Plus: $299.50 / yr for up to 2 websites Pro: $399.50 / yr for up to 5 websitesSureMembers
Unlimited MembersNo restriction on member countNo restriction on member countTie
Unlimited MembershipsYesYesTie
Multiple Memberships per memberYesYesTie
Content RestrictionPost, Page Custom post types Categories & Tags FilesPages, Posts Custom post types Tags & Categories FilesTie
Coupons & DiscountsYes, with SureCart pluginYes, both features can be addedTie
Front end pagesYes, with SureCart pluginYes. Thank you page, account page, login page, checkout page, etcTie
BrandingYes, customize login formsNot availableSureMembers
Dripping Content FeatureBuilt-in feature to schedule drip content, shortcode based content protectionIn-builtTie
Social LoginNot in-built, possible with other pluginsPossible by using other plugins such as Nextend Social LoginTie
Import MembersBulk add and remove members in access groupsYes, CSV file. Possible by installed MemberPress importer pluginMemberPress
IntegrationsCompatible with any service or application your website needs. Integrates with SureTriggers and SureCart and makes it possible to work with: Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, BuddyBoss, Tutor LMS, Elementor, LearnDash, WooCommerce, Divi, Google reCaptcha, BbPress, Bitly, AffiliateWP, BadgesOS, ActiveCampaign, Circle, Calendly, MailerLite, Quickbooks, Send Email, Zoom, MyCred, ProjectHuddle, Slack, PeepSo, Paperform, OpenAI, Notion, JetEngine, Giphy, Flowlu, FormKeep,ClickFunnels,Clockify, Chargebee, MailPoet and a huge number of other WordPress plugins and external services.MemberPress has a long-range of integrations divided into three categories: Addons, third party, and inbuilt. Some of the popular MemberPress integrations are: If Menu, BBPress, Google reCaptcha, TaxJar, Two Factor Authentication, User roles & capabilities, Blubrry PowerPress, Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailPoet, Mailster, Math Captcha, MemberPress Importer, Active Campaign, Amazon Web Services, BuddyPress, ConvertKit, Drip, Zapier, HelpScout, Stripe, Paypal, EasyAffiliate and Authorize.netSureMembers
Free TrialNo trialNo trialTie
DemoNot availableNot availableTie
Staging/Testing SiteNot availableNot availableTie
Membership MigrationAllows bulk migration from user list into access groupsPossibleTie
Number of websitesUp to 10 websitesUp to 5 websitesSureMembers
Types of Memberships SupportedPaid, annualOnly Paid and Subscription-basedMemberPress
Access RulesAny number of access groups based on user rolesMember-specific rules, roles, and capabilities rules are there to control member access.Tie
Membership Affiliate ProgramPossible with the help of third party serviceYes, with the support of Easy Affiliate, AffiliateWP integration you can easily turn your MemberPress membership into the affiliate program.Tie
Translation SupportYes, with the help of the Loco Translation pluginYes, in-built featureTie
Community BuildingPossible with BBPress integrationPossible with the help of multiple forum plugins such as BBPressTie
ReportingComprehensive reporting and analyticsBasic membership reports are available. For advanced reports, you may need addons like MonsterinsightsSureMembers
Password Reset FunctionalityYesYesTie
Members Directly FeatureNot availableNot availableTie
Customer Support24/7 world class supportSupport ticket system: Yes. But reply may take 1-2 business days Email support: Yes. Phone support: No. Live chat: No. Team support in setup: NoSureMembers
Refund Policy14 day money back guarantee14 day money back guaranteeTie

SureMembers Features at a Glance:

  • Content paywalls can be easily set up to ensure the access is available to eligible audiences only.
  • You can restrict a post, page, taxonomy, or an entire website.
  • You can also restrict access to downloadable files.
  • Drip content feature allows you to release content on a schedule of your choice.
  • Combine with SureCart and SureMembers can accept a wide range of payment methods.
  • Display a history of every purchase made on your site on a dedicated user dashboard.
  • Offers the easiest method of creating and managing user access groups to restrict/allow content the way you want.
  • No limit to how many user roles you can create and manage the access as needed.
  • No limit to the number of members that you can have on your website with SureMembers.
  • Unauthorized users can be redirected to a sign-up page or anywhere you want. Also, you can redirect them to a customized location after they log in or out.
  • By using SureTriggers, SureMembers is able to automate processes on your website. It can be an email to a member or an entire access group.
  • Customize member logins and signup forms in any way you like.
  • With SureCart, you can create checkout pages, checkout forms, and user dashboards for your users.
  • Apply a login restriction so that only the desired number of members can log on at once.
  • A comprehensive set of reports and analytics show what your members are doing on your site.
  • It’s simple, powerful and intuitive.

SureMembers Pricing & Plans:

SureMembers offers three cost-effective plans for different needs. Users can change or cancel plans anytime.

SureMembers Pro Plan:

  • Starts from $69 per year
  • Renews at $99 per year
  • Single website license
  • Complete features
  • Ideal for bloggers and solopreneurs
  • 24/7 support
  • One year updates

SureMembers Business Plan:

  • Starts from $99 per year
  • Renews at $199 per year
  • 5 website license
  • Complete features
  • Ideal for freelancers, businesses and professionals
  • 24/7 support
  • One year updates

SureMembers Agency Plan:

  • Starts from $149 per year
  • Renews at $299 per year
  • 10 website license
  • Complete features
  • Ideal for agencies and professionals with clients
  • 24/7 support
  • One year updates

3. aMember Pro

aMember Pro (MemberPress Alternatives)

aMember Pro is a unique old-school web-based software that helps you to convert your site into a Membership based site. Whether you are a WordPress user or not, they got you covered. The main reason to consider this software as a MemberPress alternative is its lifetime plan ($149) and 200+ payment integrations support. Apart from that aMember Pro also offering advanced reports similar to MemberMouse and gives users 30 days as a trial period to play around or simply for creating a demo membership site.

However, the only concern is the interface. As I said aMember Pro is web-based software and users have to integrate WordPress for deploying membership sites so users might face issues in the configuration and setup part but still 30 days is a long period to understand this membership solution completely.

Why aMember Pro is an Alternative to MemberPress

PointsaMember ProMemberPressWinner
PriceThe only 1-lifetime plan is available which cost you $149.36Subscription-based annual plans are available starting from $149/year and go up to $349/yearaMember Pro
Setup & ConfigurationDifficult, because of the traditional user interface.Easy as compared to aMember ProMemberPress
Content RestrictionWebsite folders, files, pages, URL links, Posts, Categories.Post, Pages, Categories and Tags, Files.Tie
Unlimited MembersTie
Unlimited MembershipTie
Multiple Memberships Per MemberTie
Coupons & DiscountsTie
Front End PagesSignup forms, Customer Profile page, Affiliate Signup PageThankyou page, Account Page, Checkout Page, Login Page, etc.Tie
Dripping Content FunctionalityIncludedIncludedTie
Social LoginOnly Facebook login/signup is possible by installing the Facebook Add-onThe Social Login can be enabled by installing the Nextend Social Login integrationTie
Import MembersCSV File: YesCSV File: YesTie
IntegrationsaMember Pro is way ahead of any other membership plugin in terms of integrations. All types of integrations are available. 200+ Payment integrations are a major plus point.The MemberPress Integration is categorized into 3 categories: Inbuilt, Addons, and Third Party.

BBPress, Google reCaptcha, reCaptcha, TaxJar, Two Factor Authentication, User roles & capabilities, Blubrry PowerPress, Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailPoet, Mailster, Math Captcha, MemberPress Importer, Active Campaign, Amazon Web Services, BuddyPress, ConvertKit, Drip, Zapier, HelpScout, Stripe, Paypal, EasyAffiliate, Authorize.net, etc.
aMember Pro
Free TrialThe user can use aMember Pro for 30 days absolutely freeFree trial is absent.aMember Pro
DemoAvailableNot AvailableaMember Pro
Number of WebsitesThe one aMember Pro license can only be installed on a single domain and its subdomains. For another domain, the user has to purchase another license.The MemberPress can be installed on 1 to 5 websites at a time. It depends on the plan.MemberPress
Types of Memberships SupportedFree, Paid, and Recurring basedFree, Paid, and Recurring basedTie
Access RulesTie
Membership Affiliate ProgramInbuiltPossible through third-party integrations like EasyAffiliate.aMember Pro
Translation SupportSupported 6 members. The process to change language is fair and simple than MemberPressPossible. But the process is difficult. Need to change backend codeaMember Pro
ReportingFrom basic to advanced reports are available. Reports for example:

Number of active users, Number of Affiliate Clicks, Affiliate Commission by a user, Average lifetime value, Churn rate, Conversion rate, Number of cancellation count, Count of user signups, Count of a product purchase, number of downloads, Refunds vs Payments reports, Retention Rate, User demographics reports, etc.
Only basic reports can be possible in the case of MemberPress for example

Active Members Report, Inactive Members, Total Members, Average Members Value, Failed Transactions, Pending Transactions, Monthly/Yearly revenue reports.
aMember Pro
Community BuildingPossible with the help of BuddyPress integrationPossible with the help of bbPress integrationTie
Password Reset FunctionalitySupportedSupportedTie
Customer SupportTicket System: Supported
Priority support: No
Ticket System: Yes
Priority Support: No
Refund Policy30 days14 daysaMember Pro
Non-WordPress SitesSupportedNot SupportedaMember Pro
Helpdesk for MembersHelpdesk support is InbuiltPossible by installing a HelpScout addonaMember Pro
Tax ManagementPossible. Built-in feature.Possible with the help of Tax jar integrationaMember Pro
Members Directory FeatureAvailableNot AvailableaMember Pro
aMember Pro vs MemberPress – (MemberPress Alternatives)

aMember Pro Features at a Glance:

  • An infinite number of memberships levels supported
  • Supports incremental content delivery
  • 200+ Payment integrations
  • Built-in translation support
  • Automated signups and expirations
  • Coupon codes
  • Multiple CMS supported
  • Built-in Affiliate System
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Drip feed system supported
  • Robust Content Protection
  • Web-based administration
  • Signup form drag and drop editor
  • Tax and invoices management
  • Helpdesk support
  • Lifetime plan

aMember Pro Pricing & Plans

Only a lifetime plan is available which would cost you $149.36. Apart from this 30 days free trial/demo can be accessed any time.

4. Restrict Content Pro:

restrict content pro (memberpress alternatives)

Restrict Content Pro could be another MemberPress alternative when the concern is budget. When we compare this plugin to MemberPress we found that both plugins have the same features, however, the setup and configuration are much simpler in the case of Restrict Content Pro. The plans of Restrict Content Pro is started from just $99/year and it also supports a one-time plan. Considering the benefit of 30 days refund policy, you can try this plugin without any trouble.

Why Restrict Content Pro is an Alternative to MemberPress

PointsRestrict Content ProMemberPressWinner
PricingCheaper plans compared to MemberPress. Started from just $99 per annum.Expensive plansRestrict Content Pro
Unlimited MembersTie
Unlimited MembershipTie
Multiple Memberships per userTie
Content RestrictionPost
Category and Tags
Child Pages
Custom Post types
Tags & Categories
Coupons & DiscountsTie
Front End Pages (Upon Installation)Welcome Page, Login/Registration Page, Forgot Password Page, etc.Account Page, Login/Signup Page, Thankyou Page, Checkout Page, etc.Tie
Dripping Content FeatureThis feature can be added with the help of Pro addon and only available in the Professional and Ultimate plan.Inbuilt feature and applicable to all plansMemberPress
Social LoginPossible but by integrating third-party plugin like WordPress Social LoginPossible with the help of Nextend Social Login third-party addon.Tie
Import MembersCSV File: Yes
From other email providers: No
CSV File: Yes
From other email providers: Yes
IntegrationsRestrict Content Pro divided its integrations into 4 categories: Pro, Official, Third-Party, and Built-in. Some of the well-known integrations are

ActiveCampaign, AvaTax, Aweber, BuddyPress, Convert Kit, Drip Content, MailChimp, HelpScout, View Limit, Authorize.net, Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, PayPal, Affiliate WP, etc.
Similar to the Restrict Content Pro, MemberPress has divided its integrations into 3 categories and almost every integration is available in this plugin too.
Free TrialNot availableNot availableTie
DemoNot availableNot availableTie
Staging/Testing SiteNot availableNot availableTie
Number of websitesThe user can install a single license plan on 1 to unlimited sites.Up to 5 sitesRestrict Content Pro
Types of Memberships SupportedFree, trial, and premium.All threeTie
Access RulesSubscription level restrictions, Access level restrictions, and User roles restrictions are availableAvailableTie
Membership Affiliate ProgramPossible with the third party integrationMultiple third-party integrations are available to turn the membership site into an affiliate programTie
Translation SupportYESYESTie
Community CreationPossible with the help of bbPress or BuddyPress IntegrationPossibleTie
ReportingBasic ReportsBasic ReportsTie
Customer SupportEmail Support onlyEmail Support onlyTie
Refund Policy30 days money-back guarantee14 daysRestrict Content Pro
Helpdesk Support within MembershipHelpScout addon is available for this purposeSame as aboveTie
Tax ManagementYesYesTie
Membership Migration from other ToolsNot PossiblePossibleMemberPress
Two Factor Authentication FeatureSupportedSupportedTie
Members Directory FeatureNot availableNot availableTie
Restrict Content Pro vs MemberPress – (MemberPress Alternatives)

Restrict Content Pro Features at a Glance

  • Cheaper yearly plans
  • Unlimited memberships support
  • User-friendly setup and configuration
  • Member Management
  • Regular updates
  • Powerful integrations are available
  • For payment, Paypal express, Braintree, Stripe.com, etc options are supported
  • Knowledge base, plugin screenshots, etc are available for user guidance
  • 30 days refund policy
  • CSV Import/Export feature
  • Automated emails can be configured and sent to multiple members at once.
  • Unlimited discount codes can be generated
  • Multiple website support

Restrict Content Pro Pricing & Plans

Restrict Content Pro offering 4 types of yearly and one-time payment plans to the users. The price is as follows:

Restrict Content Pro Personal Plan:

  • Started from $99/year
  • Can be installed on 1 site
  • 13 official free addons
  • Regular updates
  • Email Support
  • All core features included

Restrict Content Pro Plus Plan:

  • Started at $149/year
  • Can be installed on up to 5 sites
  • 13 official free addons
  • Regular updates
  • Email Support
  • All Core features

Restrict Content Pro – Professional Plan:

  • Started from $249/year
  • No restriction on the number of websites
  • 23 Pro add ons
  • All future addons
  • 13 official free addons
  • Regular updates
  • All core features
  • Email support

Restrict Content Pro Ultimate Plan:

  • Lifetime plan – $749
  • No renewals
  • 23 Pro and 13 free addons
  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime support
  • Can be installed on an unlimited number of websites
  • All core features

5. Membership for WooCommerce


MEMBERSHIP FOR WOOCOMMERCE PLUGIN by MakeWebBetter is Quick And Effortless.

The Membership For WooCommerce Plugin is the missing link in your eCommerce store. The clever Membership for WooCommerce plugin will help you get started with your membership website. It jumps right in to give you a way out.

1- Customers’ complete membership history and WooCommerce membership details

2- WooCommerce User Data Export and Import Membership

3- Perfectly Neat Shortcodes For Your Membership Plan Page Customization

4- Discount on Membership for WooCommerce User Cart Total

5- Membership for WooCommerce Details and Plan Creation


  • Restriction on access for any facility
  • Adding recurring revenue based on memberships
  • Engaging customers using membership plans

6. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro (MemberPress Alternatives)

Paid Memberships Pro is the perfect choice over MemberPress when you are a beginner and not ready to invest in premium membership plugins. This plugin is one of the most downloaded membership plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository. Despite the free version, this plugin also has paid version. The only difference between its free and paid version is the advantage of 65 plus add-ons. When we talk about the comparison with MemberPress we found that the Paid Memberships Pro only beats in few cases like number of integrations, refund policy duration, number of websites, custom reports option, etc.

Why Paid Memberships Pro is an Alternative to MemberPress

PointsPaid Memberships ProMemberPressWinner
PriceApart from the free plan, two paid plans are available starting from $297/year.Cheaper plans as compared with Paid Memberships ProMemberPress
Free VersionYes, you can download the free version from the WordPress plugin repository and use it for a lifetime.MemberPress free version is not availablePaid Memberships Pro
Unlimited MembersYes. Even you can limit members on particular membershipYesPaid Memberships Pro
Unlimited MembershipsPossiblePossibleTie
Multiple Memberships Per UserPossiblePossibleTie
Content RestrictionPages, Post, Blocks, Categories, Files, ProductsPages, Child Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Tags & Categories, FilesTie
Coupons & DiscountsAvailableAvailableTie
Front End PagesLogin/Signup page, User profile, pricing page, Membership directory page, etc.Login page, checkout page, registration page, thank you page, etc.Tie
Dripping Content FeatureCan be enabled by installing an extra addonInbuiltTie
Social Login FeaturePresentPresentTie
CSV Members Import/ExportAvailableAvailableTie
Integrations & Addons80+ integrations categorized into free and paid plans are available.A total of 60 integrations list is availablePaid Memberships Pro
Free Trial on Paid PlansNot available. However a free version is available for lifetime access.Not AvailablePaid Memberships Pro
Demo Membership Site PreviewNot foundNot foundTie
Membership MigrationOnly possible from the s2Member membership toolSupported all other tools and migrate data easilyMemberPress
Number of WebsitesThe single license could be installed on 5 to unlimited sites. Depend on the planPossible up to 5 sitesPaid Memberships Pro
Types of Memberships SupportedFree, Paid, and recurring basedSame as in Paid Memberships ProTie
Access RulesMember Capabilities based access rules are availableIn MemberPress roles and capabilities, rules are also presentTie
Membership Affiliate ProgramPossible with the help of Affiliate WP addonPossible. Affiliate WP integration is also included in the MemberPressTie
Translation SupportAvailableAvailableTie
Community BuildingBoth online and offline community can be built with the help of multiple addons like BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, bbPressPossible. MemberPress can also be integrated with community/forum-based tools easily.
ReportingIn Paid Memberships Pro, apart from predefined reports, the user has the option to generate or create custom reports.

Some of the predefined reports available are Sales and revenue, Signups, Cancellations, Member visits, Member views and logins, Member value, Order reports, transaction reports, etc.
MemberPress could also provide you such kinds of reports as you have seen in the Paid Memberships Pro, however, the custom reports option cannot be found in this tool. Paid Memberships Pro
Post/Page Excerpts FeatureAvailableAvailableTie
Password Reset Functionality for MembersAvailableAvailableTie
Customer SupportSupport ticket system onlyEmail support and ticket support system are availableMemberPress
Refund Policy30 days14 days Paid Memberships Pro
Helpdesk for MembersHelpdesk support for members is absentPresentMemberPress
Tax ManagementPossible by installing extra addons like VAT (Value-Added Tax).Possible with the help of external addon like TaxjarTie
Members Directory FeatureAvailable with the help of an inbuilt addonNot available Paid Memberships Pro
Paid Memberships Pro vs MemberPress – (MemberPress Alternatives)

Paid Memberships Pro Features at a Glance

  • No restriction on the number of membership levels
  • Advanced content restriction capabilities
  • Popular Payment integrations supported: Paypal express, Payfast, Stripe, Authorize.net, etc
  • Offline/Online community can be created
  • Front end user profiles supported
  • A donation, discount, gift, etc can be added to the membership
  • Custom reports can be generated
  • 80+ integrations and addons
  • No restriction on the number of websites
  • Content dripping
  • Multi-tiered memberships can be built
  • Recurring or fixed payments
  • Customizable free trial periods
  • Manually control Members approval
  • Limit Post views
  • Page builders integration and a custom landing page with payment fields can be created.
  • Zapier integration
  • Social login support
  • Over 300 Action and Filter Hooks
  • Built-in debugging tools to detect errors

Paid Memberships Pro Pricing and Plans

Paid Memberships Pro offers a completely free plan or free version along with 2 paid plans. In the free plugin, you will find every feature available in the paid plans except 65 plus add-ons.

Apart from the free version, these 2 paid plans are available:

Paid Memberships Pro – Plus Plan:

  • Started from $297/year
  • Can be installed on up to 5 sites
  • 6 Payment gateways
  • Memberlite theme
  • 19 Free addons
  • 65 Plus addons
  • Unlimited Support tickets

Paid Memberships Pro – Unlimited Plan

  • Started from $597/year
  • No restriction on the number of websites
  • All features included in the plus plan

7. WooCommerce Membership

woocommerce memberships (MemberPress Alternatives)

WooCommerce Membership is the 5th MemberPress alternative and could be perfect for those people who have been already using WooCommerce on their website and just want to sell WooCommerce products within the membership.

Why WooCommerce Membership is an Alternative to MemberPress

This is not a standalone membership tool, it is just an extension that can be hooked up with the WooCommerce plugin. Due to this, you won’t find any advanced features in this tool. But still, this membership extension is worth it for those who just want to sell WooCommerce products within the restricted content or use products as an access medium to the membership.

The major disadvantage of this membership extension as compared to MemberPress is that users have to pay an extra $199/year if they want to create a subscription-based membership.

Because this functionality is not directly available, for this, users have to install another extension called WooCommerce Subscription which would cost you extra $199 bucks annually.

WooCommerce Membership Extension Features at a Glance:

  • The dripping Content feature is included
  • Special discounts and free shipping can be added
  • Member data can be imported/exported from/to CSV file
  • Automated expiration and renewals emails can be configured
  • Rich review snippets
  • Customer reviews
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Content restriction: Post, Pages, Projects, and Taxonomies
  • Product viewing and Restrict Purchasing can be enabled
  • Easy communication with members

WooCommerce Memberships Pricing and Plans

Only 1 plan is there which would cost you $199 annually. However, if you’re not an existing WooCommerce user first you have to purchase the WooCommerce plugin separately after that you can install this extension.

Final Words on MemberPress Alternatives

You made it this far, that’s awesome. As I said earlier, we would publish the summary at the end of the article so that you can make a quick decision on MemberPress Alternatives, So here we go:

Choose MemberMouse as an alternative of MemberPress when you want to take advantage of in-depth and advanced reports, a free staging site for testing purposes, priority customer support, and inbuilt integrations. MemberMouse has all features that you have normally seen in the MemberPress. However, 14 days free trial, 30 days refund policy monthly plans are the extra perks that come up with the MemberMouse.

Choose aMember Pro when you want to buy a membership plugin with fully advanced powerful features along with a lifetime plan. Also when you are ready to invest some time in learning the configuration and interface section of this plugin. 200+ Payment integrations and 30 days trial period is the additional perks of this software

Choose Restrict Content Pro when you want to use a beginner-friendly membership plugin and looking for the cheapest yearly plans.

Choose Paid Memberships Pro as a MemberPress Alternative when you first want to try the popular free membership plugin and upgrade later accordingly.

Choose WooCommerce Membership when you already using the WooCommerce plugin on your site and just want to sell products WooComnmerce within restricted membership.

These are the Best MemberPress Alternatives you can use for your WordPress Membership Site. If you have any queries do let us know in the comment section below. Want more blogging tips, follow BlogVwant on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

FAQ: MemberPress Alternatives

Which is the cheapest MemberPress alternative?

The final answer depends on the type of plans you wanted to choose. For example, if you want a lifetime single-time payment plan then the aMember Pro is the cheapest. For monthly plans, MemberMouse is the cheapest and finally for the yearly plans Restrict Content pro is the cheapest.

Can I create courses with the help of these MemberPress Alternatives?


What are the 5 best MemberPress Alternatives?

MemberMouse, aMember Pro, Restrict Content Pro, Paid Memberships Pro, and WooCommerce Membership.

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